3 Gambling Categories That You Need to Know If You Want to Win

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Ignorance is nothing to be ashamed of. It just means that you don’t know something. But ignorance also has a cure. The cure is knowledge and learning.

The reason why I’m talking about ignorance is this is why most people lose when they gamble. They simply don’t know there’s a different way to gamble.

Gambling options fall into 1 of 3 categories. Once you learn about the 3 categories you can take the steps needed to gamble in a category that gives you the best chance to win. Here’s the first step; learning about the 3 categories.

1 – The No Strategy Category

This category is where most gamblers spend all of their time. The big problem with this category is that you never get ahead. You do win a few times when you get lucky, but the longer you gamble the more you lose.

Every gambling option that doesn’t have a realistic strategy is in this category. That’s why I call it the no strategy category.

As you’re going to learn more about in the next category, you can use strategy to have a better chance to win in some gambling options. But you have to know what gambling options have strategy and how to use the strategies the right way to get the greatest benefits.

You also need to understand that there’s a difference between a gambling strategy and what most gamblers call a gambling system. A gambling strategy is a certain way to play a game that has a mathematical proven way of improving your results.

On the other hand, a gambling system is something that doesn’t improve your chances to win from a mathematical standpoint. The problem is that many gambling systems look and sound like they can help you win. But when you get a complete understanding of how the math works using the system, you find that it doesn’t change anything important.

This sounds complicated because it involves math. And while it helps a great deal if you have strong math skills, the truth is that you don’t have to have a degree in math to use it.

The easiest way to use math when looking at your gambling options and figuring out which category each option belongs in is to use something called the house edge. Each game, and often each different bet within each game, has a house edge.

This is a percentage that dictates how much the house, whether it’s a casino, sportsbook, or other gambling establishment, makes from taking bets.

The higher the house edge, the more you lose. This also means the lower the house edge, the less you lose.

If a game or wager has a house edge that changes when you use strategy it belongs in the next category. If a game doesn’t have a house edge that changes from the use of strategy it belongs in this category. You want to stop gambling on anything that’s in the no strategy category.

Here’s an incomplete list of gambling options that belong in the no strategy category:

  • All lottery games
  • Keno
  • Slot machine games
  • Bingo
  • Roulette*
  • Pull tabs

*Roulette doesn’t have a strategy that you can use, but the house edge is highest in triple 0 roulette and lowest in single 0 roulette with French rules. If you play roulette you should only play at French rules tables. But even at these tables there’s no strategy you can use to change the house edge.

2 – The Strategy but Not Winning Category

Every gambler can quickly move into this category. And many gamblers who spend time in this category come close to breaking even when they gamble. They still lose money, but they lose a lot less money than the gamblers in the first category.

Every gambling option that has strategy that you can use has a lower house edge when you use strategy. But all of the gambling options in this category aren’t equal. You need to use the house edge numbers to find the options that give you the best chance to win, or in other words, the best odds.

For Example:

You can use strategy when you play Let It Ride and you can use strategy when you play blackjack. You can’t use strategy when you play slot machine games. Playing Let It Ride using strategy gives you a much lower house edge and better odds than playing most slot machine games.

But playing blackjack using strategy gives you a much lower house edge and better odds than playing Let It Ride. In fact, when you play blackjack using the best strategy you can get closer to playing at a breakeven level than just about any other gambling option.

Strategy doesn’t have to be difficult to use. Some gambling options in this category have simple strategies. Others have more complicated strategies, but there are hacks or short cuts you can use when you play these games.

The hardest strategies to use for gambling options in this category are for video poker games and blackjack. These also happen to be the 2 options in the strategy category that you can get the best odds and lowest house edge with.

But even though the strategies are more complicated, you can make using strategy simpler by using a strategy card or a strategy chart.

The best gambling options in the strategy category are:

Other gambling options in this category that aren’t as good as the others include:

  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Some table games found in casinos

3 – The Holy Grail of Gambling Category

I’m going to warn you before you get too far into this category about a few important things. This is the category where every gambler should strive to play. But there’s nothing easy about this category.

On the plus side, if you work hard at it, you can move into this category. While the overall percentage isn’t high, there are plenty of gamblers who spend all of their time in this category.

In the Holy Grail Gambling Category You Can Actually Win More Than You Lose

In order to do this you have to use a combination of choosing the right gambling options, using specific strategies in these options, and use advantage gambling methods.

This isn’t an easy combination, but it is something that you can learn how to do. It takes some gamblers years to learn everything they need to know to participate in this category. And as I mentioned earlier, many gamblers never learn enough to play in this category.

You can find a few ways to gamble in this category outside of the places I recommend starting, but almost every gambler in this category uses 1 of the following 4 gambling options.

  • Poker
  • Betting on sports
  • Betting on horses
  • Blackjack

A few gamblers are able to make a profit using more than 1 of these options, but they tend to have decades of experience. Your best shot at joining this category is to pick 1 of the 4 options and stick with it exclusively.

It’s not easy, but the easiest of the 4 is blackjack. The second easiest is probably poker, followed by the 2 other betting options. The safest option is poker. Casinos will throw you out if you beat blackjack and they catch you, and sportsbooks will try to limit your bets if they think you’re winning too much. You don’t face these problems when you’re a winning poker player.

In the end it doesn’t matter which option you go with, as long as you learn the skills you need to win. Be prepared to face a long uphill battle, and understand that you’re going to need to invest a lot of time into your skills. It’s been worth it to me, and I think it’s going to be worth it to you also.


You get to choose which gambling category you spend your time playing in. The very least you need to do is learn how to play in the second category. In the second category you’re playing with the lowest house edge you can get before advancing to the best category.

In the third category you know what you need to do to win and you’re finally playing with an edge. The third category is hard to reach, which is why most gamblers never get to it. You’ve got to be willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked before if you want to work in this category. It’s worth the work, so you need to get started today.

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