27 Kid Friendly Activities in Las Vegas – Family Fun

by Michael Stevens
on May 19, 2017

Most people don’t think of Las Vegas as a family vacation destination.

But Las Vegas is full of things for kids and families to do that are fun and exciting, and most won’t break the bank.

Some hotels offer kids clubs, pools, and day cares created for the sole purpose of entertaining your children.

Las Vegas is a vacation destination with never ending entertainment for kids and adults alike.

1 – Buffalo Bill’s Hotel

When you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, take a trip out to Primm where you can find Buffalo Bill’s Hotel.

Close to the California border, this hotel and casino also has amazing shows and rides to entertain the entire family.

You can choose to stay for just the day or if you want to stay the night rooms are available for as little as $30.00 per night.

Buffalo Bill’s offers a simulator that lets you get the experience of riding some of the world’s scariest roller coasters without all the nerves. Or you can take your turn at Adventure Canyon, one of the leading log rides in the country.

You can ride for $8 per person or you can get a wrist band that lets you ride all day long for $30 or ½ a day for $22. If you have a child that’s less than 48 inches tall, you get a Little Wrangler pass that’s only $12.

Along with all the rides and shows available this family getaway is well worth the trip out of the city.

2 – Adventuredome at Circus Circus

Adventuredome is a 5 acre completely enclosed theme park found at the Circus Circus resort hotel and casino.

The Circus Circus has made a complete carnival experience right inside its walls.

You can find extreme thrill rides along with rides that are made for the little ones. You can experience Circus acts, eat wonderful carnival food, and play games like laser tag, mini golf, and bumper cars.

Rain or shine you don’t have to worry about canceling your plans in this indoor theme park you can spend all day here for the price of $31.95.

3 – Madame Tussaud’s Interactive Wax Museum

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum is full of famous interactive figures that talk to the guests as they browse through the exhibit.

Las Vegas is a place where celebrities can be made and where many come to play. You can find icons of the city like Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack right alongside present day famous figures like Justin Timberlake.

Buying at the door will set you back around $30 for adult and a discounted price is available if you buy online.

This adventure is worth the time and money to get up close and personal with your favorite stars.

4 – Silverton Aquarium

The Silverton hotel has an 117,000-gallon aquarium that you can see over 4,000 different species of fish for free.

That’s right, I said free.

This attraction is one of many you can find to keep the kids happy for little to no money. The Silverton aquarium is a little different from any other you’ve probably been to because of the mermaids.

Real life mermaids can be seen swimming and dancing through the water with the fish in the aquarium.

If you or your kids are fans of “The Little Mermaid” you definitely have to make this aquarium.

5 – Discovery Children’s Museum

The Discovery Children’s Museum is a three story, completely interactive museum that centers on arts, science, and different cultures.

This 58,000 square foot museum can keep you and the kids entertained all day long. You can go to the water world exhibit and learn about the movement and power that water can have on other objects or you can check out the summit which is a 70 foot tall 13 level jungle gym type of exhibit.

At the summit the kids can climb and play to their hearts content and along the way they run into informative experiments.

You can also check out the Solve It! Mystery Town to put your detective skills to work and solve the mystery.

These, along with many other awesome exhibits, make the Discovery Children’s Museum an amazing day trip and since its right downtown you don’t have to travel far to get have some great fun and get some learning in at the same time for just under $15.

6 – Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden

If your kids love chocolate, you have to take them to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. You can watch the chocolate being made and learn about the history of chocolate and the woman who started making it.

Once you’ve witnessed the way the chocolate is made you can watch them hand package each and every piece. Then you can get your own taste of this amazing chocolate at the gift shop where you get a sample of your favorite for free.

When you’re done with the factory you can go next door and see the amazing botanical garden made up of cactuses. At the garden you’ll find over 300 different types of cactus.

The best part of this activity, it’s all free.

7 – The High Roller

The High Roller looks like a Ferris wheel that you might see at a state fair but on steroids. This observation wheel is the largest in the world coming in at a height of 550 feet tall. This ride has no age or height limit and is also wheelchair accessible which makes it a great options for the whole family.

The wheel is made up of 28 pods that are air conditioned and are roomy enough to easily hold 40 passengers at the max. Each pod has a bench and because of the smooth ride even those with a fear of heights won’t get too freaked out on this ride.

From the time you board to the completion of your ride is about a 30 minute time lapse. During these 30 minutes you get a 360 degree view of Las Vegas and you can go either day or night.

