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On Thursday, October 21st, the WWE returns to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for the 2021 Crown Jewel PPV. This is the third installment of the Crown Jewel series and the first since 2019. The WWE had to cancel last year’s show due to the pandemic.

The WWE treats this show like a major PPV almost on the same lines as their Big 4: Summer Slam, Royal Rumble, Survivor Series and WrestleMania. Yet, it’s the one PPV that’s the most criticized due to the humanitarian and political issues in Saudi Arabia.

With that said, this Thursday’s Crown Jewel event features most of the WWE’s biggest stars and their most significant championship belts.

As of this writing, there are nine matches scheduled for the PPV. WWE betting sites have already released odds for most of these bouts.

Let’s walk that aisle, step over the top ring rope, and hit these Crown Jewel predictions with a massive chokeslam.

WWE Singles Match

  • Mansoor (-1200)
  • Mustafa Ali (+550)

Mansoor and Ali used to be a tag-team and had potential to rise up the worst tag-team division in any reputable pro wrestling company. But, instead of pushing this duo even further, the WWE decided to break them up.

Ali grew frustrated over losing and now has issues with his former tag-team partner, which leads us to this singles match at Crown Jewel.

Mansoor is the “hometown hero” for this match and there’s no possible way that the WWE will swerve the fans by having him lose. This is also why oddsmakers have Mansoor listed as the biggest betting favorite for the entire show.

Don’t forget, Mansoor won the 51-man battle royal at the 2019 Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia. He’s been a focal point each time the WWE has gone over there.

Mansoor will pick up the win via pinfall.

WWE Singles Match –Mansoor (-1200)

Queen’s Crown Tournament Final

  • Zelina Vega (NA)
  • Doudrop (NA)
  • Shayna Baszler (NA)

The only thing that can come as close to as bad as the WWE going over to Saudi Arabia in the first place, is this Queen’s Crown tournament.

The tournament was supposed to be an important event for the women’s roster as it was reportedly as significant as the men’s King of the Ring tournament.

Instead, we’ve witnessed the WWE make a mockery of the women’s division and treat this as nothing more than a cheap gimmick in a squash match.

So far, we’ve had five matches held in this tournament. And, the combined time given to these five matches has been a total of 11:35 seconds. You read that right. And, three of those opening round matches were roughly 2 minutes or less.

The longest match was the semi-finals bout between Zelina Vega and Carmella which lasted 3:25 seconds.

In comparison to the men’s KOTR tournament, the Cesaro vs Finn Balor opening round match went 11:25 second which is about the same time that the entire Queen’s Crown tournament has lasted.

Not one KOTR match has been under eight minutes. The entire opening round of the Queen’s Crown tournament lasted eight minutes. That’s four matches combined!

So, why should we even care about this QC Finals match at Crown Jewel?

The WWE has made a mockery of the women’s division and it’s disgusting. With that said, I believe Doudrop will win the tournament.

Queen’s Crown Tournament Final –Doudrop (NA)

King of the Ring Tournament Final

  • Finn Balor (NA)
  • Xavier Woods (NA)
  • Jinder Mahal (NA)

The tournament started off with some solid matchups:

  • Zayn vs Mysterio
  • Balor vs Cesaro
  • Xavior Woods vs Ricochet
  • Kofi Kingston vs Jinder Mahal

As of this writing, the Mahal vs Woods match has yet to take place. I expect Mahal to win that match.

Yet, I don’t see Mahal winning at Crown Jewel. Instead, I believe Finn Balor will win the tournament. He’s already defeated Cesaro and Sami Zayn in his two KOTR matches.

Furthermore, Balor’s return to the main roster initially saw a boost before he ran into Roman Reigns. Unless the WWE is going to give another failed push to Mahal, this is Balor’s tournament to lose.

King of the Ring Tournament Final –Balor (NA)

No Holds Barred Match

  • Bobby Lashley (+200)
  • Goldberg (-300)

These two men kicked off their feud in the lead-up to SummerSlam a few months ago. Lashley would win the match after Goldberg was unable to continue due to an “injured” knew.

After the match had ended, Goldberg’s 15 year old son jumped on Lashley’s back and was then put into Bobby’s finisher “the hurt lock.” Lashley threw Gage around like a ragdoll.

Goldberg would be off TV for a while to sell the injury. He returned on the October 4th episode of RAW and declared that he would “kill” Lashley for what he did to his sone Gage. While Goldberg was off TV, Lashley lost his WWE title to Big E.

Eventually, the two would agree to a No Holds Barred match at Crown Jewel.

Now that Lashley lost his title, he goes from being invincible to beatable which means you can expect a few jackhammers and spears to finish off Bobby on Thursday.

Take Goldberg to win!

No Holds Barred Match –Goldberg (-300)

Hell in a Cell Match

  • Edge (-350)
  • Seth Rollins (+225)

It appears that Thursday’s bout should be the conclusion to this long running feud between Edge and Seth Rollins as the two men compete inside the Hell in a Cell.

At MITB in July, Seth Rollins interfered in the Universal Title match and cost Edge a shot at winning. This eventually led to a match at SummerSlam where Edge would win it what was the best match of the event.

The two rematched on the September 10th episode of SmackDown and Rollins would win. However, he wasn’t satisfied with things ending there. Instead, he continued to become more obsessed with Edge and would eventually break into Edge’s home.

