2021 PGL Major Stockholm Betting Preview – Tips, Teams and Format

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Whether or not you’re an avid CSGO fan, you ought to know about the big event that’s coming right up. Next Tuesday, mark the day down in your calendar because that’s when the biggest-ever CSGO event kicks off. That’s right; we’re finally going to see the next CSGO Major Championship, following a two-year hiatus. After several cancelations, it’s finally happening, and our PGL Major Stockholm betting preview is here to ring you right up to speed on everything you need to know to be in the green at the end of this campaign.

2021 PGL Major Stockholm Preview

  • This is the first CSGO Major in two years. The anticipation is through the roof, with 24 teams eager to kick things off. The Stockholm-based spectacle starts next Tuesday with the first of three stages. It’s going to be a proper blast, that we can already tell!
  • Natus Vincere are coming into this competition as the odds-on favorites. S1mple and the boys have been rock solid since the start of this year. They’ll surely fancy their chances, no matter who they end up playing against.
  • Gambit, G2, Vitality, and Heroic stand as potential-packed dark horses. They have excellent rosters, for the most part, but some of them do lack consistency and decent results over the last few months. But, considering their sheer quality, lack of form might not mean too much.
  • The total prize pool for 2021 PGL Major in Stockholm amounts to a whopping $2 million. That’s double the prize pool of any previous Major iteration. Not surprising, considering the fact we haven’t had a single installment since 2019.

Qualified Teams


  • NiP
  • Vitality
  • G2
  • Liquid
  • EG
  • NaVi
  • Gambit


  • Astralis
  • ENCE
  • BIG
  • Movistar Riders
  • Heroic
  • Mouz
  • paiN Gaming
  • Team Spirit


  • Copenhagen Flames
  • Faze Clan
  • pro
  • Entropiq
  • Sharks
  • Renegades

Tournament Format

As mentioned earlier, PGL Major has kept the good old three-stage format… for the most part. Here are closer looks at each of its three stages:

New Challengers Stage 

The New Challengers is the first stage of the event. It starts next Tuesday, featuring sixteen teams – eight contenders and eight challengers. The latter have higher seeds coming into the opening round.

It lasts through Friday, October 29th and will yield eight participants for the upcoming New Legends Stage. There, they will be joined by additional eight teams who’ve qualified for the event as Legends.

New Challengers Stage is going to pan out as a Swiss system, featuring bo3 clashes for elimination and advancement matches, with all remaining ones scheduled for bo1s. Last but not least, top half of the teams advance to the New Legends Stage.

New Legends Stage 

The New Legends Stage starts next Saturday and runs through Tuesday, November 2nd. Format-wise, we’re looking at the replay of the initial stage – a bunch of bo1s and bo3s all mixed together in a sixteen-team swiss system.

As was the case with the New Challengers Stage, the bottom half here will be eliminated while the top half advance to the next stage.

New Champions Stage 

The third and final stage of the 2021 PGL Major in Stockholm. Only eight teams will get a spot here; only eight teams will get a chance to fight for lucrative prizes in a single-elimination bracket. There’s no more room for errors, one loss and you’re out… and the teams that do get to here will fancy their chances no matter who’s on the other end of the server.

The Champions Stage is where all the fun is; that’s what makes CSGO Majors so iconic. It’s the bread and butter of competitive CSGO, so make sure you don’t miss out on it… especially if you are interested in PGL Major Stockholm betting activities.

PGL Major Stockholm Betting Odds

Outright betting options on the 2021 PGL Major Stockholm have been around for quite a while. Ever since the end of IEM XVI Fall regional events, come to think of it. If you still haven’t placed your outright winner bets, here are the odds followed by three key contenders!

  • NaVi at +150
  • Gambit at +400
  • Vitality at +700
  • G2 at +1200
  • NiP at +1200
  • Heroic at +1200
  • Liquid at +1400
  • Astralis at +1400
  • pro at +1600
  • Faze Clan at +1700

There are a lot more options for outright PGL Major Stockholm betting; these are just the likeliest contenders. For a full list of available lines, check your go-to CSGO bookmaker!

Key Title Contenders

Here are three teams we think highly of as far as title-winning potential is concerned:


Obviously, Natus Vincere are the first name on the team sheet here. They’ve been at the top of the CSGO scene for far too long and we can now safely say this is S1mple’s best chance to finally win the elusive Major title. The closes he got was in 2018 when Astralis beat them in the grand finals of FACEIT Major in London.

But, this is now a different NaVi lineup! S1mple is finally surrounded by a set of players who follow his routines and are able to support him in case of a slow start. The latter, believe it or not, is the most important fact and the biggest change following NaVI’s exit to NRG in the quarterfinals of StarLadder Major in Berlin.

The CIS champions are the best team in the world right now and they’re rightfully dubbed as the odds-on favorites here. There’s not much more to it, really. If you’re interested in PGL Major Stockholm betting, NaVi has to be among your picks. If not for the outright winner stuff, then surely for New Legends Stage match-winners!


