5 Misconceptions About esports

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What if I told you there was a way to make money off of a dirty little secret? Something people keep hidden away. We all know what I’m talking about.

That’s right.

Video games.

That’s where your mind was at, right?

Of course it was.

Once a hidden vice people were ashamed to tell their significant others about and parents restricted their children from, video games have had a meteoric rise. Surprisingly enough, they are now a part of the sports world, known as esports, which is just a cool term for electronic sports, or rather, competitive video game playing.

Be it one-on-one or team match ups, esports have come into the mainstream. The goal? The same as any other sport:

Defeat your opponent and claim victory.

Simple enough concept. But like all things that make such a quick ascent into the mainstream, there comes misconceptions along with it.

Misconception 1: esports Are Not Real Sports

How to define a sport is a highly controversial topic in this day and age.

esports are not only one-on-one competitions. They are team based as well.

There are games for all interests be it one-on-one, like boxing, or one team verse another like basketball.

esports, like all other sports, teach and develop important skills to help one succeed in life.

Attributes such as teamwork, leadership, trust, problem solving and sportsmanship are just a few that are developed through esports. These attributes are why people insist one should play sports to begin with.

The athletes who play esports put in the same time and dedication as other athletes in their craft, spending upwards of 10+ hours a day honing their strengths and addressing their weaknesses.

This is essential to their success as an athlete, especially when a split second or a moment’s hesitation can be the difference between a win and a loss.

Many of the most popular esports games are very much based around teams. What one individual does during a game can impact the rest of the team like any other sport.

Misconception 2: You Can Not Bbet On esports

Yes you can.

The concept of betting on esports is the same as any other sport.

You just need someone to take the bet, and there are more than enough people to do that.

Plenty of bookmakers in multiple countries, both in physical locations and online, are ready to accept these bets. esports are a booming enterprise, and many are getting in while they can.

Why so much popularity?


There is a multitude of options when it comes to esports betting, be it a particular win/loss, certain scores, team members alive, etc.

Betting on esports like all sports also adds a sense of personal attachment. You now have skin in the game which adds to the overall thrill of the spectacle.

Misconception 3: You Must Be Skilled At a Game to Make Bets On It


You can literally know nothing about a particular video game and make money off of it if you pick the right person or team.

It’s like picking a horse with the most amusing name.

Typically though, you should do your research on how a game is played, and have an understanding of what you intend to bet on.

Understanding the type of player or team you are placing your money on is important too.

This doesn’t mean you have to be proficient at the particular game though.

Not all of us can be world-class video game athletes—just like we all can’t be football players or basketball players.

But this doesn’t stop us from being able to ride on their coat tails and cash in on their success.

Misconception 4: esports Players Are Basement Dwelling Nerds

Esports PlayersIt has been a stigma for quite some time that those who play video games are dorks who must hide from the sunlight, less it burn them to ash.

Maybe this misconception was semi-true at one point back in the days of LAN parties and Magic the Gathering tournaments in the back of video game shops.

In 2017, this is hardly the case.

Many celebrities have up and touted their joy for video games. Rhonda Rousey, Vin Diesel and Mila Kunis have all discussed their world of Warcraft playing.

Professional esports players also maintain lifestyles that aren’t what one would consider a basement dweller, and find themselves playing other sports in conjunction with their esports career.

This is an important factor to understand in the betting scene because their other hobby could potentially impact their esports play.

For example, if they use a controller and their finger gets jammed while playing basketball, it could impact their ability to play at 100%, just like any other injur in sports.

Misconception 5: esports Are Hidden Away In Small Venues

On the contrary, esports events have filled up stadiums, and are even offered with pay-per-view type promotions.

Large conventions such as Blizzcon, hosted by Blizzard Entertainment, have esports tournaments that are the highlight of the event. These types of events sell tickets out instantly, and that’s just at the venue itself. They also have millions more streaming via pay per view.

Online streaming has changed the world of sports as we know it, and esports have had monumental growth because of it. These gaming events aren’t just limited to Blizzcon. There are hundreds of events every year that are filled with competitors and attendees.

Aside from the actual attendees, ranging upwards of 20,000 plus at some of these events, millions of others stream and view these events from home.  The popularity of some of these games only seems to be growing.

Even the Luxor in Las Vegas has constructed its own esports arena to jump in on the craze, which is expected to open in early 2018.

esports are here to stay, and the growth in this industry does not seem to have any limits. Whether you are into golf, racing, fighting or strategy, there is an esport for you.
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