2020 WWE Hell in a Cell Betting Preview, Odds and Predictions

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On Sunday, October 25th, WWE will be live from the ThunderDome for the 12th edition of the Hell in a Cell (HIAC) PPV beginning at 6PM ET with a kickoff show. The PPV will begin at 7PM ET.

This year, there will be three different world title matches all contested inside the Hell in a Cell. As of this writing, only four matches have been officially confirmed.

WWE betting sites have released odds on these confirmed matches. Let’s walk down that aisle, step into the squared circle, and DDT these predictions.

Singles Match: Jeff Hardy vs Elias

  • Jeff Hardy (+100)
  • Elias (-138)

Unfortunately, the WWE decided to reignite the feud between Jeff Hardy and Elias that everyone was hoping to forget. Most notably, we were all looking to forget the “who hit Elias” with a car angle that turned out to be Sheamus.

Yet, WWE decided to have Elias return and attack Jeff Hardy with a guitar. Then Hardy interrupted an Elias concert on RAW and the two decided that they needed to fight at HIAC.

Since Elias has been absent, Hardy had an uninspiring feud with Sheamus and ultimately captured the intercontinental championship along the way. However, he lost that belt in a triple threat match against AJ Styles and Sami Zayn.

Now, with no real feud for Jeff Hardy, the WWE returned to one of its worst storylines of the year. This match could go either way, but since Elias never wins on PPV anymore I am going with Jeff Hardy to get the win.

Jeff Hardy vs Elias –Hardy (+100)

SmackDown Women’s Championship HIAC Match

  • (c)Bayley (+155)
  • Sasha Banks (-238)

Out of the three HIAC matches on this show, this is the one I’m the most excited for. The backstory going into this match is unparalleled by anything else on the card. Furthermore, these two superstars have the potential to steal the show.

For Bayley, this will be her first ever Hell in a Cell match. Sasha Banks has competed in two previous HIAC matches. She lost to Charlotte Flair in 2016 and lost to Becky Lynch last year. Banks is the first woman to compete in three HIAC matches.

These two were besties and ruled over whichever show they were on. They were also former tag team champions and really gave those tag belts meaning when they held them. The duo lost the belts at Payback to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

On the September 4th episode of SmackDown, Bayley snapped and attacked her former best friend. It was a brutal assault that took Sasha off TV for a few weeks.

Bayley would go on to defend her title at Clash of Champions and won the match due to Banks interfering and attacking her with a chair.

On the October 2nd episode of SmackDown, Banks and Bayley were set to wrestle, but Bayley attacked Sasha with a chair backstage. That set up this match at HIAC.

Bayley has been one of the Top 3 performers in the WWE over the last year. She elevated the SmackDown women’s title and has really carried the division. Bayley’s work as a heel has been remarkable and there’s not enough time to praise all that she’s done.

With that said, the time has come for Sasha Banks to step into the spotlight and become the face of the women’s division. The WWE, Bayley and Banks have all set up this storyline perfectly for a very emotional and memorable match on Sunday inside the steel cage.

I’m surprised that Banks’ moneyline betting odds aren’t higher as all signs have been pointing to this moment for nearly a year. Sit back, get your popcorn ready, and enjoy these talented in-ring performers.

SmackDown Women’s Championship HIAC Match –Banks (-238)

WWE Championship HIAC Match

  • Randy Orton (+140)
  • (c)Drew McIntyre (-200)

One way or another, it’s time for this feud to come to an end. McIntyre already beat Randy Orton at SummerSlam and then retained the belt in a rematch at Clash of Champions in an ambulance match. Yet, Orton wasn’t ready to move on as he challenged the champ to a HIAC match.

For Randy Orton, this will be his 7th appearance inside the HIAC. He’s 4-2 inside the HIAC with wins over John Cena, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Jeff Hardy. His two losses have come against John Cena and Mark Henry.

Orton’s 7th appearance is two short of the all-time record currently held by Triple H. This will be Drew McIntyre’s first HIAC appearance.

With that said, the WWE will keep the title on McIntyre and hope that this rivalry with Orton elevates him higher with fans and within the company as a whole. McIntyre certainly needed a big time feud as the champ and Orton delivered that.

However, this should be the end of their current rivalry as there are other superstars lining up for McIntyre to face. Keith Lee and Braun Strowman could provide interesting feuds. Lee has already had a few matches against McIntyre.

There’s also Sheamus, AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt that are all capable of putting on entertaining matches against McIntyre. I would hope the WWE keeps Wyatt away from McIntyre for a while. Let Strowman and Styles have feuds and then set up Wyatt vs McIntyre next year.

I’m taking Drew McIntyre to win this match and retain his WWE championship.

WWE Championship HIAC Match –McIntyre (-200)

Universal Championship HIAC, I Quit Match

  • (c)Roman Reigns (-5000)
  • Jey Uso (+900)

This is the first ever I Quit match inside a HIAC. This stipulation inside the cage adds to the overall storyline where Reigns wants his cousin and everyone else in the WWE Universe to recognize him as the tribal chief.

For Roman, this is his third HIAC match. He beat Rusev and Bray Wyatt in two previous matches. This is Jey Uso’s second HIAC match. In 2017, the Usos beat New Day in a tornado tag match inside the steel structure.

Since Reigns returned and won the title, he has been fantastic. The heel persona suits the artist formerly known as “The Big Dog.” Even his former Shield brethren Seth Rollins is a fan of this path that Roman has taken.

With that said, Reigns is the biggest betting favorite on the show. He already beat Jey at Clash of the Champions and is the hottest act in all of WWE right now.

In fact, FOX and the WWE have put their saddle on Reigns and Paul Heyman as they hope to ride this duo to higher ratings and further success.

I don’t see any chance of Reigns losing the match. The interesting part will be what happens at the end of the match or the following week on SmackDown. I would love to see more members of the Anoai family get involved. For now, “all hail the Tribal Chief.”

Universal Championship HIAC, I Quit –Roman Reigns (-5000)

Other Potential Matches

In typical WWE fashion, they’re not releasing all of the matches that are already planned for this Hell in a Cell PPV. And, since we’re publishing this before SmackDown airs on October 23rd, there’s a good chance that more matches will be added before Sunday.

Dominik Mysterio vs Seth Rollins vs Murphy

I like the idea of this triple threat match being added to Hell in a Cell. The depth of this storyline has been going for nearly six months now and it has unfolded with Murphy and Rollins splitting. Additionally, it’s added Dominik’s sister to the feud which has given this storyline more juice.

Any combination of singles matches between these three would be lackluster considering we could easily see that on SmackDown. However, a triple threat match would give it more appeal.

It would be even better if this was all a master plan by Rollins as he gets his disciple Murphy back and they beat up Dominik, which puts him off TV for a few months.

Kevin Owens vs Aleister Black

These two talented wrestlers have had some run-ins over the last few months and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them fight again this Sunday. The WWE needs to build up its undercard for the show and a match between these two would fit the bill.

Miz vs Otis for MITB Briefcase

The Miz has been relegated to comic relief and stuck in a feud with Otis for quite some time. It would be nice to see some resolution to this program by having Miz take the briefcase off of Otis who really doesn’t even need it.

Vince McMahon loves Otis, but there’s really nowhere to go for him right now. Perhaps a feud against Rollins to elevate him as a main eventer and an eventual foe for Reigns next year.

The Hurt Business vs Retribution

Retribution has already fizzled out and having them lose to The Hurt Business on RAW made absolutely no sense at all. The only way to save this faction is to have Bray Wyatt take over. Otherwise, chalk this up as another massive failure by the WWE braintrust.

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