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On Sunday, September 5th, All Elite Wrestling will be live from the NOW Arena in Chicago, Illinois, for their third installment of All Out.

This event has shaped up to be the best PPV card that AEW has put together in their two year existence. Every world title will be on the line, but it’s the return of CM Punk to the ring that has everyone buzzing.

Additionally, there are rumors that former WWE star Daniel Bryan, real name Bryan Danielson, will make his AEW debut at All Out. In fact, some reports indicate that this PPV will have numerous surprises in addition to Bryan’s appearance.

As of this writing, there are 10 matches scheduled for All Out. The Pre-Show kicks off at 7pm ET followed by the PPV card that begins at 8pm ET.

Without further delay, let’s walk that aisle, slide under the ring ropes, salute the fans and make some championship winning predictions for the 2021 All Out PPV.

Buy-In Match: 10-Man Tag

  • Best Friends and Jurassic Express (NA)
  • Hardy Family Office (NA)

Heading into the September 1st episode of Dynamite, the PPV lineup was set. However, a few issues popped up and AEW called an audible that resulted in this 10-man tag match. Due to the lateness of this added bout, there are currently no betting odds available as of this writing.

The main issue that forced AEW to add this match and move the lineup around was the contest between Andrade and Pac having to be rescheduled. I’ll get into that more down below.

This 10-man match came about as a bit of a surprise. But, on this week’s Dynamite, the Matt Hardy jumped Orange Cassidy after he beat HFO member Jack Evans in a match.

This resulted in the Best Friends coming out to help their partner OC. However, that just led to the rest of the HFO coming out and getting the upper hand.

As things started to look bleak for OC and his Friends, The Jurassic Express ran out to make the save and cleared the ring of all HFO members. Shortly after, AEW announced that this 10-man match would take place on the Buy-In segment of the All Out PPV.

This contest replaces the women’s Casino Battle Royale which was moved to the PPV card.

As for the winners, it will clearly be the team of Best Friends and Jurassic Express. You have two of the top younger stars in the company in Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy. There’s no way they are losing to the Hardy Family Office.

This match will get the crowd fired up in Chicago and primed for a great PPV.

Buy-In Match: 10-Man Tag –Best Friends/Jurassic Express (NA)

21-Woman Casino Battle Royale

  • Nyla Rose
  • Thunder Rosa
  • The Bunny
  • Big Swole
  • Julia Hart
  • Tay Conti
  • Diamante
  • Penelope Ford
  • Red Velvet
  • Hikaru Shida
  • Emi Sakura
  • Jade Cargill
  • Kiera Hogan
  • Abadon
  • Kilynn King
  • Anna Jay
  • Plus more

The winner of the women’s Casino Battle Royale will earn a future world title shot at the AEW women’s championship currently held by Dr. Britt Baker.

As of this writing, the majority of participants for this women’s battle royal have been announced. I would expect that more names will drop between now and the PPV with possibly one or two surprises. Additionally, there are no betting odds for this match as of this writing.

For the criticism that AEW has received over its women’s division, this match features a lot of top shelf talent.

With that said, let’s start eliminating the announced contestants in order to make a prediction as to who will win this battle royale.

Although Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida are two of AEW’s top female wrestlers, both have already held the title and feuded with Britt Baker this year. I believe that these two factors prevent Rose and Shida from winning this battle royale.

Emi Sakura, Julia Hart, Big Swole, Diamante, Abadon, Anna Jay, Kilynn King and Penelope Ford are recognizable names, but none of them are ready for a world title shot. You can classify them as filler or cannon fodder for this match.

Kiera Hogan has just started wrestling in AEW after a solid run in IMPACT. However, she’s lost all of her matches so far and isn’t a title contender at this point in time.

The Bunny and Tay Conti are talented wrestlers, but there are better options to bet on for this match. And, it pains me to say that since I’m really liking what both have been doing lately.

Red Velvet just recently had a feud with Britt Baker for the title, so we can eliminate her from winning as well.

That Leaves Us With Thunder Rosa and Jade Cargill in Addition to the Eight Unannounced Competitors

Unless one of the unannounced participants is a former WWE star or current world champ for another promotion, I wouldn’t expect one of them to win this match. Jade Cargill is awesome, but it’s too soon to feud her with Baker. Cargill is a future world champ who deserves a title run. Baker is the hottest female star on the roster and it’s just not time for her to lose the title.

