StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Preview: Odds, Picks, and Value

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The group stage of StarSeries Season 7 is already over and we’ve seen several surprising eliminations. FaZe Clan and MIBR are the biggest, but the likes of TYLOO and BIG should’ve made it through as well. Be that as it is, the show must go on and, with it, so does our StarSeries Season 7 playoffs betting picks.

The quarterfinals matches start in less than 24 hours so we don’t really have much time to waste here. I can assure you we’ll be in for several dramatic matches here knowing the upset potentials some of these teams have.

So, let’s cut straight to the chase and check out the best CS:GO betting sites to use for betting on StarSeries Season 7 playoffs.

Where to bet on StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs | Best Esports Bookies

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StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Picks

NRG Esports vs Team Vitality

Team Vitality started its StarSeries Season 7 adventure with a blast. They won against BIG, ENCE and Team Spirit, while only suffering a single defeat against Fnatic. NRG, on the other hand, had slightly more problems in their way. Losses against Fnatic and NaVi were expected, but they still shook this NA side. Luckily, they managed to beat BIG 2-0 in the decider match after already having beaten the likes of North and MIBR earlier in the group stage.

As far as map pools are concerned, these two teams are a real mismatch on paper. That said, I am certain we’ll see this one go to the third map after each team wins their own picks. From the looks of it, I reckon we’ll see the likes of Dust II and Train, although I might be wrong.

By taking all that into consideration, this match will be a real thriller on all fronts. In the end, though, I believe NRG will get the edge over Vitality even though they’re labeled as the underdogs.

StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Picks – NRG to win @+110

Fnatic vs North

The domination of Scandinavian countries in CS:GO is clearly visible in all tournaments. However, StarSeries Season 7 might just be the perfect example. Out of eight quarterfinals teams, four of them are based in Scandinavian countries. And this particular matchup, Fnatic vs North, is a true Scandinavian duel between Sweden and Denmark, two fiercest CS:GO rivals out there.

Right from the start, I need to emphasize that Fnatic are the clear favorites here. They went 3-0 in the group stage and are looking comfortable to win this one as well. Their roster brings forth an impressive mixture of experience and young blood, but the same can be said about North as well.

Furthermore, these two teams are coming into this match with completely different histories. Fnatic was once the biggest name in the industry, while North has just started its rise to the top. However, this Fnatic roster doesn’t share many similarities to that in 2015, so it’s safe to say both of these teams will be fighting to win this Shanghai tournament and make a name for themselves.

With all that in mind, I am kind of leaning towards North here. They are dubbed as the underdogs but surely have the upset potential needed to turn things around. Valde is in great form, perhaps even better than Fnatic’s KRIMZ, and I think he’ll be the one to decide this match in North’s favor.

StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Picks – North to win @ +105

Renegades vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

This Renegades roster is made for big things, mark my words. These guys have come seemingly out of nowhere and have won against some of the world’s best teams. And I’m not just talking about the Major, I’m talking about StarSeries Season 7 too. Going 3-0 out of the group stage after beating Tyloo, MIBR and FaZe Clan is no easy feat. But Renegades, led by jks and jkaem, have done it with style!

Ninjas in Pyjamas, on the other hand, barely made it through to the playoffs. After unsuccessful endeavors against Fnatic and NaVi (both expect, though), NiP got all the luck of the draw and won against Team Spirit, North and ViCi Gaming. Their form isn’t exactly the greatest, but their experience and team cohesion might cause a lot of problems to the Australian team.

As far as head to head matches are concerned, these two teams haven’t played a lot of them. Not surprising since they’re not from the same region. However, they did play during the Katowice Major Challengers Stage where Renegades took a (then surprising) win. With that in mind, I expect the Australian team under Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunovic’s ruling stick to defeat the tenacious Swedes. It’s going to be a tricky match for both sides, but I believe Renegade’s fine track record will lead them through to the playoffs.

StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Picks – Renegades to win @-182

Natus Vincere vs ENCE

At last, we’ve come to the most interesting quarterfinals matchup in Shanghai. The rerun of IEM Katowice Major Semifinals match between two CS:GO giants – ENCE and Natus Vincere. Yep, it felt strange referring to ENCE as CS:GO giants, but their recent performances are nothing short of just that.

However, I do believe ENCE will have a much tougher work at hands here. S1mple and the fellas will now consider them worthy opponents instead of underestimating them as they have in Poland. The Finns took them by surprise back then, but I doubt the same will happen here.

That said, Natus Vincere players will surely come into this match with a greater dose of seriousness. They’ll make sure they make no silly mistakes against the Finns as they’ve shown the world they can capitalize on them. And with style, if I may add.

In ENCE’s defense, they’re playing even better than in Poland. Sure, haters will say beating Team Spirit and ViCi is nothing special, but that’s not all the crazy Finns managed to accomplish in Shanghai thus far. Need I remind you, ENCE beat FaZe Clan as well. That’s going to put huge wind to their sails… The wind that could prove to be too much for NaVi to handle.

And that’s exactly why I give a slight advantage to ENCE here. It can go either way, but I believe ENCE will repeat their Katowice success against NaVI and kick them out of Shanghai in a brilliant fashion.

StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Picks – ENCE to win @-118

Value Betting on StarSeries S7

And now, for the final part of this StarSeries Season 7 Playoffs Betting Picks, I’ve prepared a few value bets for you to check out. Quite surprisingly, there aren’t that many match-specific specials available for this tournament. Yes, there are map-specific bets, but they’re not nearly as fun in my opinion.

Despite that, I still managed to find three sweet looking bets that could spice up your accumulators cometh the quarterfinals matches.

North to win 2-0 @+270

The Scandinavian quarterfinals duel will give us plenty of great rounds to talk about, I’m sure of it. However, judging by how they played against FaZe Clan, North will definitely come into this match with a psychological advantage. Once again, it’s an unpopular opinion but I believe North will emerge victoriously here. Odds on them to take this match in just two maps are sitting at +270. Pretty good value if you ask me…

NRG vs Vitality maps over 2.5 @-106

NRG vs Vitality is a match that can really go either way. One of the best NA teams is going up against a fierce French squad that won’t be a pushover cometh the quarterfinals match. These two teams have been playing pretty well recently, although they had their share of troubles during the Major. Judging by all we’ve seen from them, I reckon this one will go to the third map, after each team takes their own pick. All in all, it’s going to be a rather interesting matchup.

ENCE to win 2-1 @+270

ENCE vs Natus Vincere is going to be a hectic matchup. The best quarterfinals match, to be precise. ENCE, the Finnish Stars, will be hoping to repeat their IEM Katowice triumph and deal another huge blow to S1mple and the crew. However, I think the Finns will have a much more difficult task than last time out. There will be no underestimation now that they’ve made a name for themselves. S1mple and the company will go guns blazing and I expect both teams to take wins on their maps. That said, the third map will be the decider here… and I’m pretty confident allu will be the man of the hour, leading his Scandinavian brothers to the semifinals in Shanghai.

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