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Casino Le Lyon Vert

The French have one of the most beautiful and eloquent cultures in the world, and you can see it in everything they do, including the Casino Le Lyon Vert.

Though you probably think of wine and romance when French culture is mentioned, you probably don’t think about casinos. But believe it or not, the French have a love for gambling just like many other people in different regions across the globe.

France has some of the most amazing casinos in the world. Every day, whether it’s locals or tourists, people flock to the French casinos to get some action at the blackjack table, play a few rounds of baccarat, or watch the roulette wheel spin.

Out of the casinos that are considered the best in France, the one that I would like to take the time to showcase is the one and only Casino Le Lyon Vert.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make this French casino so amazing!

1 – Visit the Largest Casino in France

The Casino Le Lyon Vert is the largest casino in France. The casino is owned and operated by the Partouche Group. This is a very well-established company that got its start by recovering old casinos in the early 1970s and turning them into elegant resort casinos and hotels.

Since the early 1990s, the Partouche Group has grown abundantly while being able to increase their profits and reputation, gaining the recognition of building some of the nicest casinos in the world. You can rest assured that if you stay in the Casino Le Lyon Vert, you’re going to experience some of that famous French class and style and feel like you’re in the middle of the most elegant experience of your life.

The Le Lyon Vert casino showcases elegant art and decor that welcomes its guests into a unique and elegant experience. Le Lyon Vert has it all, integrating amazing food, amazing decor, and excellent casino gaming with quality entertainment.

The Lyon Vert casino features over 300 slot machines, including 106 slots, 120 video slots, and 124 video poker games. In addition to slot machines, Casino Le Lyon Vert provides the traditional casino favorites that everyone loves, such as real money blackjack, French Roulette, and poker. The poker room at Le Lyon Vert is open 20 hours a day.

With a view of the park, the Casino Le Lyon Vert’s gourmet restaurant is definitely a delight. A great casino can keep the action going all night but can also provide an opportunity for its guests to relax and immerse themselves in its elegant and beautiful atmosphere.

Café de la Rotonde at Le Lyon Vert is a very elegant restaurant that features a creative menu filled with the finest examples of Lyonnaise cuisine. France is home to some of the most amazing food in the world, so you can count on getting the experience of authentic French cuisine at Le Lyon Vert.

Another amazing aspect of Lyon Vert is their entertainment. All year-round, guests can enjoy a variety of shows and events, including dancing, music, comedy, and even wine tasting.

2 – The Casino Has an Incredible Spa

The Pavilion at Le Lyon Vert has 22 rooms that you can escape to when the casino is becoming too much to deal with, all of which harmoniously combine the style of the 1930s and that of contemporary decoration.

The suites have a private jacuzzi and hammam, as well as a lounge area for a level of comfort that can’t be competed with. The hotel even has an elegant park of several hectares, which you can see through the breakfast room.
Pavilion at Le Lyon Vert
If you want to take a walk through the park, you can reach walking trails and take some time to bask in nature. As a guest of the hotel and spa, you can relax in the massive spa which includes an aquatic area with a heated swimming pool and a jacuzzi, a heating area with a hammam that diffuses essential oils, and a sauna.

A team of professionals offers “tailor-made” massages, duo treatments, and face and body treatments in private cabins. There is also a fully equipped fitness room where you can get your workout on in France.

You can also get your nails done at the nail bar if a simple manicure is all you need to start feeling like yourself again and get yourself ready to make it back down the the casino and the slots.

3 – The Slot Machines of Le Lyon Vert

Today, slot machines have become veritable jewels of technology. In France, they weren’t authorized to be used in casinos until 1986. But at this point, they have been around for a very long time and can be found in large numbers in the Casino Le Lyon Vert.

The record of gains on a slot machine in France dates from March 2011, when a player had collected more than 9 million euros. So, keep in mind that just because there aren’t as many slot machines as you might find in Atlantic City or Macau, that doesn’t mean you still can’t win it big.

There are hundreds of different machines at Le Lyon Vert Casino. You can go around the game room and choose a machine whose design or animations strike your fancy.

There’s pretty much a machine to suit anyone’s needs at this casino. If you can’t find a slot machine to your liking out of hundreds of machines, the problem isn’t with the casino.

If you are a fan of animation, there are also many different themed machines featured at this French casino. Or if you are a poker player, you may prefer video poker machines.

In terms of winnings, the slot machines all promise an interesting jackpot, often mentioned at the top of the game. The biggest jackpots are usually always found on progressive slots, which is also the case at Le Lyon Vert.

No other casino game allows you to win as much as slots do, and slots are great for new players who don’t quite understand how it all works and find the tables intimidating.

4 – All the Popular Table Games Can Be Found at Casino Le Lyon Vert

Le Lyon Vert has all of your favorite casino table games. Texas Hold’em is the popular game to play at Le Lyon Vert.

Any novice can adapt to playing with players at the professional level with this game. The game features the ability to call “stack” at any time, creating an atmosphere at the Texas Hold’em table where adrenaline rushes can be permanent for players.

Besides the technical variety offered by the game, Texas Hold’em also brings an intense psychological and mental dimension to the table. The game requires self-control at all times, the ability to keep your cool in “hot” moments, and the ability to bluff without showing any emotions.
Casino Le Lyon Vert Tables
Blackjack is a very easy game to grasp and one that is popular among players at Le Lyon Vert Casino. The players have only one goal: to get as close as possible to the number 21. To play, you just need to be able to count to 21 and understand the card values, which makes it accessible to the greatest number of new casino table game players.

It is suitable for all types of players. Blackjack has a great strategic aspect that can keep players at the table into the early morning. Most of the time, players simply double their bet if they beat the dealer. But the game can be very exciting, especially when a player has the chance to double.

If your goal is to get yourself to the tables to play these popular games, then this is just the casino for you. Many of the dealers speak English, so you won’t have to worry about not knowing the language if you visit. And even if your dealer isn’t able to speak English, it will still be easy to play because the rules are the same as in the US.

Final Thoughts

Lyon France is a huge cultural center with a population of several million and has plenty to offer its residents.

If you’re looking for fun and excitement, then a trip to a casino is always an obvious choice. Whether you are a resident or not, booking a trip to Lyon, France, might just be the best option for your next casino adventure.

Brick and mortar casinos are certainly not in short supply in the region of Lyon, with 18 in the region.

Have you visited before? Let me know what you thought of the place!

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