5 Reasons Why You Should Bet on Table Tennis Right Now

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Although many of the world’s most popular sports have come to a standstill, there are fringe sports that have taken center stage to the surprise of fans and sports bettors around the world. One such sport is table tennis also commonly referred to as ping pong.

It might shock you that table tennis has been leading the charge with online betting sites, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, when you take a closer look at it, table tennis can actually be a fun sport to watch, follow and wager on.

If you are on considering betting on table tennis, but aren’t convinced as of yet, then check out the following reasons why you should wager on ping pong today.

Ping Pong Popularity

Forrest Gump is definitely loving the surging popularity of ping pong right now. And, so are those who enjoy a good game of table tennis whether it’s recreationally or in a league. Additionally, sportsbooks are also enjoying how popular table tennis has become with bettors.

William Hill’s sportsbook director Nick Bogdanovich commented on how popular table tennis has become as it has easily surpassed all other sports and entertainment bets:

“Table tennis is the No. 1 draw by a country mile. There’s 90 matches a day, so it adds up. We’re doing in-play (betting) on it. People have adopted it. They’re handicapping these guys now. They’re into it, for sure. They bet it pretty darn good.”

With more sports betting websites adding table tennis tournaments and matches to their listed options, it gives bettors more opportunities to wager on and possibly win some money.

Fun to Watch

You might be surprised, but table tennis is actually fun to watch. Yes, I know it involves people just hitting a ball back and forth, but the execution, speed of the ball, and trick shots are incredible. Plus, it’s something we can all try, but never get to that level.

Most of us can’t drive a race card 200 mph or do three backflips and a perfect dive off the 10 meter platform. Yet, the majority of us can pick up a ping pong paddle and hit a ball. So, it’s something we can relate to better than ice hockey, horse racing, or sumo wrestling.

That basic understanding is also what makes table tennis fun to watch. DraftKings CEO Jason Robins echoed those thoughts and also believes that the popularity of table tennis can continue even when the rest of the major sports leagues come back:

 “Ping-Pong is fun to watch. A silver lining here is that people are getting a chance to try new things that maybe they hadn’t before, and that some of them will like them and continue to play those games once other sports come back.”

Before you dismiss this idea as a non-factor for betting on table tennis, just think about how many times you wagered on something you didn’t enjoy watching or a sport you didn’t like. For most bettors, they typically wager on sports and events they think are fun to watch.

Give table tennis a chance and you might find it enjoyable to watch and worthy of a wager or two.

You Can Win Real Money Betting on Table Tennis

The main reason we all wager on sports is to win money. Table tennis is no different. In fact, it might be even more of a lucrative venture right now due to how untapped the market it.

Handicappers and oddsmakers might have hard time identifying proper odds and lines due to the uniqueness and newness of this sports betting niche. That means there’s plenty of opportunities to find betting value and win some money.

In fact, a William Hill bettor in Nevada placed a $50 wager on a 10-team ping pong parlay and ended up winning $9,676.20. So, before you write off betting on table tennis as a non-money making venture, reread that payout.

William Hill also reported that it takes a total handle of over six figures each day on table tennis. My ping pong friends, there’s money to be won.

Plenty of Betting Options

When it comes to betting on a particular sport, it’s important that online betting sites have plenty of betting options available. Nobody wants to be limited to just one or two options because it can limit your potential for winning.

Fortunately, table tennis has up to 90 matches a day. That’s 90 different high stakes ping pong matchups to choose from. Furthermore, that also allows bettors to research potential favorites and really do their own sports handicapping.

Plenty of options also allows for finding the best value on matchups that you like. And, if you shop for the best lines across multiple sports betting websites then you might just be able to find some great payouts.

Different Types of Table Tennis Wagers

Last, but not least, table tennis betting sites are now offering a wide range of wagers. Just like with other sports, bettors can actually choose from popular types of wagers that we’ve grown accustomed to.

Individual matches provide moneylines on each player, which means we can choose which ping pong professional that we think will win the match. These matches also offer Totals or Over/Unders on how many combined points will be scored for the entire match.

Some US sports betting sites will even offer handicaps on how many points or sets a player might win by. These handicaps are similar to spreads in other sports like football and basketball.

There are also table tennis future bets as you can bet on popular tournaments throughout the world. This means you can wager on particular players to win the entire tournament before and after the tournament begins.

As we saw in the parlay example above, bettors can also place parlay wagers and win big. Parlays are when you bet on more than one betting line. To win your bet, you have to win every wager in the parlay.

The example above was a 10 team parlay meaning the person had to win all 10 individual matches to win the entire parlay bet, which they did.

Lastly, ping pong betting sites have also begun to offer live betting. For those unfamiliar with this type of wager, it’s basically where you can place bets during the actual match.

So, if you see one player appears to be picking up the pace, you can place a wager on that player to win the match based on the available odds. Keep in mind, live betting means that the odds are always shifting so you will have to keep an eye on these fluid betting lines.

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