That leaves us with the super talented Thunder Rosa. This match would be a great way to announce Rosa as the next world title contender.

On Dynamite this week, Jade Cargill and Nyla Rose attacked Thunder Rosa backstage. This is foreshadowing the inevitable confrontation between Rose and Cargill which could lead to both being eliminated. It also convinces me even more that Thunder Rosa will win.

Furthermore, Rosa and Baker had a match of the year candidate in their unsanctioned contest several months ago that had everyone buzzing. Thunder Rosa won that match, so it’s time for Baker to get her revenge.

Take Thunder Rosa to win this battle royale to set up a feud with Baker.

21-Woman Casino Battle Royale –Thunder Rosa (NA)

AEW Singles Match

  • Paul Wight (-600)
  • QT Marshall (+350)

According to AEW betting sites, Paul Wight is tied with Kenny omega for the largest betting odds at All Out.

CM Punk isn’t the only wrestler making his return to the wrestling ring this weekend. Paul Wight, formerly known as the Big Show in the WWE, will also make his return.

Wight last wrestled on the July 20, 2020, episode of RAW against Randy Orton. He made two more appearances for WWE before the two sides parted ways earlier this year. Wight promptly joined AEW by the end of February 2021.

This match came about after months of QT Marshall harassing Tony Schiavone. The bullying from Marshall came to a head when he and his group attacked Tony’s son Chris and were about to beat up the elder Schiavone.

Paul Wight came out to make the save as he choke slammed Aaron Solo while Marshall ran off. The next week, Wight announced the two would have a match at All Out.

AEW just threw a monkey wrench into this match with a nice little twist on Dynamite this week. They had Marshall and his goons attack Wight only for the big man to fight them all off.

After he cleared the ring, The Gunn Club came out to make an awkward save. It turned out to be a set up as Billy Gunn turned on Wight and beat him with a chair. That allowed QT Marshall to hit a diamond cutter on Paul to end the segment.

This is a fun match for Wight as there’s no pressure to be at his best. Marshall will be a bump machine, get a few moments of the upper hand due to his dastardly ways, and then most likely get pinned.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but now I’m really curious as to what they’re going to do with Billy Gunn and Paul Wight for this match and following the PPV.

AEW Singles Match –Paul Wight (-600)

TNT Title Match

  • (C)Miro (-400)
  • Eddie Kingston (+250)

This TNT title match came about rather quickly. Miro has been a dominant champion that’s regularly defended the title. However, it’s his promos that have really taken Miro to another level.

A few weeks ago, Miro called out Eddie Kingston to the delight of the AEW fans and this writer. Last week, Kingston finally came out and got into a physical altercation with Miro before the refs separated them.

As much as I like Kingston and want him to win some gold, Miro’s time as TNT champ will continue a lot longer. I’m hoping that one of the surprises for All Out this Sunday is that Miro’s wife CJ, formerly known as Lana in the WWE, shows up to be by Miro’s side.

Either way, I expect Miro to win in a stiff match that will certainly get the fans all fired up.

TNT Title Match –Miro (-400)

AEW Singles Match – Cancelled

  • Andrade El Idolo (-300)
  • Pac (+200)

On a card that is filled with matches that are must see, this one might be at the top for me. Well, other than CM Punk’s return. Unfortunately, it was announced at the onset of the September 1st edition of Dynamite that this bout was removed from Sunday’s PPV.

AEW owner Tony Kahn, stated that the bout was off due to travel issues for Pac. He also said that they would reschedule this match for a future episode of Rampage.

Although this is a disappointing turn of events, AEW is still going forward with the angle and highly anticipated matchup.

This feud came about after Andrade made several attempts to try and steal The Lucha Brothers from The Death Triangle which Pac is a member of. Furthermore, the addition of Chavo Guerrero to the side of Andrade has positioned El Idolo as one of the top heels.

The odds for this match have seen significant movement this week. From Sunday (8/29) to Wednesday morning (9/1), Andrade’s odds moved from -225 to -300 and Pac’s odds shifted from +160 to +200.

But, by Wednesday evening, the odds moved again. This time it was a huge jump as Andrade went from -300 to -500 and Pac went from +200 to +300. From Sunday, to the latest shift, both men saw their betting odds double.

