5 Reasons Why Playing Blackjack Online Might Be for You

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Playing Blackjack Online

For many gamblers out there, blackjack is going to be the game of choice. And there are plenty of great reasons for this. it’s a fast-paced game, it’s been around a long time and has a lot of research behind how to get good at it, and it’s everywhere. There’s not a casino around that doesn’t offer blackjack.

With that being said, online blackjack is also popular, but there are some drawbacks. One of the most significant disadvantages is that counting cards is almost impossible when you’re playing some forms of blackjack online, making it difficult—if not impossible—to make money playing blackjack online.

Still, playing blackjack online might be perfect for you in many circumstances.

1 – You Can Improve Your Blackjack Skills

I think this is far and away the biggest reason why someone might want to play real money blackjack online—it’s a great way to practice your in-person blackjack skills, especially for beginners. But it’s also great for old hands who have gotten a little rusty.

One of the biggest problems with blackjack is that, while it’s one of the few card games in a casino where you can make money (if you have a solid strategy and know how to count cards), you really need to have your strategy memorized and be on top of your card counting game.

In a real casino, you’re surrounded by a lot of distractions. You have people smoking and drinking and laughing. In fact, you might be drinking yourself. There are other people at the table to consider. The dealer is moving fast because people expect to move quickly at a casino. All in all, there’s just a lot going on.


If your skills aren’t where you want them to be, and you know that you need to practice if you’re going to be able to walk into a casino, put down some cold hard cash, and walk out with some money in your pocket, then you need to practice.

Practicing at home is only viable if you have a friend who doesn’t mind acting as the dealer for a while, which would probably be pretty dull unless you’re literally part of some gambling syndicate.

A better way to practice is by playing online. Now, it’s true that, because of the fact some forms of blackjack online use a random number generator to produce each card that’s drawn, you won’t be able to actually make any money.

But if you don’t have your betting tables and strategy memorized and practiced into an exact science, then this is a perfect way to dust off your skills before stepping into an actual casino.

You can also play many forms of blackjack online for free so that you can work on your skills.

Some online casinos offer blackjack and other games with a live dealer so that you actually can win money, though the games are played slower than it would be in person.

2 – The Nearest Casino Is Too Far Away

If you spend a little time searching online, you’ll find that some of the professional blackjack players will heavily recommend against playing blackjack online.

The reason for this is simple. If your goal is to make money playing blackjack professionally, you probably need to be in a casino.

But that’s just not possible for everyone.

Maybe you live in a state where gambling is illegal, or table games are illegal, or you live in a part of your state that doesn’t have any casinos nearby. For example, while some major cities in Texas have casinos in close proximity, most others are many hours away.

If you love playing blackjack, there’s no shame in playing online. Remember that it’s not the case that you only have to play against a computer. There are many live dealer options available as well.

And if you’re looking for the experience of playing blackjack and aren’t looking to make a ton of money or play it professionally, then playing blackjack online might be perfect for you.

3 – You Want to Play at Your Own Pace

Blackjack is a great game and can be a lot of fun, but one of the reasons that so many professional gamblers prefer to play blackjack over games like real money poker is the pace.

When you’re playing blackjack in a casino, especially if you’re at a table with multiple people, the pace can be swift.

When you add to the fact that many professional blackjack players will play multiple hands simultaneously, you’ve got a lot of thinking and decision-making happening at once, and that might not be for you.

Look, I get it. Many people are just playing blackjack for the money, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If that works for you, go for it.

But if you just want to have a good time and play some blackjack without worrying about how much money is in your pocket at the end of the night, you might want to play online.

Playing Blackjack

For many people, the experience of playing in a casino is what they’re looking to do. They want fast-paced games. They want to play multiple hands quickly, and you know what? That’s totally fine.

But it’s not for everyone.

If you’re someone who wants to spend their time gambling at a leisurely pace, wants to be able to get up and go to the fridge while thinking about how you should play a hand, then gambling online is perfect for you.

For this reason, I recommend playing blackjack online instead of at a brick and mortar casino for those who are trying to practice their blackjack skills without the pressure of other players. Sure, learning to play fast is excellent, but that comes after you’ve memorized your betting tables and polished your betting strategy.

To do all of that, you need to play slowly, and even just having a person next to you in a casino can be enough to keep you from being able to practice the way you need to.

4 – You Get Nervous Playing With Multiple People

I don’t know about you, but I can get pretty nervous gambling in a casino. And I don’t know if it’s the atmosphere, the fact that other people have expectations about how fast the game should go, or the fact that I just don’t play as well when people are watching. But playing in person can be nerve-wracking.

I think one of the biggest problems is that I feel a lot of pressure when it’s my turn and people are watching me. I feel like I’m going to make a mistake that’s obvious and maybe everyone is going to laugh at me, or I feel like someone will get upset at how long I’m taking.

Also, I don’t like being watched in general. It’s probably all in my head, but I feel like other people at the table are judging me.

Playing in a casino alone is preferrable, while playing blackjack surrounded by too many other people is something I don’t always have the energy to put up with. If you can relate, then you might want to consider playing blackjack online.

5 – You Want the Blackjack Experience Without the Casino Experience

Casinos aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. I can sometimes handle all the stimulation, but it depends on the casino, the time of day, and my mood.

Some casinos nowadays enforce a non-smoking environment, which is great because that used to be one of the parts of the experience that I couldn’t handle. But it’s also much more than that.

There’s just a lot going on, from the drinks to the loud people to the fast pace, it can get overwhelming.

Add to that the fact that there’s so much that goes into getting to the casino in the first place. It can become an ordeal to get dressed, plan on whether or not to drink, drive there, figure out a way to get back home, or arrange for a ride in case you’ve had too much to drink.

And if you’re in a group, not everyone might want to leave when you want to leave, so you have to deal with the social aspect and the pressure of other people’s needs.

It’s not for everyone, which means that playing blackjack online might be a better option for some.


Blackjack is an excellent game with a ton of potential if your goal is to make money gambling, but you almost always need to be playing in an in-person casino to make that work.

For most people, playing blackjack online is great if you want to enjoy the game in the comfort of your own home.

Do you like playing blackjack online? Let me know what you love about it in the comments.

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