This ride isn’t going to break the bank at around $20 per ticket. You do have to order your tickets and set a day and time of when you want to go on the ride beforehand to ensure there are enough seats available.

8 – Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Kids probably won’t know who Siegfried and Roy are but they’re sure to enjoy this amazing collection of animals that they have to show. These animals aren’t found in a zoo like atmosphere, instead they get to see them how they’re without all the training and enjoy the animals in a natural habitat.

In the garden you’ll get to see six different exhibits that contain exotic cats such as the beautiful Siberian White Tiger. With its snow white fur and beautiful blue eyes these animals are incredible to see up close.

Kids also have a chance to watch the dolphins in their habitat from above or below the water. These dolphins dive and flip and some even interact with the guests as they go through the exhibit.

This wonderful collection of animals can be viewed for $22 for adults and $17.95 for kids 4-12.

9 – Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino has an amazing Conservatory that you can visit that’s full of beautiful flowers and is free to anyone who wants to take a stroll through it.

At this 13,573 square foot conservatory you’re going to find a beautiful display of plants like you’ve never seen before.

The Bellagio has assembled over 10,000 species of plants, and trees that change with the seasons. These plants are cared for by trained professionals that hand water the plants daily and replace them every two weeks to ensure the best experience every time you go through it.

The kids are going to love seeing all these different plants they’ve never seen before. Combined with the other stone structures and waterfalls, this is a great experience for the whole family.

If you’ve had a day full of stress or if it’s just time to unwind, this is one of the best places for the family to get ready to call it a day. The gardens are opened 24 hours a day so make sure to stop by before your vacation is over, you won’t be disappointed.

10 – CSI: The Experience

For the older kids the CSI experience is fun and makes you think like a real life CSI. With the popularity of the original show it’s no wonder this attraction is also one you won’t want to miss out on. The attraction has three different crime scenes to choose from, once you make your choice you’re escorted to the right exhibit.

Each of the crime scenes is interactive and as you continue through the exhibit you get to try your hand at different aspects of a CSI’s job from DNA and fingerprint analysis to using your observation skills to find all the pertinent clues.

This attraction was made with the help of over 175 actual CSI experts to give you the most accurate experience possible. For a total of $31.95 per person you can become just like Gil, Catherine, Sara, and Nick and solve the crime to insure justice is served.

11 – Hershey’s Chocolate World

The Hershey’s Chocolate World store is a 13,000 square feet two story high shop that’s dedicated to the wonders of the Hershey Chocolate company. Inside this amazing place you’ll be sure to find all of your favorites. With over 800 different types you just might find some new favorites as well.

While you’re there you can purchase all the chocolate you want, send a vertical Hershey’s Kiss to a friend, learn about the Hershey Chocolate company’s history, or design your own candy bar wrapper.

Don’t forget to take your pictures with the display’s made out of chocolate like the Statue of Liberty, and the Eifel Tower. You can also make a pit stop at the bakery counter to get a yummy fresh treat.

Entrance is free.

12 – Las Vegas Natural History Museum

If you and your family love animals then make sure you plan a stop at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. This museum is made up of all kinds of animal exhibits from pre historic dinosaurs, to the better known present day animals.

To make your experience a little more structured the museum is set up in sections and you can decide where to start and the order in which you view the animals.

There’s an Egyptian exhibit that includes life like replicas from ancient Egypt and gives you an opportunity to walk through King Tut’s burial chamber. Then you can move on to the Dinosaurs exhibit or view the Out of Africa exhibit that makes you feel like you’re right there in the desert with these predators.

All of these exhibits have interactive stations where kids can get hands on with the exhibit. These can vary from feeling a black bear’s fur to trying to find Nemo in the “Finding Nemo” tank.

The museum is open from 9-4 daily and is $10 for adults and $5 for kids 11 and under.

13 – Nevada State Railroad Museum

Ever wanted to take a ride on a real train? If your answer is yes then you need to take a quick trip to Boulder City and spend some time at the Nevada State Railroad Museum. Each day from 8:30 to 2:30 you can take a ride on a steam engine powered train on the original track that brought supplies to the builders of the Hoover Dam.

This 45 minute round trip ride can be enjoyed from an open air car or a nice air conditioned Pullman coach depending on your preference. If you choose the open air car you’re able to take pictures as the train takes you through the country.

You can watch planes land at the airport, and at one point you get so close to a mountain you could touch it but make sure you don’t actually do that. You can also go on the complimentary ride that takes you through to see some of the old trains that have been retired.

