5 Amazing Activities to Do During Your Family Vacation in Macau

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Macau Skyline

Macau is one of the largest gambling meccas in the whole world next to world-famous Las Vegas, Nevada. While Sin City home to much of what the Western world thinks of as the biggest casinos around, the fact of the matter is, Macau is actually much larger.

In 2020, Macau will have one of the largest, if not the largest economies in the world, which is kind of mind-blowing when you really think about it.

What makes Macau unique, especially when comparing it to other cities with booming economies, is that Macau is fueled solely by the entertainment industry. It’s known for having more millionaires and billionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world.

If you are planning a family trip to Macau, we hope that this post will inform you of a few options that will make your family vacation all the more fun and exciting.

Here are some of the best things to do while on your family vacation in Macau.

1 – Enjoying Qube

The Venetian Macau is a huge hotspot for tourists around the world. With its popularity comes experiences that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. One of the coolest things to do while at The Venetian Macau is going to what is known as the Qube.
Qube Venetian Macau
The Qube is an interactive kids’ play zone that includes climbing structures, computer games, pool tables, and so much more! Kids who are just learning to walk, all the way up until kids that are about to graduate from high school, will be able to thoroughly enjoy themselves at the Qube.

Heck, even adults can spend hours at this fun location and have just as much if not more fun than the kids are having! Most tourists love the Qube, and locals even come to the Venetian just to hang out at this popular tourist destination.

If locals are spending their time there, then you know it must be an awesome experience!

2 – Eating Egg Tarts

You can’t take a family trip to Macau unless you plan on indulging in their popular egg tarts.

There is a famous place inside of Macau known as Lord Straw’s. It is believed by most people that Lord Straw’s was the first place to ever pioneer the egg tarts that have become a huge staple of Macau.

When you hear tart, you probably think of dessert. The egg tarts at Lord Straw’s include dessert options, but one of their most popular egg tarts is actually a ham croissant sandwich.

There are plenty of Lord Straw’s locations in Macau. One of their most famous places is inside of The Venetian Macau. The original location is on Coloane Island.

If you walk into one of their locations, you will see tourists as well as locals buying boxes upon boxes of these famous Macau staple foods.

I can assure you that after biting into one, you will know immediately what all of the fuss and hype is about! The crust of an egg tart is compared to that of a sugar cookie, rather than the crust of a pastry.

So, imagine a pasty with a crust like sugar cookies but is filled with an egg-based custard in the center. Is your mouth watering yet?

3 – Visiting the Ruins of Saint Paul

This is one of the most famous landmarks in all of Macau and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Ruins of Saint Paul is a 16th century facade that was left over from a college cathedral that was destroyed in a typhoon and by fires prior to that.
Ruins of Saint Paul
Your family trip to Macau is definitely not complete without a photo op in front of this famous Macau landmark. Even if you don’t think of yourself as religious or spiritual, this is something you have just got to see.

The rear of the ruins is supported by steel, and there is a stairway for visitors to climb up, allowing them to peek through the windows. Admissions to the Ruins of Saint Paul are free, and below the ruins is the historic city center.

We recommend that you and your family get dropped off at the also-famous Senado Square and leisurely make your way up to Ruins of Saint Paul.

On your way there, you will get to enjoy many shops, snack opportunities, as well as indulge in a few goodies at some of Macau’s most famous bakeries.

4 – Going to the Beach

You can’t make a family trip to Macau without spending a day or two at the beach! Travel to the beautiful Coloane Island, and there, you’ll find the beautiful and glorious Hac Sea Beach.

Hac Sea Beach translates to “black sea beach” in English. That is pretty much what Hac Sea Beach is, with the exception of some imported yellow sand. The yellow sand helps in preventing erosion on the beach. Hac Sea Beach is hands down the best beach to visit while at Macau.

The beach is 4 km long and has enough space where you won’t have to deal with any large crowds. For the families that love to water ski, that is one of the several amenities offered at Hac Sea Beach.

Some of the other amenities include picnic areas, children’s play areas, tennis courts, and other rentals that are available for different water sports.

Hac Sea Beach is also home to the famous, family-friendly restaurant known as Fernando’s.

5 – Getting the Full Dreamworks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts

The last family-friendly destination for your vacation to Macau is at Dreamworks Experience at Cotai Strip Resorts. There are many options for family fun while at Dreamworks Experience.

Do you want to have breakfast with your favorite Dreamworks character? Or would you like to watch your favorite characters march in a parade? You can do all this and more at this world-famous attraction.

The coolest thing I read about on their official website is something called Shrekfast. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love the movie Shrek. How much fun does getting to eat breakfast with your favorite characters from the movie sound?

You can find Shrekfast at the Sheraton and Holiday Inn, two Cotai Strip Resorts that are great options for your family to stay at while in Macau.

Macau Economy Continues to Prosper

One of the main reasons that Macau has been so successful is that they cater not only to the average gambler but to everyone who gambles, which often includes parents and families. It’s a great place to take a vacation even if you’re not a gambler because there are so many things to do.

Macau was a Portuguese colony from the mid-16th century all the way up until 1999. It’s rich in culture and history. In 2020, colonial Portuguese influence is still present and provides a colorful environment with unique architecture and dining opportunities.

Several blog posts and articles can be written on just one of the many amazing restaurants that are available in Macau. Macau is famous for its wine, as well as the unique style of bakeries that are prevalent across the region. With Macau’s small size, it wouldn’t take long to see all of the fascinating wonders that are available for tourists and gambling lovers around the world.

Places like Las Vegas and Macau are becoming more and more popular, even for people who don’t really enjoy casinos or the dozens of games available to them. With more families planning trips to these destinations, more attractions are popping up that provide entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Many compare Macau to Las Vegas, and although both of them feature an assortment of resort casinos, the fact that makes a huge cultural difference between the two is that one is in the United States while the other is in China.

The huge cultural leap from the United States to China provides Macau with a very unique set of available experiences and entertainment opportunities.

Do you have some more amazing things for families to do while vacationing in Macau? Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments!

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