2019 WWE Halftime Heat Betting Preview: Can WWE Outperform Maroon 5?

by Rick Rockwell
on February 2, 2019

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On Sunday, not only will fans be treated to a battle on the gridiron, but they will also be treated to a Super Bowl 53 halftime battle between the WWE and the Super Bowl halftime performer – Maroon 5. No, these two entertainment acts won’t actually have a physical confrontation like the on-field action between the Patriots and the Rams, but they will go head-to-head for the massive halftime audience. And, let me tell you, the WWE isn’t playing to lose.

With the announcement of WWE’s Halftime Heat, major media outlets have been buzzing over the WWE’s return to Super Bowl Sunday for the first time in 20 years. Additionally, they have been hyping up the battle for halftime viewership more than anything other than the football game itself. In addition to the mainstream media covering this halftime matchup, numerous online betting sites have listed some awesome wagers and prop bets for this monumental entertainment event.

WWE Halftime Heat Betting Odds

Thanks to MyBookie, we have the following betting odds and subsequent prop bets:

  • Aleister Black, Ricochet and Velveteen Dream (+140)
  • Tommaso Ciampa, Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano (-180)

This first wager is for the outright winners of the six-man tag match. The heels come in as the favorites, largely due to their recent success in NXT. Ciampa is the current NXT champion, but he has his former tag-team partner Gargano (the current NXT North American champ) as his partner for this match. Those two men have had a bitter rivalry over the last year. Cole has held most of the belts in NXT and is a cagey vet that cements this team as the favorites. But can they work together as a team?

The big question for the underdogs, is whether or not they can overcome the heels’ dirty tactics. With that said, they have so much talent that Maroon 5 has no chance of competing against them. I do believe this team’s odds offer solid betting value for this WWE wager and the following prop bets.

Halftime Heat and Super Bowl 53 Prop Bets

In addition to the match itself, MyBookie has two interesting prop bets that combine both Halftime Heat and Super Bowl 53.

1st Half Winner and Halftime Heat Winner

  • Patriots and Team Velveteen (+275)
  • Patriots and Team Ciampa (+140)
  • Rams and Team Velveteen (+300)
  • Rams and Team Ciampa (+250)

For this prop bet, you are picking which football team will in the first half of SB LIII and which wrestling team will win at Halftime Heat. As you can see by the odds above, MyBookie has the Patriots and Team Ciampa as the odds on favorite to win this prop bet at +140 odds. Conversely, the Rams and Team Velveteen are the biggest underdogs at +300 odds.

SB 53 Winner and Halftime Heat Winner

  • Patriots and Team Velveteen (+300)
  • Patriots and Team Ciampa (+100)
  • Rams and Team Velveteen (+500)
  • Rams and Team Ciampa (+250)

For this prop bet, you are picking the winners of SB 53 and Halftime Heat. MyBookie has the combination of New England and Team Ciampa as the odds on favorite to win with a +100 betting line. Like the prop bet above, the combo of Los Angeles and Team Velveteen is the biggest underdog at +500 odds.

Who Wins Super Bowl 53: Patriots or Rams?

Without going into an in-depth coverage of who wins the Super Bowl, I’ll briefly touch on it for the sake of the prop bets above. The New England Patriots have been the favorite to win for almost the entire two weeks between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl. They’re currently listed as a -2.5 point favorite with most football betting sites.

If you do some SB 53 line shopping, then you will find the odds of the Rams getting 3 points (-110) from online sportsbooks like Bovada. I suggest taking this spread because it gives you a better chance to finish with a push rather than a loss, if New England wins by 3 points.

In my SB LIII pick article, I went with the Rams to not only cover the spread, but to also win the game outright. So, with that said, we can eliminate the Patriots from the prop bet of SB winner + Halftime Heat winner.

Although, I believe that the Los Angeles Rams will win the game, I actually believe that the New England Patriots will win the first half due to their experience in the big game. Keep in mind, they have gone to 9 of the last 18 Super Bowls, with SB LIII being their third straight appearance. So, this means we can eliminate the Rams from the prop bet of SB 1st Half winner + Halftime Heat winner.

Before I predict which wagers to place your money on, let’s examine who will actually win the Halftime Heat match.

Who Wins Halftime Heat?

To understand my choice for which team wins at Halftime Heat, we must take a look back at the tradition of Halftime Heat and why the WWE brought it back 20 years later.

The first Halftime Heat aired in 1999, during Super Bowl 33 when the Denver Broncos played the Atlanta Falcons. This SB is remembered as the last game of HOF quarterback John Elway’s legendary career. At the half, Denver was leading the Falcons 17 to 6 and it appeared that Atlanta wasn’t on the same level as the Broncos. That was confirmed by Denver winning the game 34 to 19.

