6 Bad Ideas That Cost Sports Gamblers Cash

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Bad Sports Betting Ideas

To be a winning sports gambler, you have to keep a clear mind so you can make unbiased decisions. If you’re not careful, a series of bad ideas can cost you money.

In this article, you’re going to learn about six bad ideas that cost sports gamblers cash every day. If you don’t know about them, then you haven’t been able to watch out for them. But with this information, you can now save yourself quite a bit of money.

Check out some of the worst ideas that have cost sports gambler their bankroll.

1 – Treating Sports Gambling Like a Hobby

This is the absolute worst idea that you can have as a sports gambler. And this is exactly how most sports gamblers operate. They treat their sports gambling like a hobby. And this is the main reason why they lose.

Here’s what I mean when I say “treating sports gambling like a hobby.” Instead of studying games or players and using proper handicapping techniques, they just pick teams at random, or worse, bet on their favorite teams.

If you want to win as a sports gambler, you have to get serious. I know it sounds simple, but it’s necessary, and not everyone does it properly. If you want to make a profit, you have to stop treating it like a hobby and start treating it like a business.

Here’s how to start making the transition:

  • Stop betting on teams that you like.
  • Start spending a minimum of 30 minutes evaluating teams before deciding on which team to bet on in a game.
  • Keep working on your evaluation skills. Learn what works and what doesn’t. That’s it!

2 – Ignoring Online and Mobile Sportsbooks

I’m like a lot of sports gamblers in that I started betting on sports using local bookies and finding other individuals who wanted to bet on the same games as I did. I eventually made some bets in land-based sportsbooks, and it took me a long time to get comfortable placing wagers at real money online sportsbooks.

For me, it wasn’t even a matter of not trusting the sportsbooks. It was just a level of comfort that I wanted to keep doing what I always did. But when I started looking at the lines that I could potentially get with online sportsbooks and compared them to what I could get locally, I had to start placing some wagers on the good ol’ web.

Sports Betting

The fact is that getting a line that’s 1 point better can lead to a lot of profit over the course of a year or season. Any time you can turn a loss into a push, a loss into a win, or even a push into a win, you’re adding profit to your bottom line. And this is the main reason why you can’t afford to ignore online and mobile sportsbooks.

3 – Placing Wagers Before You’re Skilled

I touched on this a little bit in the first section, but you need to understand this if you want to avoid large losses. There’s a simple way to build your sports gambling evaluation skills.

When I teach beginning gamblers how to build their evaluation and handicapping skills, I tell them to not place a real money wager until they bet on paper for at least six months. This makes most of them avoid my advice because they have the itch and can’t stop themselves from making real money wagers.

But the people who learn how to win as a sports gambler have enough discipline to work on their skills without wasting money.

When I say “bet on paper,” I mean that you do everything that you’d do when you make real money wagers, including looking for the best lines, but just write down those bets on paper. And you can write down all of the details for each bet to track your results.

Start with an imaginary bankroll and track your results just like you were betting online with real money. As you start getting better results, you can start thinking about making real money wagers. But until you can show profit on paper, you shouldn’t be betting anything for real money.

4 – Ignoring the Vig

The way that sportsbooks make money is called “vig.” It’s the little extra fee you pay to place a wager. Most vigs are 10% of what you can win.

If there wasn’t any vig, you could easily break even betting on sports. All you need to do to break even when there’s no vig is pick teams at random.

This tells you two things. The first thing is that you can’t forget about the vig. Every bet you make needs to factor in the vig. The second thing it tells you is that if you can place some of your wagers with people where you don’t have to pay vig, you can make more profits.

You also need to know what your win percentage needs to be to break even based on the vig. You can run the numbers, but the minimum win percentage you should shoot for on your spread wagers is 53%. This isn’t going to make a lot of profit at 10% vig, but it is going to be profitable.

You can also find deals on vig run by online and mobile sportsbooks from time to time. I’ve seen no vig specials and reduced vig specials available.

5 – Letting Your Emotions Get In the Way

Winning as a sports gambler requires clear thinking and analytical abilities. Neither of these things leaves any room for emotions.

This doesn’t mean you can’t watch games that you place bets on and root for the team you want to win. What it means is that you can’t have rely on your emotions when you’re evaluating teams and games.

Sports Betting

Some successful sports gamblers use systems that are 100% based on numbers and statistics. I use systems that rely heavily on statistics, but I also make adjustments based on what I see in games. And I never bet on teams that I root for because my biases can lead to mistakes.

If you can build a winning model based 100% on statistics, that’s fine. But most winning sports gamblers I know use a mixed system like I do. One thing that they all have in common is the ability to evaluate games without any emotion.

Using the paper betting method I recommend is a good way to see if you can make betting decisions without emotions and learning how to manage your emotions in the world of betting. It might be as simple as not wagering on games that involve certain teams.

6 – Buying a Sports Gambling System

I know that everyone wants a shortcut to sports gambling profits. But the truth is that a shortcut doesn’t exist.

If a realistic shortcut to sports gambling success did exist, it wouldn’t last. As it became popular and widely used, the sportsbooks would adjust to it.

The sales information for sports gambling systems all claim that they return huge profits. But these are misleading at best and straight-out lies at worst. The simple fact is that you can’t believe the claims for gambling systems of any kind being advertised.

The only way to get a winning sports gambling system that works in the long run is to develop your own and keep it a secret. You have to keep a winning system a secret because you don’t want too many people using it.

You’ve learned everything that you need to know in this article. It takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of work, but it’s going to save you a lot of money. It saves you the money you’d spend on a system that doesn’t work, and it saves you money on losses that you’re going to have from using a system that doesn’t work.


The worst idea sports gamblers have is treating it like a hobby. Treating your sports gambling like a hobby is a sure way to lose money. In fact, this is how you win half your wagers in the long run, and lose money because of the vig.

You can’t afford to ignore online sportsbooks. You have to find the best lines on every wager you make, and sometimes, these are in online sportsbooks.

The vig is what stands between most gamblers and making money, so you can’t ignore it. You also can’t let your emotions have anything to do with the teams you place wagers on.

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