Regardless if this match took place at the PPV or on Rampage, the result is going to be the same. Andrade is getting the victory in what will be an excellent wrestling bout.

AEW Singles Match

  • Chris Jericho (-250)
  • MJF (+175)

Coming into this PPV, the feud between Jericho and MJF is the longest running storyline. However, instead of rehashing the entire rivalry, let’s just focus on some of the major highlights.

At the 2020 Full Gear PPV, MJF defeated Jericho to earn a spot in The Inner Circle. This would only last for a few months before MJF’s plan to betray Jericho came to light.

Yet, there was a unique twist to this betrayal as MJF revealed he now has his own faction The Pinnacle which consists of FTR, Wardlow, Shawn Spears and Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

The two factions would feud for months which included a double ring steel cage match which The Pinnacle won.

Jericho wanted a singles match against MJF but he said that Jericho would have to overcome four other obstacles (the Labors of Jericho), to earn a singles bout.

Jericho overcame those challenges and, on the August 18th episode of Dynamite, Jericho lost to MJF via submission. We though the feud was over at this point.

However, Jericho came wasn’t done with MJF as he came out on the August 25th episode of Dynamite and declared that he would put his career on the line if MJF would wrestle him at All Out. The two agreed and now we have this exciting PPV match.

Jericho’s best days are behind him and his career is winding down. Plus, he’s doing a great job as a TV commentator which could keep him relevant in the current AEW product without having to wrestle as much.

With that said, there’s no way that Jericho’s career is done right now. He still has enough gas left in the tank to finish out his contract and then reevaluate how much in-ring wrestling he wants to do.

Take Jericho to win this match whether it’s by hook or by crook.

AEW Singles Match –Chris Jericho (-250)

AEW Singles Match

  • Jon Moxley (-500)
  • Satoshi Kojima (+300)

It was announced a week ago that Jon Moxley would be taking on Satoshi Kojima at All Out instead of the previously mentioned bout against Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Fans around the world were buzzing over Moxley vs Tanahashi as that would’ve been a PPV headliner right there. In fact, it would’ve been an instant classic.

Instead, we get a match where Moxley will certainly win. Nothing against Kojima as he’s a Japanese legend in his own right. But, he’s not a current superstar like Tanahashi is. In the past, you could argue that, but Kojima is 50 now and well past his prime.

Satoshi has held just about every major title that a wrestler could hold in Japan including the IWGP heavyweight championship. He’s credited for holding five world titles in major Japanese promotions. Kojima has also held numerous tag titles as well.

Moxley’s comments on Dynamite last week were excellent when he said it would be the public execution for Kojima.

There’s absolutely no way that Moxley loses this match and I’m surprised that the odds aren’t higher.

AEW Singles Match –Jon Moxley (-500)

AEW Tag Title Steel Cage Match

  • (C)The Young Bucks (-225)
  • Lucha Brothers (+165)

Although this isn’t the match I’m the most excited to watch, as the CM Punk one is, I believe this tag team title match will steal the show.

You can’t put four amazing in-ring performers and two of the best tag-teams in the world inside a steel cage and not have it steal the show. I feel bad for all of the matches after this other than CM Punk vs Darby Allin because they will still draw a huge reaction.

The Young Bucks won the tag titles last November at the Full Gear PPV. So, they’ve held the belts for 10 months and have become one of the top attractions in AEW.

The champs have defended these belts on a regular basis, often putting on fantastic matches and elevating the entire tag-team roster.

The Lucha Brothers were a part of the tag team title eliminator tournament where they beat the Varsity Blondes on Dynamite and then defeated Jurassic Express on the following Rampage in a fantastic contest to win the tournament.

For the record, tag-team wrestling is alive and well in AEW. And, this tag-team title match is further proof.

With that said, it’s time for The Young Bucks to put over another team and there’s no better tag-team for this position than the Lucha Brothers.

Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo are super over with the fans and more than capable of taking the ball and running with it. Let’s see how many five star matches they put on as the tag champs.

Plus, a tag title reign could provide more fuel to the storyline of Andrade trying to get The Lucha Brothers to join him.

