3 Texas Holdem Themed Slot Machines

by Michael Stevens
on February 21, 2017

When you hear Texas holdem the first thing most people think about is a group of players seated around a poker table playing poker.

But did you know that you can also play Texas holdem themed slot machines?

Here’s a review of the top slots games based on the popular poker version, Texas holdem.

1- Texas Holdem Fold Up

The new Texas holdem slot machine being offered by IGT is the Texas Holdem Fold up slot. It’s the company’s follow up to the Heads Up Holdem slot they released back in 2010. This slot plays 5 computers against the player to simulate a 6 person game of holdem at the table. The game starts by allowing the player to choose the denomination, which includes quarters, fifty cents, and dollars.

Texas Holdem Fold Up rakes 25 percent which is determined by the betting denominations the player choses when starting the game. For quarter players the 25% rake will cap at $2.25 on a $9.00 pot. For a fifty cent player the rake caps at $4.50 on an $18.00 pot, and for those who choose to play the dollar bet you’ll see a rake cap at $9.00 on a $36.00 pot.

Texas Holdem Fold Up is played limit style with a little change from the normal rules. Instead of blinds, which could give the upper hand in this game, the player antes two units before cards are dealt. The dealer button moves one spot clockwise at the conclusion of each hand. If a player decides to cash out the button will not move. In order to play a single hand a player must have at the minimum of 50 credits on the machine. If the player doesn’t have 50 credits they won’t be dealt into the hand until they‘ve added more credits.

This game, like many other slots does have a bonus bet option. This option allows the player to place a bonus bet before the hand is dealt. The Fold Up bonus bet only pays out the highest winning hand. For example, if a player flops a full house but makes quads on the turn, the bonus bet only wins 100 credits.  However there is a bug in the game that will reset the bet to five credits which is the default bet on the system. If a player wishes to change the bet they need to double check the machine and make sure it did not change it back.

The game starts with the action starting to the left of the button. Since this game doesn’t allow blinds there’s an option for the players to check. One unique thing about this machine is that even if no bet has been placed the fold button is still available for the players to use.

Along with this open folding option, players can check or bet even if a bot has not yet opened, called, or raised, when there is action pending. Before the flop each bet made is equal to two credits. One thing for players to watch out for with this game are the pre-flop limp and check rearises made by the bots. This seems to be a bug here as well that if the bots do this they usually have pocket aces or kings or at least one of each of those cards.

When the action starts after the flop the bots often get a little wild. It’s almost impossible to see where they’re going unless they give the tell during the pre-flop round. During the flop round a bet is equal to two credits just like before and during this round where you’ll generally see the fold button light up. Since it’s already available you may choose to use it now if you think your hand is not going to win.

The next round, commonly known as the turn round, isn’t as wild as the flop round. This is the round where you’ll start to see the bots fold. As the name implies, the bots in this game place their cards face up when they fold. This give the player a small advantage by allowing the player to see the cards and it may give them the push to follow the straight.

This can also lead to others folding when they see the match to their low pocket pair in the bots folded hand. The chance for the pot to reach its cap for the round during the turn is unlikely since in the turn the bet goes up from two credits to four.

Unlike the turn, the river round is completely unpredictable. This hand seems to have the bots making the most mistakes. During this hand they tend to make bets with very little in their hand so if you think that your hand is pretty decent try to stick it out during their crazy bets.

One thing about this game is that even if the player folds the game continues and you can see the bots very quickly raise the stakes. This seems to be a ploy to make the player feel like there was real action at these tables. In the end if the bots are the only players left it doesn’t matter who wins since they are being backed by an unlimited number of chips which gives the player a better view of why the loose action took place.

This game doesn’t seem to be one of the better slots to play while you’re in Vegas. Although for those who have a higher knowledge of the game they may see bigger payouts once they’ve played a few times to determine how the game runs.

It seems to be trying to draw in players who are inexperienced with the notion that the computers they’re playing against are bad players when they seem to be just trying to build up the pot for the rake. We wouldn’t put this game as one of the slots to search for while in Vegas unless you’re in the mood to try and beat a machine at its own game.

Though it looks like a Texas holdem game, in the en it’s simply a variation of a slot machine where you can’t win in the long run.

2- Texas Holdem Heads Up Poker

This game, like many others on the market, is manufactured and distributed by IGT. It has been available in casinos such as the Bellagio and Red Rock in Vegas since coming onto the market in 2010.

This game is pretty easy as it has buttons that are much like those found in video poker. The buttons for check, call, fold, and bet / raise are easy to use and leave little chance of placing an unintentional bet. This game also offers a bonus bet which allows you to make a bet on the value of the flop, turn, or river. Most people don’t see the benefit here and choose not to play this bet.

