4 Crazy Prop Bets You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Prop bets are some of the most exciting plays for a sports bettor. There’s the total number of passing yards by a certain quarterback, over/under combined assists and rebounds for an NBA star, even the length of the national anthem during the Super Bowl.

While the ones I laid out above are common and receive a good deal of action, there are others that will have you saying, “Who even bets on this?” But they’re all interesting prop bets nonetheless.

Read through this list to learn about some of the wildest prop bets that have actually been offered at top online gambling sites.

1 – Alien Odds

Remember that brief moment in time during September 2019 when social media was on fire with talk of raiding Area 51? If not, allow me to elaborate.

Facebook has long been a breeding ground for wild conspiracies, but rarely were these internet sleuths able to organize and mobilize large groups of people. However, when more than 2 million people RSVP to attend an event called, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us,” there was serious cause for concern.

Area 51, for those who were clearly not in the Facebook group, is the highly-secure facility operated by the US government that has long been shrouded in mystery. For decades, stories of extraterrestrial experiments had emanated from the desert compound. It all came to a head with this “plan” for the public to finally break in and see what was happening.

Whether or not you thought there was a chance that alien enthusiasts from all over would storm the facility, you could make some money if you guessed right. The odds offered by an online sportsbook were released as follows.

  • Will Area 51 Be Raided? Yes or No

The first bet had to do with whether or not Area 51 would actually be raided (note that “raid” is somewhat subjective, and I don’t have an answer for how they made this determination). If you wanted to bet “Yes” that the raid would go down, the value was there as the line closed at +425.  If you wanted to bet that it was all talk and the raid was just another crazy conspiracy idea, you’d better be right. The closing odds were -600, making “No” the heavy favorite.

  • Will Security at Area 51 Be Breached? Yes or No

In addition to whether or not the raid would happen, you could bet on a more specific event—whether or not the security in place would be breached. With odds of +15,000 if you picked “Yes,” it might have been worth throwing a dollar or two. However, at -500,000 for those choosing “No,” it’s unlikely anyone would take the favorite.

  • How Many People Will Attend? O/U 49.5

Finally, the last bet offered had to do with the number of people who would attend the “raid.” The total number was set at 49.5, with the “over” coming in as the underdog at +375 while the “under” closed at a steep -500.

Ultimately, roughly 2,000 people showed up for what turned out to be more of a spontaneous festive gathering than a breach of government property. With that being said, if you took the “over” on the number of people who would attend the event, you would have walked away with a nice win.

There are also other ways to bet on Aliens, click here to find out how.

2 – Holy Bets

If you aren’t Catholic, it might be difficult to understand the process of how a new pope is selected. For the sake of understanding the article, suffice it to say that it’s like a much more condensed version of a US presidential election. Instead of the Electoral College making the final call, it’s the “College of Cardinals.”

Most bettors are somewhat familiar with the concept of betting on which presidential candidate will win the White House. Perhaps the Papal election receives the same action in Italy, but I wasn’t able to track that number down.

The tricky thing about this particular prop is that you never really know when the selection process is going to happen, because the sitting pope doesn’t have a set “term” to complete. With that being said, if you did want to take the risk and throw some skin in the game, you can certainly do so.

Currently, the sitting pope is in his 80s, and it’s anyone’s guess as to how long he’ll hold the top spot.

Right now, the favorite to replace him (whenever that will be) is Cardinal Peter Turkson from Ghana (+300), followed by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle from the Philippines (+400), then Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Canada (+600).

If you’re looking for a longshot underdog to make things interesting, not to worry, the oddsmakers have you covered. Legendary U2 rock star Bono has odds of +5000 to be the next leader of the church. All I have to say is, crazier things have happened.

3 – Truck-of-War

Most people nostalgically associate tug of war with fun days on the playground or summer camp with friends. If you’re unlucky, you might associate it with a corporate event that likely got overly-competitive out of nowhere. In either case, there probably weren’t odds placed on the outcome.

When real-life Tony Stark, Elon Musk, debuted the Cybertruck, everyone had an opinion on the futuristic vehicle. The marketing efforts were bombastic, borderline-arrogant.

And who could forget the broken glass incident that made headlines across the globe?

In an effort to gain further credibility with truck owners, a video was unveiled that showed the Cybertruck demolishing a Ford F-150 in a game of tug of war. Critics immediately pointed out that there was no reason to believe the video was a fair contest with no way to verify the results.

Unsurprisingly, Ford took issue with the performance and challenged Musk and the Cybertruck to a rematch – this time on even grounds.

Of course, online betting sites weren’t going to miss out on an opportunity to make a few bucks on the event. When the opening odds were released, there were probably some surprised looks throughout the truck-owner demographic. The Cybertruck opened as a 2 to 1 favorite at -200, while the F-150 was a slight underdog at +150.

To everyone’s disappointment, the showdown never ended up materializing, probably because neither company wanted to take the risk of being embarrassed by the other. Until it happens, everyone will just have to assume Ford probably pulls off the upset.

4 – Bezos Breakup

Amazon founder and former CEO Jeff Bezos has it all. He started a company that has literally transformed retail forever, provided innumerable jobs at all levels, and—in true “famous rich guy” fashion—got a divorce.

When you have a net worth that hovers around $200 billion based on the Amazon stock price, it’s not a stretch to say that he’s quite the prospect on the dating scene.

A good team of oddsmakers never passes up an opportunity to encourage a little action on the topic of the day. With that in mind, bettors who were interested in the subject could wager on who the next girlfriend would be for the richest man in modern history.


Now, it should be mentioned that they didn’t actually single out any names in particular. Perhaps that would be too invasive or simply too difficult to predict. Regardless, the opening (and closing) odds provided some intriguing value to gamblers.

Coming in as the favorite was another “CEO or Entrepreneur” at +150. The second-highest favorite was a “model” at +250. Down the line went: “writer” (+400), “athlete” (+700), “actress” (+800), “singer” (+1500), and the longshot was an “Amazon Employee” at +2000.

In the end, Bezos would end up getting together with a longtime friend, Lauren Sanchez. Ironically, this was the woman who exposed the affair they were having in the first place.

Don’t worry if you bet on one (or multiple) of the options provided by the sportsbooks. In the end, there was only one real winner, financially speaking. Bezos’ ex-wife walked away from the whole ordeal with tens of billions in her pocket. With that much disposable income, it makes you wonder which option she would have bet on given the opportunity.


If human history has shown us anything at all, it’s that where there’s demand, there’s supply. Nothing exemplifies this more than the sheer fact that these prop bets were actually offered to the public.

The next time you look over your preferred online sportsbook, see if you can capitalize on a unique prop bet that can help boost your bankroll while you struggle to be profitable through sports betting.

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