The next team we’ll be taking a closer look into today is Team Vitality. Of course, the first thing we have to mention about Vitality is ZywOo. Much like NaVi, Vitality heavily rely on their star player to do all the dirty stuff. ZywOo and S1mple are the world’s best players, far above everyone else. But, the performances of their teams, at least in 2021, have been worlds apart.

On one end, we have NaVi, who were winning events left and right all year long. On the other end, we have Vitality, who keep struggling against weaker teams and losing in grand finals.

What seems to be the issue for the Frenchmen?

Well, there’s one distinctive difference between these two – when S1mple doesn’t explode early on, electronic and the rest of NaVi roster are there to pick things up and hold onto the momentum. By doing so, they allow S1mple to recuperate and come back stronger later on.

This is exactly what Vitality fail to do. When ZywOo is playing in Godmode, Vitality are unstoppable. But, when the French youngster has an off-day, you can bet on Vitality to get outclassed. He just doesn’t have the support of his team… Don’t get me wrong, it’s there, but not nearly as often as it is for NaVI.

That said, while I do think Vitality will be a tricky contender in Stockholm, I wouldn’t bet too much money on them to win this one outright!


Unlike NaVi and Vitality, Gambit don’t have a superstar individual that does most of the work for the team. They’re the anti-NaVI and -Vitality of CSGO. They’re more like Astralis as far as contribution distribution is concerned. They base their gameplay around teamwork and tactics, more than anything else.

And while they do have two quality individuals in sh1ro and ax1Le, it’s their team cohesion that keeps winning them matches. When nothing else goes wrong, the above-mentioned tandem rises to the occasion and showcase their raw clutch potential.

Should you cheer for Gambit on this event? Or, better yet – should you include them in your PGL Major Stockholm betting tickets? Well, considering their recent campaigns, I see no reason against it.

Plus, we can’t end this section without touching on the topic of Gambit vs. NaVI. Gambit defeated S1mple and the boys in two grand finals this year. True, they also got defeated in two other grand finals, but that’s not the point here.

The point is – Gambit are one of just a few teams that can consistently get the better of NaVI. If you’re betting on outright winner stuff for this event, Gambit’s lethality over NaVi is something you have to keep in mind!

PGL Major New Challengers Stage Predictions

In the following three sections, we’ll go through the top half of the table AKA the teams that I think will qualify for the New Legends Stage. Let’s get right to it!

Top Two


Astralis are definitely top-two caliber here. They’re missing just one link from their glorious roster that won four Major titles. Device will be missed, but considering his recent performances – Lucky will do just fine replacing him. The youngster has massive shoes to fill, but I’m convinced he’ll have a fine campaign here, leading Astralis to the New Legends Stage as the highest seed!


Even though Heroic’s form dropped down recently, they are a force to be reckoned with. They might not be title-winning caliber here, but they’re definitely going to qualify for the second stage. If they outclass TYLOO in the opener, it will be interesting to see them square off against some of Europe’s finest! They will fancy their chances, that’s for sure!

Middle of the Pack


Virtus.pro should not have any major issues with paiN Gaming. Although the Brazilians can be tough, YEKINDAR and Jame will show their true worth and help Virtus.pro clinch the New Legends Stage… and perhaps even more!

Team Spirit

Team Spirit have won three titles this year, only one of which came from a top-tier event. And while they’re definitely not title contenders here, they have a fine snowballing potential coming into the Challengers Stage. If mir and degster can get things going, only the sky will be the limit for Team Spirit!


ENCE almost made it all the way on IEM XVI Fall Europe. Against all odds, the Finnish team surprised the likes of G2 and Astralis, only to lose to NiP in the grand finals. But, they fulfilled their main goal – they qualified for the Major.

Everything beyond this is pure joy for them… will it be EZ4ENCE once again? As far as New Legends Stage qualification goes, I’m fairly sure it will!

Bottom Three

Faze Clan

Faze Clan also barely squeezed through to the Major. In the end, it wasn’t their own wins that got them through, it was G2’s result that pushed them through in the end. Even after all this time, Niko still manages to carry Faze Clan to the next level…


Entropiq finished in third place on IEM XVI Fall CIS, beating Virtus.pro in the third-place match. Led by astonishing Forester and El1an, Entropiq allowed just seven rounds to Virtus.pro for a true reverse sweep on Vertigo and Ancient. They could be a dark horse here, so make sure your PGL Major Stockholm betting slips don’t suffer because of them,


Movistar Riders were one of the nicest stories of the recently finished IEM XVI Fall Europe. They finished fifth, clinching the Major against all odds and orchestrating a fabulous surprise for all of their fans. SunPayus has been absolutely clinical over the last few months, and I’m confident in his ability to squeeze Movistar Riders to the next stage!

Wrapping Things Up

That’s that for our PGL Major Stockholm betting preview. Next Tuesday is when the CSGO festival kicks off. So make sure you tune into New Challengers Stage matches as there are bound to be a couple of stellar showcases.

Until next time,

May the odds be in your favor!

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