Breaking Bad Season 6: 5 Reasons Why AMC’s Hit Show Needs to Come Back

by Kevin Roberts
on January 30, 2017

The lack of truly amazing shows on television right now is startling. The Walking Dead is on a break, True Detective fell apart, Westworld’s first season is over and everything that was ever good on Netflix has been binged into oblivion.

The solution? Let’s bring Walter White back from the dead.

Except, for real this time. Last year we got a Breaking Bad return hoax and it really grinded everyone’s gears in the worst possible way. That’s like missing your team’s championship game for a work obligation and then your buddy tells you your team won. As you jump around in pure, unbridled excitement, he laughs and says, “just kidding!”.

Yeah, it was that brutal.

But it doesn’t have to be. Breaking Bad has been gone for three years and arguably did sew things up and end about as perfectly as a show possibly can. But we can’t help it. We need more Breaking Bad. We need more Walter White.

Our wants and needs aren’t always appeased by TV show creators, but we can dream. And we’ve got plenty of ammo to support our wishes. Here’s our favorite reasons why Breaking Bad season 6 needs to be an actual thing:


It is truly crazy that we even have to put a spoiler disclaimer three years after Breaking Bad ended but yes, we’re going to touch on some things only watchers of the hit AMC show would know. So stop now and go back and watch the show, or just proceed with that odd mixture of joy and terror.

Comebacks Are In, Baby

They always have been. Hey, if people can start getting real about Dexter coming back after that atrocious series finale, then we can dream big about Breaking Bad, too. There is money to be made here, the cast and crew probably wouldn’t mind a reunion and if there is a story to tell, Breaking Bad could still make a lot of good sense.

The key would first be in delivering a story that both makes sense and doesn’t stink or diminish/contradict the source material. There are certainly loose ends, though, whether it be characters that aren’t dead or situations that are a bit unresolved.

It starts with a story, is fed by interest and from there, Breaking Bad season 6 could totally be a real thing. That’s the first reason. We’ve got four more.

Walter White Isn’t Dead

This could be the biggest driving point. Walter White may have died from his gunshot wound and even if he didn’t, he probably was picked up by police or later died of cancer. But we don’t see any of that.

In a TV world where Jon Snow doesn’t stay dead and we get tricked with angles, wording and dream sequences galore, the brilliant minds behind Breaking Bad could absolutely think of a good reason as to why the guy we left for dead is totally still alive.

Perhaps the biggest reason to believe Walter White isn’t dead is because we didn’t see him die. He didn’t go in a body bag, he wasn’t put in a morgue and I personally don’t recall a funeral. Beyond not seeing Walter White die, we also need to look back and respect this character’s resilience.

If there is any reason left for Walter White to suck it up and trudge on in life, Vince Gilligan and co. can figure it out and make this thing (and Walter White) have a pulse again.

Neither is Jesse Pinkman

Regardless of Walter White’s fate, we know for sure Jesse Pinkman isn’t dead. Aaron Paul moved on to do Hulu’s The Path and some truly terrible feature films, but it’s highly arguable his elite acting talent is going to waste.

Jesse Pinkman evolved before our very eyes and he’s a different man now, but most importantly, he’s not dead. Perhaps after driving off and leaving Mr. White behind he has second thoughts and decides to save his old teacher.

Maybe White comes back from the dead and remains around long enough to fulfill some other need and he returns to Pinkman’s life to either haunt him yet again or beg him for his help one last time.

Or maybe, just maybe, Breaking Bad season six can be more about Pinkman and his downfall into darkness. Yes, this show could live on without Walter White and in a sense would create a whole new genre of TV shows that kill themselves off, only to return exactly the same and center around an entirely new character.

No, we’ve surely seen that before, but any amount of credible arguing will hopefully get this article into Vince Gilligan’s laptop and cause him to put his finger to his mouth and say, “you know, he’s got a point”.

Never Say Never

Bryan Cranston himself wouldn’t write Walter White off, as he has always been open about his love for the character and admitted in an interview in 2015 that he “doesn’t know” if Mr. White is a goner.

Cranston suggested anything is possible in reference to Walter White’s ultimate demise and when questioned about there never being a project with Walter White ever again, the actor said, “Never say never”.

That could just be Cranston having a fun time with the interview, or maybe he personally is still completely open to continuing the show. It doesn’t sound at all that creator Vince Gilligan wants to, but as Cranston suggested, never say never.

What About All of That Money?

As long as there is a paper trail to clean up, any story can live on. In addition to a litany of Breaking Bad characters still (possibly) being alive, the show also could have legs because Walter White’s insane amount of cash is still up for grabs.

Precisely what the storyline is and what characters are included would be open for debate, but only a portion of Mr. White’s meth-earnings are accounted for. The rest is sitting around being wasted around a bunch of dead bodies.

Sure, we could end this story assuming Walter White finally got his, his family is taken care of and the tortured Pinkman gets away and somehow manages a peaceful life. But what fun is that?

Instead, we hope Vince Gilligan has a change of heart and AMC has serious Breaking Bad withdrawals to the point they offer him too much money to refuse. There are still living, breathing characters here and there could be an even juicier story if the brilliant Breaking Bad minds just put their heads together.

Hey, we can hope, right?

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