3 Reasons to Use Strategy Reviews in Esports

by Garrett Klein
on October 21, 2017

All too often in esports, we watch professional teams make the same errors and miscalculations in tournaments we have seen in the past. As wise bettors, we wonder why these so-called “experts” are not changing their tactics.

How do you know they are not? The goal may have been to change their tactics, but once again these teams relied upon their reactive nature. Reaction based gameplay is the style of just going into a match and winging it more or less.

There isn’t necessarily a plan aside from jumping on opportunities that present themselves.  Of course, experienced players will know when to capitalize on these situations…one would hope.

Personally, that is not a risk I would be willing to take in a professional setting where an insane amount of money is on the line. Even though people may be “experts” at a game, it is not enough to just react but adhere to a set plan.

The world of esports is changing quickly with higher quality competition than ever before. Reacting to your opponents is not enough. Just like businesses in the corporate world; professional teams must adapt to survive the rush of new talent. The best way to adapt is to use a viable strategy review.

If you are an esports bettor, it would be wise to keep an eye on which franchise organizations are utilizing strategy reviews as part of their tactics. These teams are addressing their shortcomings and finding ways to further their success.

Today we will discuss the possible benefits that applying strategy review to a team’s regimen can have on the overall performance of the team. You will learn why it can have a direct impact on not only esports teams but on the money you put down on them.

Strategy Review

The concept of a strategy review is nothing new to professionals in all fields of society. They are great ways to get people on the right track to glory. When esports teams need to adjust their game plan, it is important that they just don’t go in blind.

Whether they failed or succeeded in their previous matches will not negate the need to properly address a viable strategy review to determine what they did right or wrong. Doing so will either help bring them victory or maintain their status.

How exactly does a strategy review work when applying the concept to esports? Utilizing a viable review method can assist in not only team growth but also cohesion. Teams can evaluate not only themselves but their competition to decide the best way in which to move forward.

Address Weaknesses

Practicing is obviously an essential part of increasing your skills when it comes to anything in this world. However, the type of training that you are putting in may not be valuable regarding addressing the real issues facing the team.

Whether on a winning or losing team, no one is perfect, and there is always room for improvement.  Thinking otherwise most likely means defeat looms on the horizon. There are many methods teams can go about addressing their weaknesses from mere discussion to reviewing video of matches.


No one tactic is best in these situations because they are both useful methods in understanding team weaknesses that need to get addressed. Personally, I feel that a combination of tactics is the best way to figure out the weaknesses of a team.

Depending if a specific match or entire tournament is on the table will be situation based and if it was either a loss or a victory. The state of victory or defeat will determine where the conversation will initially go, but the tactics of the strategy review will remain the same.

They should start off the discussion with thoughts on how the team did and their personal opinions about the pluses and minuses that occurred. Everyone on the team should have the ability to talk about what they believe to be important.

Coaches and team captains taking the lead in these talks is not necessarily a bad thing. However, a strategy review should not seem like a lecture. These sessions are the time to learn about what each team member felt went right and wrong, not to throw blame at one another.

Follow that discussion up with video replays of a specific match or matches and then rinse and repeat the discussion method. The goal is to figure out what the team did right and wrong, then where there is room for improvement.

Understand Your Competition

When performing strategy reviews and adjusting a game plan, players should not just be evaluating their performance. It is invaluable to understand what tactics opponents are bringing to the table as well.

Within the esports world, there is a surprising amount of information available to those who decide to look for it. Info obtained from social media or the streaming that players are doing in their free time can be a huge look inside the team’s strategies.

That type of information is what we are looking for as bettors to determine the type of practice and strategies these players are doing. These professionals may be extremely talented but are unwittingly giving away tactics they may be working on in private.

Professionals are not always on top of the ball 24/7 and don’t forget many of these players when they are not practicing with their team are constantly streaming their gameplay on services like Twitch. They may let something very minor slip through their speech or during their solo gameplay.

However, fans and bettors are not the only ones viewing these players. Their competition should be keeping an eye on them as well because they may catch something that only an experts would understand.

Professionals just like esports bettors should be sure to perform adequate player research on their competition to understand them just as much as their fans do. It is important to remember never to underestimate your opponent.

Plan Your Battles

Aside all the benefits strategy review has in assisting in understanding the team and opponents the most useful aspect is to plan for the battles ahead. Victory is found before ever setting foot in the tournament venue.

Esports 2

In the fog of war, it is difficult to strategize a plan and to lay out some tactics beforehand is ideal.

That does not mean that reactive play is not a critical element to these epic wars. Think of football and the two teams calling out plays. Based on what one team calls, this will determine the course of action for the other team.

They are both reacting to what each other does and putting a well-planned strategy into play.

Whether that strategy ends up working is another discussion entirely. Esports professionals do the same thing regarding setting up tactics based on what their opponents do.

They may not directly have plays that they call out, but they have most likely predetermined the battle well in advance of the match itself. If something occurs in a game, the team leader will often direct the focus to a specific task. These duties they are assigned can be to go after a certain player or take over a tactical area to gain an advantage.

Teammates often know what their directive is when the leader calls out a specific command because they have practiced it. Every tactic and possible outcome to a situation should get predicted. Utilizing a proactive strategy does not mean players are not reacting to a situation when the time comes but rather waiting for the moment to put their strategy into effect.

For example, if a player from Squad A overextends themselves in the field of battle they may find themselves cut off from their team. The opposing team of Squad B can have a strategy to drop everything else they are doing and focus this overextended target.

They need to make certain to seize this opportunity and kill that player. Squad A will then be a player down leaving Squad B with an opportunity. Squad B had planned for that exact moment, and now they can access their playbook and call for offense and keep up the pressure, fall back to regroup or seize other opportunities in the game.

Squad A finds themselves in the exact situation where they must make a call on what they should do because certain parameters were met such as a player on their team getting killed. They will access their playbook and fall back to a predetermined strategy to regain their footing.

Planning to determine what may go down can mean the difference between a tactical retreat and utter failure. Never underestimate the importance that a team will find by planning out battles before stepping onto the field at all.

The Wrap Up

We now understand the importance that strategy review can play in a team’s success or failure. As bettors, we need to assess what may be going down behind the scenes as much as possible to determine where to place our bets.

Esports players that adjust their strategies and adapt accordingly are those whom we will want to place our bets on compared with teams who are rigid in their tactics. As the scene continues to develop and grow so must those professionals who compete within it.

Sun Tzu stated in “The Art of War.” “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Professional teams must not become complacent with their strategies whether they have been successful or failed. They must continually find ways to grow their team and tactics if they want to control the top of the esports mountain.

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