5 Tips to Help Your Bankroll Survive the Casino

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It’s hard to survive financially in any casino, including those you visit online and those you travel to in person. But there are some things that you can do to help you keep your bankroll afloat.

This article includes five secrets about online casino gambling that can help you and your bankroll survive. It’s still going to be a challenge, but at least you have a better chance of survival with this guide.

Your online casino success depends on what games you choose to play, but the game isn’t the only danger to your bankroll. Keep reading to find out more about saving money at the casino.

1 – Speed Kills Your Bankroll

The number one thing that kills your bankroll when you gamble in online casinos isn’t the game that you play. While choosing the right game is important, this is secondary in comparison to how fast you play. Speed is the number one thing that kills your online gambling bankroll.

When you play in a land-based or live casino, the speed of most games is controlled by the dealer and how fast the other players make decisions. When you gamble at an online casino, you are in control of how fast every game plays.

Video poker games and slot machines play at about the same speed in both live casinos and online casinos. But all of the table games and other gaming options can be played at a much higher rate of speed online than in a land-based or live casino.

Even the fastest table games have less than 100 hands or rolls or spins per hour in a live casino. But you can play 500 or more hands or rolls or spins playing these same games online.

The amount of money you lose playing any casino game is directly related to how much you put at risk. If you’re betting $25 per hand and play 100 hands, you’re risking $2,500. But if you suddenly start playing 500 hands every hour instead of 100, you’re risking $12,500 every hour.

Online casinos do offer a way to offset this a little. You can make smaller wagers at most online casinos than you’re allowed to make in land-based or live casinos. But the speed you play still directly influences how much you lose.

The best solution for this problem is to play slower when you play in an online casino. You don’t have to play faster. Most online casino gamblers are addicted to the action, so they play as fast as the game allows them to play. You don’t have to fall for this trap when you play in online casinos.

2 – Navigating Bonuses

The list of bonus types is long, and when you consider all of the possible variations in the terms or individual bonuses, there are an almost unlimited number of bonus combinations. But online casino players need to become experts when it comes to understanding bonuses.

Common bonus types include deposit bonuses that are cashable, sticky bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses. If you learn how these types of bonuses work, you’re going to be in pretty good shape.

The first thing you need to do when you see any online casino bonus offer is read all of the terms. I know this is a long and painful process, but it’s the only way that you’re going to learn what you need to learn.

Pay particular attention to the restricted games listed in the terms. If you’re a slots player, this isn’t usually an issue. But if you play video poker or blackjack, you need to make sure the bonus can be used.

You also need to watch out for the bonus clearing requirements. How much do you have to risk clearing the bonus?

Most online casino players think that cashable deposit bonuses are the best and they can be, but other bonus types have benefits, too. The important thing is to understand exactly how each bonus works.

3 – They’re Not All Equal

You have plenty of choices when it comes to looking for an online casino. And it’s important to know that all of your choices aren’t equal.

You need to consider many different things when you’re looking for an online casino. The first thing on many gamblers’ list is how safe it is to play. Most online casinos are safe, but it never hurts to do a little bit of research to see how well the casinos treat players and handle disputes.

The next thing to look at is the mix of games the casinos offer. Does the casino offer the games you want to play? And if so, are they the best versions of the games?

If you’re a video poker player, do they have machines with the pay tables you want? If you play blackjack, do they offer tables with the rules you like?

What are the deposit and withdrawal methods that the casino offers, and how long does a withdrawal take? You also need to be aware that the laws regarding online casinos are different in different parts of the world and even different in certain parts of the country. An online casino that’s available in some places might not be available where you live.

The best way to avoid issues is to thoroughly investigate every online casino you’re considering before you start playing. You have plenty of choices, so you can afford to be picky and wait until you find the perfect online casino situation.

4 – Moving Money

Once I find an online casino that meets my safety requirements, the next important thing I look at is how hard it is to move money into and out of the casino. This was easier in the earlier days of online casinos, but a tangled web of international and local laws have made moving money more complicated.

The most common way to make a deposit is using a credit card. But when you do this, you often have to find a different way to get money back out. The recent rise of alternative payment methods like Bitcoin have made it easier to move money for some people, but Bitcoin and other alternative currencies come with their own set of challenges.

I can’t tell you the best way to move money because I don’t know your situation. But I do know that you need to make sure that you have the ability to move money in and out of an online casino easily and quickly or you shouldn’t play there at all.

Most online casinos make it as easy as they can to take your money. But I’m more interested in how hard it is to get my money back out. If an online casino doesn’t have a good answer for how to get my money out, I would find a different place to gamble.

Here’s a method that I’ve used that’s fairly safe: I set up a bank account that is only used for gambling, and I play at online casinos that offer direct bank wires or transfers both for deposits and withdrawals.

5 – Advantage Play Is Almost Impossible

This section is only going to relate to a small percentage of gamblers, but it’s important, so I had to include it.

If you’re an advantage gambler using methods like card counting, then online casinos aren’t your friend. It’s almost impossible to use advantage gambling techniques at online casinos.

You can find a few bonuses that can be exploited for an advantage, but these are few and far between. If you’re a winning poker player, there are online opportunities as well.

Winning sports gamblers have a hard time placing wagers online because the sportsbooks either ban them when the books figure out that the gambler is winning or the books reduce the amount the winning gamblers can bet.

I’m not saying that advantage play doesn’t exist online. But it’s different than the methods that most advantage gamblers use in land-based casinos. If you want to be an advantage gambler, it’s easier to stick with live or land-based casinos.


The number one bankroll killer in real money online casinos doesn’t have much to do with what games you play. How fast you play is what kills your bankroll. Online casinos also offer the best way to build your bankroll. Use online casino bonuses to start gambling with a bigger bankroll.

And always remember that all online casinos aren’t the same. They offer a different mix of games, and some casinos offer better odds on their games than others.

Learn the ins and outs of moving your money in and out of online casinos so you can stay safe and avoid long waits. Finally, you can pretty much forget about advantage gambling when you play in online casinos.

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