For this match, I’m taking the challengers to win the belts. I’m even more convinced of this now after watching the September 1st episode of Dynamite where The Elite came out and beat up both Christian Cage and The Lucha Brothers.

The show closed with the steel cage coming down and all of the members of The Elite standing tall after savagely beating the fan favorites. This is a good sign that the Lucha Brothers will stand tall come this PPV.

AEW Tag Title Steel Cage Match –The Lucha Brothers (+165)

AEW Women’s Title Match

  • (C)Dr. Britt Baker (-200)
  • Kris Statlander (+150)

This storyline started when Statlander came out and helped Red Velvet during her feud with Britt Baker. However, it’s also due to Statlander moving up the rankings in the women’s division.

Since returning in late March, Statlander has been a force to be reckoned with. Upon her return, Kris joined up with The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy, which promptly saw her stock soar.

Over the last few months, Statlander has looked dominant in the ring and is clearly one of the top stars in the women’s promotion.

Yet, her run has been overshadowed by AEW’s top female star Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

Baker won the title from Hikaru Shida at the Double or Nothing PPV in May. Shida had held the belt for 372 days and proudly carried the entire women’s roster on her back through the fan-less era of wrestling.

However, It Was Clear That the Real Star of the Division Was Baker

In fact, Dr. Britt is one of the top stars in all of AEW and it showed when the promotion ran two shows in her hometown of Pittsburgh in August. What a great scene it was seeing Baker hailed as the hometown hero.

As much as I like Statlander, I like Baker more. And as hot as Statlander has been these last five months, Baker has been hotter.

It’s far too soon to take the belt of Baker. Take the doctor to win this match.

AEW Women’s Title Match –Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. (-200)

AEW Singles Match

  • CM Punk (-500)
  • Darby Allin (+300)

Despite the loaded lineup, this is the one match that just about every AEW fan is looking forward to the most.

On the August 20th episode of Rampage, CM Punk returned to pro wrestling for the first time in 7 ½ years. His last match was Royal Rumble 2014 and with the WWE.

His return was one of the best moments in pro wrestling in recent memory. The crowd reaction from his hometown fans of Chicago was simply amazing.

I had goosebumps on my arms when he came out to the fans blowing the roof off the building.

Punk would walk down to the ring and talk to the fans in the arena and at home. Another thing he did was challenge Darby Allin to a match at All Out.

A few weeks prior to Punk’s debut, Allin had said in a promo that he wanted to face the best in the world. Wrestling fans knew that his comments were directed at CM Punk who used the title “the best in the world.”

Since then, both men have hyped up this match which could be the main event if it weren’t for the AEW world title matchup.

This co-effort to build the match came to a head on Dynamite this week when Daniel Garcia and 2point0 came out and attacked CM Punk during his in-ring promo. It prompted Allin and Sting to make the save.

The Stinger had a few positive words to say about Punk and the upcoming match. He also let us know that the Icon would not be ringside for the PPV bout. Punk and Allin did a lot of face to face staring at each other as tensions are mounting for this encounter.

With that in mind, there’s absolutely zero chance that CM Punk loses. Not even the WWE, and its horrible creative team, could mess up this match.

CM Punk will win in a highly spirited battle with Darby Allin in front of his hometown fans of Chicago. It will prove that Punk is still at the top of his game while also keeping Allin as one of the top baby faces in the company.

AEW Singles Match –CM Punk (-500)

AEW World Title Match

  • (C)Kenny Omega (-600)
  • Christian Cage (+350)

It’s going to be hard to follow the Punk vs Allin and tag-team title match inside a steel cage, but that’s what Kenny Omega and Christian will have to do.

It would be foolish to book your world title in any other spot than the main event. In fact, that’s something that the WWE would do which is just another reason why their world titles are devalued. But, I digress.

We saw Christian and Kenny Omega wrestle at the August 13th debut episode of Rampage and they put on a great TV bout. It was rather surprising that Christian Cage actually won that match and captured the IMPACT world title.

With that said, Christian is not the man to dethrone Omega as world champ. The man for that job is Hangman Adam Page. And, once Page does defeat Omega, he’s going to be solidified as one of the company’s top stars.

Christian is a great worker and worthy of the IMPACT title, but I don’t see an AEW title reign in his future. Omega will win this match and continue to be the company’s top heel.

AEW World Title Match –Kenny Omega (-600)
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