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On Sunday, September 26th, the WWE will be live on Peacock and PPV with their annual event titled Extreme Rules, which is their 13th edition of this show.

The PPV event will emanate from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, and features numerous world title matches.

As of now, not all of the announced matches have available betting odds. Furthermore, it’s expected that the WWE will add a few more matches to this show by Sunday.

Let’s walk that aisle, step through those ring ropes, and hit a King Kong Bundy avalanche with the five second count on these Extreme Rules betting predictions.

RAW Women’s Title Match

  • Charlotte Flair (-160)
  • Alexa Bliss (+120)

Here we go again. Charlotte Flair as the champ facing a challenger who the WWE will put the title on at some point. However, the question is whether or not that “some point” will be this weekend.

Alexa Bliss has benefited greatly from being paired with Bray Wyatt last year to becoming the entire Fiend/Firefly Funhouse gimmick all to herself. In other words, the WWE has invested a lot of time and energy into Bliss’ character.

On a side note, last year’s Extreme Rules PPV had the cinematic Swamp Fight between Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman. This year, neither man is employed in the WWE. But I digress.

Flair has had numerous title reigns where she’s lost the belt rather quickly. Just looking over her previous RAW women’s title reigns, she’s lost the belt after 43 days, 29 days, and most recently 32 days.

Charlotte’s current title reign is at 32 days as of this writing after she won it at Summer Slam in a triple threat match with Nikki and Rhea Ripley.

In other words, it’s been long enough according to her previous RAW title reigns that we should see a new champion on Sunday. Bliss hasn’t held the RAW women’s title in three years. I think the time for Bliss and her creep show to become the champion is now.

RAW Women’s Title Match –Alexa Bliss (+120)

Women’s Singles Match

  • Liv Morgan (NA)
  • Carmella (NA)

Wherever this match is scheduled on the lineup, it will be the proverbial “bathroom break.” This isn’t because the two women aren’t talented. Rather, it’s due to a storyline that very few people care about.

Carmella used to be a compelling character with multiple title reigns. Those days are long gone now. Liv Morgan used to be a part of the Riott Squad which had a ton of potential. But those days are long gone as the other two members aren’t even in the company.

Flip a coin, do rock-paper-scissors, or any other act to guess the outcome of this match because it can go either way. With that said, I’m taking Liv Morgan to win since her bestie Ruby Soho is already a star in AEW.

Women’s Singles Match –Liv Morgan (NA)

Triple Threat US Title Match

  • (c)Damian Priest (NA)
  • Sheamus (NA)
  • Jeff Hardy (NA)

I can’t stress how foolish the US title scene has been since Priest won the belt. It’s almost as if an elementary school kid is writing this garbage.

Priest beats both Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. Then the next week on RAW, the former friends end up fighting and Sheamus wins. As a result of the win, Sheamus is given another title shot for his victory despite losing to the champ the week prior.

Jeff Hardy drops a match to Priest and then the next week defeats Sheamus in a contest that awards him a spot in the US title match at Extreme Rules making it a triple threat match.

So, the two men that Priest has already defeated get another chance to fight for the title? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

Prior to the addition of Jeff Hardy to this match, Priest was listed as a -500 favorite and Sheamus was a +300 underdog in what was teased as a singles match. With Hardy added, WWE betting sites have yet to update their odds for this title match.

Because this is the WWE, we know their creative booking can easily compound the foolishness by having someone like Sheamus win the title back.

With that said, I’m going to stick with Priest winning the belt and hoping that he gets a meaningful feud moving forward that doesn’t involve Sheamus or Hardy.

Triple Threat US Title Match –Damian Priest (NA)

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

  • (c)The Usos (NA)
  • The Street Profits (NA)

The WWE decided to pit their two top tag teams, and really their only legit tag-teams on SmackDown, in a match at Extreme Rules for the tag titles.

This match can deliver on the in-ring action, but it’s hard to imagine that it will do anything to boost either team in a company that doesn’t care about the tag-team division in the first place.

Right now, I just don’t see the WWE pulling the belts off of The Usos at this point in time. They, along with Roman Reigns, make up the best storyline that the WWE has going and it would be pointless to put the belts on any other team right now.

At least with The Usos, the belts get attention and notoriety due to their connection to the company’s top storyline.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match –The Usos

SmackDown Women’s Title Match

  • Becky Lynch (-350)
  • Bianca Belair (+200)

Depending on how long these two stars get, and the story that they’re saddled with inside the ring, this match could steal the show.

With that said, I don’t have confidence that the WWE will allow it to happen. If you disagree with me, just look back to SummerSlam and see what the company did.

They bring back Lynch and Lesnar after AEW saw the return of CM Punk and the huge success that it brought their competitor.

Yet, instead of using Lynch in a way that propels the women’s division, the WWE does something absolutely absurd by having her beat Bianca Belair in under a minute. They squashed their top female star of 2021 to date in under a minute.

Only in the WWE creative brainstorming sessions does this make any sense. To the rest of the thinking world, this was a disaster.

Now, Becky Lynch is the heel and coming out as the female equivalent of Seth Rollins. Apparently, the real-life married couple shop at the same clothing stores.

I hope the two get enough time to showcase their overall potential as wrestlers. Unfortunately, I don’t have any confidence that the WWE will do so. Even worse, I don’t see Belair winning back the title.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match –Becky Lynch (-350)

Universal Title Extreme Rules Match

  • Roman Reigns (-800)
  • Finn Balor (+450)

What started out as a simple rematch has now turned into a main event match with more layers. Instead of a singles rematch, the two will now participate in an Extreme Rules match.

And, instead of Finn Balor, we have his alter ego “The Demon” taking on Roman Reigns for the Universal Title.

There was a time in the WWE where The Demon gimmick really meant something. But those days are gone. As Balor stated in an interview over the last few years, he felt that the gimmick became nothing more than a crutch.

Welcome back crutch, because that’s exactly what it’s being used for with this match.

Nobody believes that Balor would win a rematch against Reigns. So, they slap some more pain on the Irish star and then want the fans to believe that his alter ego actually has a chance to win the title.

This comes on the heels of reports already coming out that Reigns will take on Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel next month.

There’s absolutely no way that the WWE has Reigns lose the belt at Extreme Rules. In fact, I’m surprised that the odds are only -800. They should be closer to -2000 considering that Reigns is unbeatable right now and the big money match with Lesnar is reportedly set for next month.

With that said, Reigns will win the match to the surprise of no one. Although the outcome is a given, the bell-to-bell action should be entertaining.

I criticize the WWE because they shine up a pile of dog crap and try to sell it to us as ice cream. In other words, the WWE continues to treat their fans as if they are stupid.

I don’t criticize the action in the ring as these talented performers are excellent at their trade. I expect a great match between Balor and Reigns.

Following Extreme Rules, it’s Reigns vs Lesnar full steam ahead.

Universal Title Extreme Rules Match –Roman Reigns (-800)
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