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There are a lot of things you need to learn quickly as a new NFL gambler. That way, you can avoid losing too much money before you begin to make a profit. The good news is that, with the right information, you can learn how to make money by betting on NFL games.

Here are five questions designed to help you learn some important facts about gambling on NFL games. The more you learn before you start placing wagers, the better your chances are of making a profit over time.

Once you learn from each of these questions and answers, you’re ready to start working on evaluating NFL games and finding value so you can place wagers.

1 – Is the NFL the Best Place to Start?

I’m going to give you a short answer first, then I’ll expand on it a bit. The short answer is that the NFL is definitely not the best place to start. And yet, it’s the place that the majority of new sports gamblers start placing wagers.

This is because the NFL is the most popular sports league in the United States. The problem is, because the league is so popular, that means it’s harder to make a decent profit gambling on it.

The easiest places to start as a new sports gambler are college football and basketball. After college sports, baseball is the next best place to start.

But I assume that the reason why you’re here is because you want to place wagers on NFL games. You’re probably a fan, and you already know quite a bit about the teams in the league.

This is a decent place to start. But if you want to win more than you lose, you’re going to have to do more research than the average fan. You need to work harder than you’ve ever worked before, and learn more than you’ve ever learned before.

The good news is that anyone can do this. Anyone can access more game footage and statistical information about the NFL than any other sport. All of the information you need to win will be available to you. But you just have to learn how to use it to find value and make more winning wagers than losing ones.

2 – How Big Is Your Bankroll?

Bankroll is one of the biggest reasons why most NFL gamblers never really make any money. While it’s true that average gamblers lose around 5% on average on every sports wager they make, the truth is that even if you can win in the long run, you can’t win much money unless you have a big bankroll and use good bankroll management.

If you bet on 100 NFL games using the point spread, bet $220 to win $200 on each game, and win 60 out of the 100 games, here’s how much money you’re going to make…

And before I show you the numbers, you need to understand that if you can win 60 out of 100 games using the point spread, you’d be one of the most successful NFL gamblers in the world.

Let’s say your total amount wagered is $22,000. You get $420 back on each of the 60 games you win, and nothing on the 40 you lose. This is a total return of $25,200. This leaves a profit of $3,200.

This isn’t a bad profit, but how many weeks is it going to take you to find 100 games to bet on? You’re not going to be able to wager on too many games every week and win 60% of your bets. You have to find value before placing a wager, and there aren’t that many games that offer value.

In fact, it might take you all season to find 100 games that offer value. The only way to make more money is to bet more on each game. Using the same numbers as above, if you bet $2,200 per game, you win a profit of $32,000. This isn’t bad, but it’s still not as much as most people make working a regular job.

I didn’t include this information to discourage you, but you need to make sure you understand how your bankroll is going to limit how much you can make gambling on the NFL. And if you want to wager $2,000 on each game, you need a bankroll of around $100,000 to be safe.

3 – Where Should You Place Wagers?

This is fairly easy, but there are a few things you need to know. The best answer is that you should place wagers wherever it’s easy and where you feel safe placing them. If you have access to a local sportsbook, it’s fine to walk in and place wagers.

If you’re like most gamblers in the US, you probably don’t have easy access to a local sportsbook. This means that you either need to place wagers online or with some underground local bookie. Most people choose the online option because it’s the most convenient.

I have accounts at a few online sportsbooks that I trust, and you can find recommendations for NFL betting sites here. Make sure that you do your due diligence before placing bets with any online bookies. Legitimate sites will showcase the proper licensing and have good reviews.

All of the places I mentioned above are options for placing wagers, but they all share something that will cost you money, they all charge “vig” on wagers you place.

If you place wagers with people instead of sportsbooks, you can often put wagers down without paying vig. This can be tricky, and you have to determine if it’s legal where you live, but it’s an option you should at least consider.

4 – Are Some Positions More Important Than Others?

Every position is important when you’re evaluating NFL games, but some positions are more important than others. Just don’t make the mistake of only focusing on some positions. You need to evaluate every single one when you want to bet on NFL games, including kickers, punters, and special teams.

The QB Position Is the Most Important in the NFL

This is where you need to spend more time doing your research. The good news is that once you do a deep evaluation of each quarterback in the league, all you have to do is a quick adjustment every week based on recent performance and who the quarterback is facing this week.

Other important positions or areas, roughly in order of importance, are the offensive line, defensive line, skill position players, defensive backs, and linebackers.

I realize that this covers everyone on the field outside of special teams and kickers and punters. But you can’t afford to skip any area if you want to be able to find value. Spend as much time as you need on each game to make sure that you only place wagers that have a good chance of actually paying off.

5 – Is NFL Gambling Worth the Effort?

This might seem like strange advice to be included in an article about gambling on NFL games, but the truth is that it’s probably not worth the effort for most new gamblers. The betting lines are tighter on NFL games than in any other sport.

What I mean by tighter lines is that it’s more difficult to find value. The sportsbooks take more action on NFL games than any other sport, and they only have a limited number of games every week. This means that the sportsbooks dedicate a lot of time making sure they don’t publish lines that are going to cost them money.

You also learned in an earlier section that you need a big bankroll to make anything close to serious money, even when you start winning on a consistent basis. You can build your bankroll over time, but unless you’re able to bet $1,000 or more on every game you wager on, you’re not going to make any life-changing money.

If you’re still convinced that the NFL is the place where you want to focus your gambling, here’s a tip that might help you. Pick one division and specialize on the teams in the division. Read everything that the beat writers put out, and watch as many games with the teams in the division as possible.

This is the fastest way to find value in the NFL. You might not be able to place wagers every week, but you have a much better chance of winning the wagers that you do place.


In the United States, gambling on the NFL is almost as popular as the league itself. But just because you’re an NFL fan it doesn’t mean that you know enough to make winning wagers.

Use all of the information you have to decide if the NFL is the best place for you to place wagers, and if it is, start building your bankroll as quickly as possible. Learn how to handicap NFL contests, and don’t quit learning and improving until you know how to win.

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