Of course, this enraged “The Rated R Superstar” who would attack Rollins on the October 8th episode of SmackDown and challenge Seth to a Hell in a Cell match.

For me, this is the one match that I look forward to the most. I believe they will once again steal the show as we have two fantastic workers who have great chemistry together.

With that said, you have to go with Edge in this contest. Hopefully, after this match, the WWE will give each man a new feud as they head to RAW.

Hell in a Cell Match –Edge (-350)

RAW Tag Team Title Match

  • RKBro (-300)
  • AJ Styles and Omos (+200)

Randy Orton and Riddle beat Styles and Omos at SummerSlam in August to win the tag-team titles and end the champs’ 132 day reign. Orton and Riddle became the 65th team to win these titles and the 85th reign.

RKBro has become one of the more popular entities in the WWE and especially on RAW. They have only had the belts for roughly two months.

Based on these two facts, it’s hard to imagine that the WWE would take the belts off of them so soon.

Instead, I imagine they have AJ Styles take the loss for the challengers as the WWE is doing all they can to protect Omos and build him into a monster.

Pay attention boys and girls to what the WWE is doing with AJ Styles. This is a good example of how to waste arguably the top wrestler of his generation.

For this wager, take RKBro to win.

RAW Tag Team Title Match –RKBro (-300)

WWE Women’s SmackDown Triple Threat Title Match

  • Becky Lynch (-200)
  • Sasha Banks (+250)
  • Bianca Belair (+200)

If it weren’t for the Hell in a Cell match between Edge and Seth Rollins, this women’s triple threat match would steal the show.

We have three tremendous workers in this bout and all of them have the ability to make this a five star match despite the lame storylines that got us here.

At SummerSlam, Belair and Sasha Banks were expected to have another PPV match after Bianca beat Sasha for the belt at WrestleMania. Unfortunately, Banks wasn’t able to compete on the show.

So, what we got instead was a surprise return from Becky Lynch and the squashing of WWE’s hottest female start of 2021 Bianca Belair.

Lynch beat Belair in about 30 seconds and ended one of the best stories in the WWE. It really was one of the worst booking decisions that the WWE has made in the last decade.

Becky and Bianca re-matched at Extreme Rules, but Sasha Banks interfered as she attacked both competitors. Since then, the trio of stars have feuded with each other in one form or the other.

Now, we get a triple threat match to see who walks away as the champion.

Of the three, I like Sasha Banks the best. I’ve been a big fan of hers since NXT. Yet, the woman he deserves it the most is Bianca Belair. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty safe bet to go with Becky Lynch for this match.

Lynch is the WWE’s top draw, or so they believe. That means they will continue to ride “The Man” express until the train runs off the track.

Now, Lynch and Belair will head to RAW which means that only Banks will remain on SmackDown. This could be an indicator that Sasha wins the belt. However, there’s also the report that the WWE could just do a title swap between Lynch and Charlotte Flair instead of having either one lose the belt.

Women’s SmackDown Triple Threat Title Match –Lynch (-200)

WWE Championship Match

  • Big E (-600)
  • Drew McIntyre (+350)

Big E’s title win a month ago was a nice surprise for the WWE. Big E certainly deserves to be a world champ, but the timing of the win reeked of desperation for a company that has very little going in regards to their creative booking.

Big E deserved to win the title at a major PPV event, not cashing in the MITB briefcase on a random episode of RAW. He deserved a Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan moment, not a feel-good ending to a declining TV show.

Additionally, Lashley’s reign should’ve lasted longer. His run as the champ was the best thing for RAW. A PPV win for Big E at Survivor Series would’ve been more appropriate for the two men.

Nevertheless, we move on to Big E taking on the man that Lashley beat for the title – Drew McIntyre. Look no further than McIntyre to see just how pathetic WWE booking has been.

Here we had one of the top stars in the company go from being a dominant champ to a mid-card star at best as of this writing. Guys he previously beat during his title reign, Drew has now lost to over the last four to five months. It makes very little sense as to what they’re doing with McIntyre.

Drew will lose to Big E at Crown Jewel and then we’re supposed to believe that he can go to SmackDown and be a credible threat to Roman Reigns for the Universal Title. This is the WWE treating their fans as if they’re mindless or clueless.

Big E will win this match and go on to other feuds as I don’t see him losing the belt this year.

WWE Championship Match –Big E (-600)

WWE Universal Championship Match

  • Roman Reigns (-250)
  • Brock Lesnar (+170)

So, AEW becomes more popular and the WWE decides to bring back both Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

And, instead of waiting for Lesnar and Reigns to headline a major PPV like WrestleMania, they have them headline CrownJewel which won’t be nearly as watched as Mania.

To make things even less likely that Lesnar win this week, are reports that the WWE could do something to make it so there’s no clean finish in order to have this rematch down the line as they want to have a series of bouts between the two.

To that, I say – why even have this match at Crown Jewel?

The most likely outcome is that Paul Heyman does something to help Roman Reigns win and it sets up a rematch probably at Royal Rumble in January 2022.

Either way, look for Reigns to leave Saudi Arabia as the champ and continue his dominant title reign that has him ranked as the #2 wrestler in the world behind Kenny Omega.

WWE Universal Championship Match –Reigns (-250)
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