The WWE pulled the trigger on holding their first Halftime Heat show based on the large success that MTV was having with their Celebrity Deathmatch programming during this period of time. WWE CEO Vince McMahon thought that he could capture some of MTV’s audience and others who weren’t interested in the SB halftime show. So, Vince booked a WWF (wasn’t called WWE at the time) championship match between The Rock and Mick Foley (who was wrestling as Mankind). However, it wasn’t just a title match, but an “empty arena” title match.

At first, the idea seemed silly, but Vince proved that he knew what was best. The WWF title match drew a 6.6 TV rating on USA Network and is still talked about to this very day. Mick Foley won the match and the WWF title for a second time. To score the pinfall, Mick used a forklift and trapped The Rock under a pallet. A lot of people remember this match, but most don’t even remember that Gloria Estefan was the halftime act at SB 33. The WWE practically erased Estefan and her musical cohorts from the memory of millions of football fans.

The first Halftime Heat match was such a huge success, that many fans, wrestlers and pundits wondered why it took 20 years to do it again. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a good answer. With that said, the timing is perfect to do it again and here’s why:

  • The WWE has 2 million subscribers on their WWE Network
  • The WWE plans on streaming this match on Social Media and WWE.com
  • The WWE has well over 10 million followers on their Social Media accounts
  • Not many people like Maroon 5 anymore. Ok, this is more of a personal preference.

According to reports, Triple H (real name Paul Levesque) pushed for the return of Halftime Heat and for it to feature NXT stars. Vince McMahon gave the green light and agreed that the WWE needs to showcase their future superstars.

Which 6-Man Team Wins on Sunday?

I believe all signs are pointing toward Team Velveteen to win the 6-man tag match at Halftime Heat. For starters, Triple H has made the media rounds talking about how this year’s Halftime Heat will showcase the future of the WWE and that these 6 wrestlers will make jaws drop. Triple H made the following comments about this match:

“These are some of the best talent in the world looking to prove what they bring to the table. They’re going to put on a show like only they can. That’s not to take away from Maroon 5, but I guarantee we’re going to put on something special.”

For that to truly happen, we will have to see some insane moves from these men and nobody does that better than Ricochet (a member of Team Velveteen). If you have never seen Ricochet before, go back and watch the first few seasons of Lucha Underground to see Prince Puma fly across the TV screen. It’s the same wrestling superstar and he will leave you speechless.

Furthermore, Velveteen Dream is a superstar unlike any other and someone that the WWE wants to heavily promote. Then you have Aleister Black, the former longtime NXT champ who will be up on RAW or SmackDown most likely right after WrestleMania 35.

On the other side of the ring, you have a collection of bad guys with two of them having tried to decapitate each other in the ring: former tag partners Ciampa and Gargano. Adam Cole can’t be trusted for anything other than being out for himself. This was made perfectly clear when he came out a few days ago saying it’s an outrage that he’s not the NXT champ. Guess what, it’s his partner in this match that’s the champ.

All six competitors are the best of what the future holds for the WWE, but it’s clear that Team Velveteen, or Team Black, or Team Ricochet if you prefer, are going to win this match. Team Ciampa has all of the ingredients to implode, while Team Velveteen has the ingredients to leave a memory that will last another 20 years.

Which Wagers to Place Your Money On?

For starters, you can bet that this match will deliver in a big way. In addition to the amazing in-ring talent, WWE HOF wrestler Shawn Michaels will be a color commentator for the event. Just another example of the WWE trying to get as many big names associated with this event.

I guarantee that Ricochet will leave all viewers speechless with some of his moves. Furthermore, you have never seen anyone like Velveteen Dream before. Black, Ciampa, and Gargano are all elite stars that can tear the house down. And, there’s still Adam Cole who can entertain an audience before even getting into the ring. The Rock and Mick Foley set the bar with their Halftime Heat match 20 years ago, and I expect these NXT superstars to surpass it on Sunday.

As for these WWE/NFL bets, I believe the New England Patriots will win the 1st half of SB LIII, but the Los Angeles Rams will win the game. And, I believe that the team of Aleister Black, Velveteen Dream and Ricochet will win the Halftime Heat match. These wagers have the potential to return 2 to 5 times your initial bet. Plenty of betting value and plenty of excitement. Maroon 5 has no chance of defeating the WWE in this halftime head-to-head battle.

WWE Halftime Heat Bets:

  • SB 53 1st Half: Patriots and Team Velveteen (+275)
  • SB 53 Winner: Rams and Team Velveteen (+500)
  • Halftime Heat Winner: Black, Velveteen, Ricochet (+140)
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