6 Terrible Things About Craps

I have mixed feelings about the casino game craps. On 1 hand, it’s fun to play and has a great bet option. On the other hand, there are better overall games in the casino and there are some players at the craps table that can ruin the fun.

Online gambling can make some casino games better, but craps isn’t 1 of these games. For most gamblers, online craps is nothing like live craps.

Overall craps is a decent casino game option, but to me the negatives outweigh the positives. Here’s a list of 6 terrible things about craps.

1 – The Best Bet Is Restricted

Craps has a bet called the odds, which offers the lowest edge or highest return in most casinos. In fact, over the long term, your bets on the odds will pay back 100% of what you bet.

The odds bet shouldn’t be confused with the odds of winning. Usually when you read about odds in gambling, it’s about your chance of winning. For example, if the odds are 50/50, you have a 50% or even chance of winning.

The odds bet at the craps table is a unique bet you can make when you make a bet on the come out roll and a point gets set. And your long term odds as far as the house edge are 50/50 or even, depending on how you look at it.

Here’s the problem with the craps odds bet. You’re not allowed to place an odds bet until after you place a come out bet. You can bet on don’t pass or pass, but you’re not allowed to bet on the odds unless you place 1 of these bets first.

The best strategy is using don’t pass and always betting the odds when a point is set.

2 – Pass Line or the Right Way

Every craps game starts with a roll called a come out roll. You have 2 options on come out rolls. You can bet on either don’t pass or pass.

The best option from a mathematical standpoint is betting on don’t pass. But most craps gamblers bet on pass. And some of these gamblers that always bet on pass seem to think that if you don’t bet the same way that you’re betting against them.

The first time I saw this it surprised me. But I learned that many players feel this way. Of course I quickly realized that this was their problem, as I’m going to bet any way that I like and it’s none of their business.

The right way to gamble is the way that gives you the best chance to win. But even if you decide the way you want to gamble is a way that doesn’t give you the best chance to win, you still can bet however you like.

If you want to gamble at the craps table the best way, or the right way in my opinion, you need to bet on don’t pass. A pass line bet loses more money in the long run than don’t pass, and you can use the odds after either bet.

3 – Table Minimums Are Too High

If you use the odds bet option and bet as much as possible when you place it, you’re doing everything in your power to play craps with a low house edge. But the casino still has an edge in this situation.

In any gambling game where the casino has an edge, which is basically all of the games, it means that the casino makes a small percentage of every dollar that you bet.

What this means in real world terms is that the more money you bet, the more money you’re going to lose. This is the main reason why I always recommend betting the smallest amount possible.

But you have to bet at least the table minimum when you play craps. This is often $10 or $20 in casinos, so you end up betting more money than you should.

On the odds bet you want to bet as much as you can afford to bet because the casino doesn’t have an edge on this bet. But you can’t bet more than your bankroll can handle, because you’re still not going to be an overall craps winner.

4 – Few Bonus Opportunities and They’re All Bad

The best way to play real money craps with smaller bet limits is to play in online casinos or in mobile casinos. Many of these casinos allow you to play craps at only $1 a roll. And when you play in online casinos you can also get bonuses for many games.

However, everything about online and mobile casino gambling isn’t good. And there are many issues with playing craps online or in mobile casinos, which you’re going to learn about in this section and the next 2 sections.

The first issue with playing online or mobile craps is that not every casino offers a bonus for craps players. And the casinos that do offer bonuses to craps players don’t offer good craps bonuses.

Almost every craps bonus offer is built in a way that forces you to bet so much that you lose more to the small casino edge than the bonus is worth. In other words, the craps bonus actually makes you lose more money than it helps you win.

You should consider playing online and mobile craps games so you can make smaller bets, but you should usually pass on the bonus offers. You can look at the requirements to see if a bonus is good or bad, but it’s been a long time since I found a good craps bonus.

5 – Craps Doesn’t Translate Well to Online Play

It’s a lot of fun to play craps in a land based casino. In fact, if you haven’t tries it, I recommend putting it on your list of things to do. The excitement and energy around a busy craps table is hard to find anywhere else.

Even if you’re not a big fan of craps you can have fun playing. But craps is 1 of the few casino games that I’ve played that simply doesn’t translate well to online play. The game is basically the same, with all of the same bets and same odds, but after playing craps live, the game just seems dull and boring online.

The upside to playing craps online is you can play with smaller bets. The last time I played online craps I was able to bet $1 on every roll.

I quickly got bored and started looking for something else to play. If you’ve never played live craps, you probably won’t get bored when you play online. But if you’re a veteran craps player that enjoys the energy of a love craps table, you might end up being disappointed in the online game.

6 – Mobile Craps Is Even Worse Than Online Craps

You just learned why I don’t care for online craps, and the only thing worse than online craps is mobile craps. I don’t enjoy gambling on my phone because I like to be able to see everything without squinting and moving things around, so you might have a better experience than me if you play mobile craps. But I’m never going to play craps in a mobile casino again.

Just like when you play online craps, the odds and rules are the same when you play mobile craps. You’re going to lose the same amount in the long run no matter where you play as long as you bet the same amounts.

Like online craps, the bet sizes are usually smaller when you play mobile craps. But you don’t get any of the feel that you get playing live craps and you have to deal with a small screen. Basically all there’s room for is a way to place the bet or bets you want to place and then for the results of the dice. I simply don’t care for it, but feel free to try mobile craps to see if you enjoy it more than I do.


Craps tables actually offer the best bet available in most casinos in the odds. The problem is that you can’t use this bet unless you make a different bet first, which isn’t 1 of the best bets in the casino.

The second best bet at the craps table is frowned on by many craps players, and if you use it you might here a few complaints. Of course, this shouldn’t stop you, but you do need to be aware of the possibility.

Most casino games are about the same when you play online or on a mobile device, but craps doesn’t hold up well.

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens has been researching and writing topics involving the gambling industry for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on all things casino and sports betting. Michael has been writing for GamblingSites.org since early 2016.

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