When you’re ride is over there’s a gift shop you can stop in and get a souvenir of your train ride. With a price of $10 for adults and $5 for kids you’ll have plenty of money left to spend in the gift shop.

14 –Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

There isn’t a kid alive who doesn’t love go-carts so a trip to the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix is inevitable.

You can find multiple different tracks to race on here at the Mini Gran Prix. You must be at least 16 years old to drive any of the go karts and ID’s are checked.

When you’re ready to take a break from the go-carts you can jump on some of the other rides offered at this family fun park. They also have a fully stocked arcade where you can play games to get tickets and win more prizes.

This trip could get a little expensive if you don’t set a limit for the kiddos.

15 – M&M’s World

The M&M World is a wonderland of goodies for M&M lovers. You can take the kids into this store and let them check out all the unique merchandise and take them through to see how the characters they know as red and yellow came to be.

As you proceed through the magical world of M&M’s you’re going to see a candy wall that’s covered with every single color M&M ever made. You can then go and make your very own personalized M&M with a message of your choice.

You can also get your hands on some of those chocolaty candies in the gift shop to take home for your enjoyment.

Entrance is free.

16 – Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing sites to visit in the entire world. The canyon is an amazing 18 miles from side to side and 277 miles from start to finish.

This site is something that anyone who visits Nevada should make a part of their trip. You can come and park for around $25 per vehicle and explore for the day or stay a little while with an extra $12 for seven day stay.

You can also take one of the helicopter tours that get you up in the air and gives you unprecedented views of the canyon. Or jump on board one of the bus tours to get a ground level view of this amazing natural wonder.

17 – Death Valley

Death Valley located in the Mojave Desert just outside of Las Vegas. If your family loves the outdoors this is a great place to visit to go on a hike and see some unique sights that can’t be seen just anywhere.

You can find artifacts from the Old West alongside some unique enclaves to explore. The terrain is on the rough side with jagged rocks but the beauty is undeniable. The geological history of the desert is on full display for you to enjoy during your time at the desert.

The kids are going to love being outdoors but with the heat that comes with a desert excursion you must remember all the necessities like water because you won’t want to pay the prices of the stores around Death Valley

18 – Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay brings some of the most amazing creatures that the ocean has to offer to you for your viewing pleasure. Sharks can be scary to encounter in the wild but this aquarium gives you the opportunity to view these natural killers up close and personal.

With over 2,000 different species of aquatic animals and 15 species of sharks to view the kids are going to be mesmerized the entire time you’re there.

Don’t forget to stop and see the incredible 300 pound sea turtle.

Along with the sinking city atmosphere Shark Reef is an amazing experience for the whole family.

Admission is a reasonable $20 for adults and $14 for kids. You can also take the opportunity to feed the sharks, sea turtles, and the stingrays for an extra charge.

19 – Flamingo Hotel Wildlife

The kids might not be excited to visit the iconic Flamingo Hotel when you first arrive at your destination but as soon as they see what’s inside they’re going to thank you for bringing them to see all the animals the Wildlife Habitat has to offer.

Kids will love seeing the Chilean flamingos and learning about how it’s possible for them to sleep standing up on one leg.

Then you can go on and see many different species of ducks, pelicans, and other aquatic animals like the colorful koi fish and turtles. You can also watch the animal feedings and ask questions of the care takers.

20 – Walk/ Ride the Strip

As amazing as the strip looks on television and in movies, having the chance to explore it in person is better. You can take the family on a tour of the strip with many different options. You can take a walking tour, go on your own or jump on a double deck bus to take in all the historic and modern sites to see.

Some of the double deck busses you see on the strip have an option available that allows you to hop on and off so you can stop anywhere you want. If the bus gets to an attraction you want to spend a little extra time at let the driver know and hope off and when you’re done jump on another bus to go to the next one for as little as $8 for an all-day pass.

Buses and walking aren’t the only way you can see the sights of the strip. You can also take a helicopter ride that’s sure to be the highlight of the trip for any kid. This is a little more expensive but completely worth the money.

You can also take a ride on the monorails and travel between the casinos in a sleek monorail car.

21 – Magic

It would be a sin to not take your kids to see some of the most amazing magic shows on the planet since they can all be found in Vegas.

You can see physical magic, illusions, and incredible feats of mentalist all over the strip.

Vegas has been the home of many of the world’s most famous magicians and also a place to see up and coming acts start to take shape. You don’t have to see a show to get your magic fix, with the street performers that are constantly on the strip you’re libel to run into a magician during your stay.