One thing a player needs to be aware of with the bonus bet feature is that it’s not something that can just be turned on or off. If the previous player has the bonus activated then it must be toggled all the way through to be inactivated by the next player unless they chose to participate in the game. If they have chosen to keep the bonus bet option available then they need to make sure that the amount they are wagering is set and is being deducted while playing.

This game offers limits of fifty cents to a dollar with blinds at a quarter to fifty cents, a dollar and two dollar limits with fifty cent to dollar blinds, and two dollar to four dollar limits with blinds being one and two dollars. As it is in normal heads up poker, the small blind is on the button, and begins the pre flop betting action, and the big blind acts first on all other betting rounds. When the game starts the computer gets the first button.

Pre flop play seems to be a little hyper with this game. The computer will almost always raise in the small blind even when it has week hands so the player should not get too discouraged as they may still have a good chance if they’re willing to take the risk.

On the other side the computer has also been known to fold during the pre-flop in the small blind if raised in the big blind but this doesn’t happen very often. The game does tend to fold more in the small blind than in the big bind when facing a raise regardless of if the pot odds are the same. This is because raising from the big blind closes out the round just like in a normal game.

The play by the computer doesn’t really change much when going into the flop round but does seem to settle a little. The machine has been known to raise here even with really bad hands so again a player must either know how to play or be very confident in the hand they’re holding to not let the computer outwit them. Even though the computer is more likely to fold here than in the pre flop phase it’s still not a very high chance as it seems that it’s set up to continue on even with a very bad hand.

The turn round is where the computer gets into the game and the game play tightens up. In this round it’s less likely for the computer to raise if it has a weak hand so this is when the player can really see where the game is going. If the computer doesn’t raise there’s a good chance that the cards it’s holding are not good. The player should also keep in mind that deciding to go all out here is not a good idea. Just like in a good heads up game a player could get sucked in at this point.

The river round sees more action from the computer that will usually call if it has an ace high or a king high. At times it has been known to even call with a not so great hand as well. Those players who immediately go into check and call mode in reaction to this strategy are probably not used to playing a lot of heads-up poker. They think by doing this it will trap the computer and this is just not the case in most instances.

Instead, a better way to play is to play hyper lag in the beginning rounds. In this game you have to play very loose to survive and don’t hold out to fold in the end rounds because this can you get you crushed with this slot.

This game, unlike most of the others, has the ability to adjust its expectations of what is still out there based on the composition of the board. This machine seems to play top pair / top kicker more slowly on a board with flushes and straights possible.

The machine also bluffs, check raises, and will do the occasional check raise bluff just like players will in a real life poker game. It also seems to be able to determine the likelihood of the players hand based on a range of the previous street action. Another nuance of the machine is that it seems more likely to go for a check raise if its opponent put in the last bet on the previous street.

3- Texas Holdem Video Slot

This new video poker slot machine adds to the experience by allowing the players to play with the best of the best of the poker world. Personalities such as Johnny Chan and Phil Hellmuth have lent their likeness to these games which draws many more people to play. Getting the chance to put your skills to the test against these two is the dream of many in the poker world.

This game is played much like a real game of holdem. Any two cards can win in this version of the game. Player’s place an ante bet and are also able to place a bonus jackpot bet before the first hand is dealt. Throughout the game if a bet is to be placed it must be done before the cards are seen in each round. So the ante must be placed before the first cards are dealt and bets during the flop, turn, or river rounds must be placed before the cards are displayed.

Once the ante bets and bonus bets are completed the first two cards are dealt face down which allows each player to get a peek of their cards. Once they’ve seen their cards they can now place their flop bet or fold if they so choose. Once all bets have been placed the three community cards are dealt face up into the middle of the screen. Once these cards have been dealt the players have the option to place a bet or to check and wait for the next card.

Once everyone has made their decisions the turn card is dealt on the screen face up. Just like the round before the players must now decide whether to place another bet, fold, or check. The community card is dealt face up.

The river card is the end of the card options. Each player’s best five card hand is highlighted by the machine. This ends the game and whoever has the best hand wins. This also determines who wins the jackpot bonus.

For those looking to play a game of holdem that is pretty straightforward and easy to play this is the game for you. This game not only is easy to navigate but gives you the sense of playing against legends in the game.

Although you do need to know the ins and outs of the game we would say that a beginner would feel very comfortable playing this game. The action doesn’t seem to be to over the top and is less likely to scare away those players who are less experienced.

But in the end it’s still a slot machine disguised as a Texas holdem game.


These games all seem to be relatively similar in most aspects. They all look and act like Texas holdem games, but at the end of the day they’re simply slot machines. This is similar to how slot machines in some areas are actually working like bingo games behind the scene because of the local laws.

We don’t recommend playing Texas holdem themed slot machines if you’re a poker player, because you can improve your game to a profitable level at the tables. The same can’t be said for playing one of these machines.

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