2020 US Presidential Betting Odds: October 21st – October 27th

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Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Well, our predictions of a roller coaster leading up to the Presidential election couldn’t be more true. As we see bombshell corruption allegations, the virus striking within the VP’s camp, and a canceled Presidential debate—the betting odds have shifted. And as we’re on the eve of the final Presidential debate, we expect more fireworks.

In this article, as usual, we’re going to take a look at the current betting odds listed at sites for US Election betting, how things have shifted, and what could change the odds further this week. If you’re looking to get in on the betting side of things, it’s a better week to make money on a Joe Biden win, and you can expect a lower payout if the President wins as he’s no longer as big of an underdog.

Donald Trump (+125)

  • Previous Odds Last Week: (+160)

This week showed a pretty significant swing among bettor sentiment in favor of the President winning the upcoming 2020 election. Last week, the odds had the President as a (+160) underdog. This week, President Trump is only a slight underdog at (+125). When you break this down to implied probabilities, it shows a shift from a 38.5% favorite to win to a 44.4% favorite to win. According to bettors, the President is still the underdog, but not by much anymore.

Joe Biden (-165)

  • Previous Odds Last Week: (-200)

With the fallout coming from the Hunter Biden scandal and reports showing the Republican Party winning in a lot of states when it comes to new voter registration, big money is pouring in on bets for President Trump to win. Joe Biden was a (-200) favorite last week but has slid to a (-165) favorite. In implied probabilities, that’s a shift from a 66.7% favorite to win to a 62.3% favorite to win. Based on bettor sentiment, Joe Biden still has about a 2/3 chance of winning the upcoming 2020 election.

Below we have included links to our previous weekly updates to the US Presidential betting odds so you can see how things have changed over the past month.

What Could Change the Odds This Week

  • The Presidential Debate – The number one factor this week that could and probably will affect the Presidential election betting odds is the final Presidential debate. First, is it going to happen? Second, will the amended rules muting candidates during the first two minutes each gets during the sections make a difference? What issues are the campaigns going to home in on leading into the final weeks? If you are planning on betting on the Presidential election, this is a must-watch. Online betting sites are also offering bets on the Presidential debate if you want to get in on the political betting action before the election.
  • The Fallout from the Hunter Biden Scandal – The leaked emails and pictures that suggest some issues between Hunter Biden, his father Joe Biden, and international dealings is certainly something that bettors can’t ignore. What you also can’t ignore is that the media coverage is only happening on a few select networks. Does this mean the fallout from the potential scandal won’t be that bad for the former VP? Will the story spill into the mainstream media after it’s inevitably brought up by the President in the next debate? We’re going to have to wait and see.
  • Where is Joe? – It’s quite interesting that in the final few weeks leading up to the election, the former VP is taking an incredibly light schedule. Where most candidates would be out in force rounding up last-minute votes, the former VP seems to be taking it easy. Will this have an effect on his chances of winning? How will voters react to this? We’ll certainly be monitoring.
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