If you get a chance to hit a show or even if you just sit on a bench and watch the street performers you’ll get a magical experience that can’t be beat.

22 – Wild West Ghost Town Explorer Tour

As long as you don’t scare easy take a little trip out to the desert to see what’s going on in this creepy little town. On this tour the whole family gets a chance to see mining camps and deserted towns said to be inhabited by ghosts along with a stop at the Hoover Dam.

When the tour makes it stop in the mining towns you can learn about the boom that brought many settlers to the area. While there make sure you make a pit stop at the antique shops and see the cool left over remains of a time long ago.

Oatman is the third stop on the tour and this town is where the ghost stories really take shape. This town is void of modern life but the cowboy’s ghosts of the past still call this town home. The tour continues and you get a chance to see the original Route 66 sign and then on to El Dorado Canyon which marks the end of the tour.

23 – The Pinball Hall of Fame

Youth these days are all about their video games and many of them have never even seen a real pinball machine and that’s a sad thing. That’s why I thought it important to include The Pinball Hall of Fame on this list because kids need to see what real hands on games are like and this is a great place to do that.

This understated building houses some of the most famous games in history. You won’t have a hard time finding a game that you played as a kid which you can then introduce your children to the fun that pinball has always provided. Once you find your game drop in a quarter and play to your heart’s content.

This museum can bring families closer together as you teach your children about the games of your past they get the chance to see what it’s like to play a game with more than a TV and controller.

24 – Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Some children have the daredevil gene and want to try skydiving.

Why not give them the chance to get this experience without the fear of death during your stay in Las Vegas?

In order to fly you have to go through the brief training session then get fitted for a flight suit. There isn’t an age limit for this attraction so kids of all ages can participate as long as they can comprehend the training provided.

Once you’re dressed you enter into a padded room that’s fixed with multiple wind turbines that blow 120 mile per hour winds that simulate falling through the air.

This attraction is meant for anyone who has ever wanted to sky dive or that’s thinking about giving it a try. If you don’t do well here you might want to rethink the real thing.

The only issue I have with this attraction is that it’s a little on the expensive side with it costing $75 per flight for single people.

25 – Gravady Indoor Trampoline Park

Trampolines are a fun and exciting thing that kids love, throw in obstacle courses and foam pits and they’re in heaven.

Gravady gives the kids all of this in one place with the indoor trampoline park. This warehouse is completely full of different size trampolines from the smaller ones for the little kids to the high flying Olympic size ones for the bigger kids.

You can go and enjoy the open jump option, or take a chance at one of the other attractions available.

There’s a Ninja Obstacle Course, Extreme Dodge Ball, Air Dunk, Slack Line, Trapeze, Aerial Silks, and Foam Pits for you to try.

You can enjoy this kid’s dream come true attraction for $13 an hour or $20 and get two hours on the trampolines.

26 – Volcano at Mandalay Bay

The erupting Volcano at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino is one of the most famous attractions on the strip. Volcanoes are among the most destructive forces of nature but seeing one erupt is an incredible sight to see, which is why each time this amazing attraction starts to erupt those on the strip stop to enjoy the eruption.

The volcano has an amazing eruption that includes two volcano systems paired with fire ball launchers. The volcano is surrounded by a lagoon along with waterfalls that adds to the overall experience. When the volcano erupts you get an incredible experience of fire and sizzling smoke which is completely mesmerizing to see.

Since this is one of the many free attractions available on the strip it can be one of those sights you see more than once during your stay in Las Vegas.

27 – Valley of Fire

Your family can have a great day while hiking through this colorful valley and uncovering some of the coolest fossils in the sandstone.

One of the things that helped the park get its name is the vivid red of the rocks. These unusual rocks are going to grab the kids attention and make them want to see all there is to see.

From the colored rocks you can explore the sand stones and see how many fossils you can find. When you’re done there take the time to see the unique rock shapes that can be found in the valley. The kids are going to love the rocks that resemble pianos and other objects.

So make a day trip to the Valley of Fire to satisfy you’re adventurous side. Only costing $10 per car, it’s one of the cheaper options for fun.


Las Vegas might be known as Sin City but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be an amazing place to take the family to on vacation.

From the chance of see amazing wildlife at the different aquariums and wildlife parks, to the awesome amusement rides that you can find, there isn’t going to be a dull moment during the entire trip.

Vegas might have once been a city where there was nothing to do but gamble, but not anymore.

Bring your entire family and I promise you’ll have the time of your lives together.

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