6 Promises You Need to Make to Yourself When Online Casino Gambling

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Casino Promises to Make

You can read a lot about using goals to accomplish what you want in life, but I’ve found that making promises and keeping them might work even better than goals. If your goal is to get better results when you gamble in online casinos, consider trying the promise method instead.

This article includes 6 areas where you can make a promise to yourself, and if you keep each of these promises you’re going to receive better results when you gamble in online casinos.

It’s still going to be hard to win in the long run, but this isn’t a good excuse to avoid trying for better results.

1 – Research for Safety First

The first thing I always recommend when you get ready to start gambling in online casinos is to make sure you research where you want to play first. Because you’re dealing with moving money around online, you need to make sure that your financial information and money is safe.

I rarely find an online casino that isn’t trustworthy, but there are always a few that try to cut corners or outright steal. With just a little bit of work and research you can avoid these rogue online casinos.

The best way to find safe online casinos is to read what other players have to say. Another way to find good ones is to read about them on sites that you trust.

Don’t disqualify an online casino just because 1 or 2 people don’t like it. But if you find page after page of complaints, you should probably find another place to play.

The good news is that there are plenty of good online casino options. You don’t have to play anywhere that you’re not comfortable with.

2 – Concentrate on the Best Opportunities

Some online casinos only have 15 or 20 game options, but some of them have 100’s of games that you can play. With all of the game options that you have, it can be difficult to find the games that give you the best opportunity to win.

The best way to tackle this is to learn which casino games give you the best overall chance to win. Then see which online casinos offer these games. And then learn how to plat these games in a way that gives you the best chance to win.

As a general rule, slot machine games, lottery style games like keno and scratch offs, and most table games don’t give you much chance to win. On the other hand, most blackjack games, some video poker machines, and baccarat games tend to give you better odds.

Poker Cards

The key is learning which rules provide the best returns for each of these games and learning the best strategy for the game you decide to play.

You can find plenty of blackjack games with decent rules in online casinos and plenty of video poker machines that have nice pay tables. It’s up to you to find the best ones when you’re looking for an online casino.

3 – Control Your Speed of Play

While casino games have certain things that you can’t control, there are many things that you do control. And many of the things that you control have direct influence on your results.

The 2 main things you control other than choosing which games you play are how much you bet and how fast you play. These are both important because each of them can make you risk more if you don’t make smart decisions.

This is important because the amount of money you lose is directly related to how much money you risk. In other words, if you want to lose less you need to risk less.

Making smaller bets is an obvious way to risk less money. But don’t forget about how easy it is to play online casino games fast. Online games can be played at a much faster rate than you play in land based casinos.

Never forget that you get to choose how fast you gamble when you’re playing in a real money online casino. You can play 100’s of spins or hands every hour or you can play 10 spins or hands every hour. You should always choose to play slower rather than faster when you gamble in online casinos.

4 – Master the Game of Blackjack

I used to play all kinds of different game sin online casinos, but now I only play 2 games. I play a few variations of video poker and I play blackjack. The reason why I play these games is because they give me the best chance of winning.

If you prefer to play video poker over blackjack then by all means learn the best pay tables and strategies and play them in online casinos. But I recommend learning how to master blackjack to most new online casino players.

You can find many blackjack tables in online casinos that have rules that make the return to player 99.5% or better. And it’s easy to learn how to use the right strategies at these tables to keep the return as high as you can.

The other benefit of mastering online casino blackjack is that you can use small bet limits. I play for $1 a hand most places that I play online. This lowers the total amount that I risk playing blackjack and lowers the amount that I lose over time.

5 – Learn How to Judge Bonus Offers

If you’re playing in online casinos you need to learn as much as you can about bonuses. Many different types of online casino bonus offers exist, and each type of offer can have a wide range of terms and conditions attached to it.

You need to understand exactly how every bonus offer works before you make a decision about whether to get the offer or not. The worst time to find out about the terms of a casino bonus offer is after you already get the bonus.


The key terms that you need to learn about are what you have to do in order to meet the clearance requirement of the bonus so you can cash out and if the bonus is cashable or not.

I don’t use many bonus offers that aren’t cashable, but they are useful for a few things. You have to decide if you’re willing to use them or not.

As far as the terms for clearing a bonus offer, in general the lower the amount you have to risk the better.

6 – Don’t Get Stuck in the Casino Mindset

I know that this list of promises is designed to help improve your results in online casinos, but if you’re willing to consider other online gambling opportunities you might get even better results than you
can get in online casinos.

You can find all kinds of things to gamble on online. Most people think of online casinos first, but sometimes the best opportunity for profits are in online poker rooms or online sportsbooks. This is why I always recommend keeping your eyes and mind open for better opportunities.

Online casinos are filled with games that have a guaranteed edge for the casinos, which create the casino profits. Online poker rooms and sportsbooks also have built in profits, but they make money in a different way.

This is why some people are able to win in online poker rooms and sportsbooks. Now, it’s not easy to win in either of these places, so you’re going to have to do a lot of work and learn a great deal about strategy. But I’d rather have a small chance of figuring out how to win than no chance at all.

See if you can learn how to pick winning sporting events or learn how to play poker at a winning pace. If you can learn how to do either of these things you’re better off doing them online than playing in an online casino.


The most important promise you can make and follow through with is making sure that your information and money is safe when you gamble in an online casino. Fortunately, most of today’s online casinos are safe, but you still need to do your due diligence.

Online casinos offer many different opportunities, so it often pays to keep your eyes open and research all of the games offered. You also need to look for the best promotions and bonuses when you gamble in online casinos.

Mastering the game of blackjack is usually your best bet in online casinos, but if you’re willing to look beyond casinos, you might be able to do better playing online poker or betting in online sportsbooks.

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