5 The Walking Dead Characters That Should Have Their Own Show

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The Walking Dead is without a doubt one of the top shows on television right now. It’s been so successful that it’s produced a spin-off (Fear the Walking Dead) and doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. With the much-anticipated return of the second half of season 7, the chatter around the series is at an all-time high.

The Walking Dead’s amazing success and ability to constantly keep fans wanting more had us wonder if more spin-off The Walking Dead shows could be just around the corner. And even if that’s not the case, we thought it probably should be.

One great way to prolong TWD could be to do one or more spin-off shows with current characters. Instead of killing them off, various characters could perhaps end up getting lost, abducted, banished or simply leave on their own. This way, the show could still sprinkle in impactful moments for the current show, while still finding a way to preserve star power for future projects.

The Walking Dead spin-off ideas are probably endless, as they can range from prequels to stories that take place during (off to the side) The Walking Dead’s timeline, or well beyond it. Whatever the case, we have a few key TWD characters in mind we’d like to see prolonged in their own series:


Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs)

Carl Grimes for The Walking Dead

Most fans of The Walking Dead aren’t huge fans of Carl as a character. Part of that is because they don’t want to relate to a young teenager growing up in a cruel world, while some don’t like the job Chandler Riggs does as an actor.

Riggs isn’t all bad, though, and actually plays the character he’s supposed to quite well. You’re probably not initially supposed to be enamored with Carl, as he’s an innocent-turned-punk kid in a lot of respects. The constant evolution of his character is fun to watch, however, and in season 7 we’re introduced to a whole new layer of who he is now that he’s run into Negan and The Saviors.

Carl is kind of badass already at this point and he’s only going to mature from this point. Depending what happens for the duration of The Walking Dead, it could be interesting to see Carl live on in his own TWD series. Riggs would be an even more polished actor at that point and a story that really began with his father – Rick Grimes – would carry into Carl’s adult life.

Carl is still quite young and there is a ton of story to be told, assuming he isn’t killed off before The Walking Dead ultimately ends.

Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride)

Carol Peletier for The Walking Dead

Carol is a very interesting character, as he’s kind of gone full circle in her character evolution. She started out very weak and submissive, but turned into a cool and collected aggressor. Morphing into that person made her a bit of a badass, but it also ended up chipping away at her interior throughout the series.

In season 7 we see a Carol that is finished with killing and either wants to live in peace by herself, or possibly not live at all. That line of thinking could easily spell the end for Carol in coming episodes or seasons, but if she survives the show, it could be interesting to follow her journey years down the road.

Better yet, we’ve already seen Carol both be banished and leave her group on her own before, so it stands to reason she could do that again. If so, she could exit TWD as we know it and enter her own series, ready to tell her own story.

Morgan Jones (Lennie James)

Morgan Jones for The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead fans often balk at the idea of more Morgan storylines, but he’s actually a very complex character with a lot of story to tell. He is one of the few survivors that cherishes life and prefers to not fight or kill, but it seems he’s slowly turning back to that world view, as it’s seemingly feeling more necessary with each passing moment.

Morgan, much like Carol, is coming full circle. He’s lost his wife and child and for a while seemed to lose his mind in a sea of violence. He rediscovered his inner peace and tries his best to live life the right way. Whether he stays that way is anyone’s guess, but there could be a lot of story with him if he ever decides to leave The Kingdom and his fellow survivors for good.

There are many different facets to a Morgan series, as he could leave with Carol or he could journey out on his own like he had been for much of the original show. In addition, there is a lot of blank space for Morgan’s past that really isn’t accounted for. It’d be difficult to go back to the days with his child, but that’s not something that is impossible (they could just cast a different actor as his kid) and the bulk of his prequel story would really come following his child’s death.

Needless to say, Morgan is an interesting character when you look at the show from a moral perspective. Whether he and Carol were on a show together or it was just him, it’d be worth tuning in for.

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus)

Daryl Dixon for The Walking Dead

Daryl has to be near the top of the list for The Walking Dead stars that deserve their own series. He’s a unique piece to the puzzle, as no die hard fan wants to see him killed off or taken off the show for any reason, but he wasn’t even from the original comics, so he doesn’t have a cemented place.

Daryl will likely be on The Walking Dead until the series is over – or close to it – but Norman Reedus is so layered with this otherwise simple character that a Daryl tv show could absolutely survive on its own. Daryl has so many talents and is such a strong personality that he could easily lead or latch on with another group, or we could simply follow him on his journey as he tries to survive on his own.

The way Daryl exits would have to be pretty special, as he’s currently on the run from The Saviors and The Walking Dead is rapidly approaching the highly anticipated All Out War. Provided Daryl doesn’t die in the process, he could depart from the group after helping them “win” or be exiled by Negan or another antagonist later in the show. Whatever the case, if the TWD showrunners ever want a new series with one of their top characters leading the way, Daryl Dixon will be one of the first choices.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

Negen for The Walking Dead

Number one right now is probably Negan, for so many reasons. For one, Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a devilishly good menace and as awful as Negan is, he’s disturbingly delightful. There is too much wit, savagery and humor here to drop Negan anytime soon, but The Walking Dead has dispatched quality villains in the past and it only makes sense they would do the same here.

But why waste such an amazing character when the performance is so spot on, especially when Negan isn’t even dead in the comics? That’s right, if the big, bad man with the bat is still alive in The Walking Dead universe, he remains front and center as one of the more likely TWD characters to get their own show.

Negan is still a very new character for The Walking Dead TV show fans and at the current rate, we might be closing in on him only hanging around in a key role for one full season. It seems like the anticipation for his arrival was built up to such a ridiculous level, that to get rid of him at any point in season 7 would feel too rash.

Perhaps he won’t be gone that quickly, or maybe the show will throw us a huge curveball and kill him off, even though in the comic book world, he’s still alive and kicking. Anything can happen, but all we know is there is plenty of reason to want and hope for Negan to get his own television series.

You could argue for other The Walking Dead characters to get their own show, but these five probably make the most sense. Rick Grimes is easily the most interesting character, but he’s the sole focus of this show for the majority of its run time, so that wouldn’t be different enough.

There are other characters like Maggie, Sasha, Michonne, Father Gabriel and maybe even Rosita or Eugene or Aaron that could also be fun to watch in their own shows, but operate more as supporting characters. The only way they would really work is if a few of them banded together and started a new story with their own community somehow.

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