6 The Walking Dead Characters That Will Die in Season 7

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The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead was as haunting as it was highly anticipated. If you haven’t seen it yet, just know that it’s quite the start to Negan’s presence on the show, and it’s not good for our favorite survivors.

It taught us something, though: this show truly is not concerned with disappointing or enraging its fans.


This is probably the last time we issue a spoiler disclaimer. If you’re reading The Walking Dead articles, it’s because you’re a fan and probably follow the show. Naturally, you’re probably up to date on the current season and given our snazzy title, you’re interested in gossip in regards to who else may die next.

Obviously Glenn and Abraham won’t grace this list. They’re already dead.


There, if you didn’t know that already, consider yourself spoiled.

More spoilers could be on their way, especially if we’re right. But the way this show is going, we think we have a pretty good idea as to what to expect for some of our beloved The Walking Dead characters.

With that, let’s break down the main TWD characters we think have a decent chance of being killed off this season:

Carol – Melissa McBride


The end is near for Carol. We can feel it.

The Walking Dead does a marvelous job at telling stories and developing character, and when a story is over, they have an uncanny ability at realizing it and closing the loop.

Carol started off as weak and fragile. She turned into a natural killer and key protector for our favorite group and eventually we learned that all of that killing had hardened her so much that she reached a breaking point.

She doesn’t want to kill anymore and it seems she barely wants to live. The last time we saw her it did feel like she was nursing her mental state back to 100%, but perhaps that’s the biggest tease of all.

The reality is Carol’s character has come full circle. She’s physically and mentally prepared and save for helping redeem Rick and the rest of the crew, her exact purposes is lost in the confusion of his new world we get with The Kingdom and The Saviors.

She can live and there could be more story to tell with her, but there has been a weird suicide story arc that has been rumored for a while and Carol’s state for the past several episodes definitely brings that notion into the forefront.

Father Gabriel – Seth Gilliam


Oh, remember that full circle idea? Well, it big time applies to Father Gabriel, who was such a coward when walkers first started coming around that he full-blown left his parish to die.

Father Gabriel took forever to redeem himself and for the longest time seemed to be at odds with Rick and the group, but eventually he found a way to restore his own faith, as well as the group’s trust. In the season 6 finale, Father Gabriel is more of a fighter and protector and seems to have completely changed for the better in this new world.

Now that Father Gabriel is a stronger character, there are two things to do with him: end his cycle or give him a bigger role. With two new worlds entering our TWD universe this season, we need to make room for other people. Glenn and Abraham were two massive casualties to get the ball rolling and someone like Father Gabe would be painless to see go, by comparison.

Rosita – Christian Serratos


There is no denying Rosita’s beauty or the fact that she’s badass, but her main loyalty was to Abraham, who is now deceased. She seems pretty shaken by the recent deaths – as is the entire group – and she’s naturally a candidate to either drown in a sea of sadness and despair or do something foolish in retaliation.

Rosita is strong and an asset as a fighter to the group, but that ultimately could work against her. The fact that she comes off as a dispensable character is probably what will do her in this season, of course, as many felt she was a strong candidate to be killed off by Negan initially, but few thought she would have been “shocking” enough of a death.

Now that her death moment would be less hyped, it actually could allow it to be a lot more meaningful.

The reality is, in a world where Negan says jump and you ask, “how high?”, there are bound to be some deaths just around the corner. Rosita is a defiant, strong personality. Odds are she barks back against The Saviors at some point and it doesn’t end well.

Eugene – Josh McDermitt


There is more “full circle” work to consider here, as Eugene was a spineless liar when we first got to know him, but since he’s actually saved lived, developed a recipe for making bullets, turned into a bit of a fighter and at the end of season 6 looked ready to give his own life for the sake of the group.

It didn’t go down that way as we found out, but perhaps there is still time in season 7 for Eugene to sacrifice himself for the betterment of our favorite survivors.

There is no doubt Eugene could still be a very useful asset to the group (and to the show), as he’s intelligent, is improving as a fighter and from an entertainment perspective brings clever wit to the table. That being said, he’s now a popular character that wouldn’t be too difficult to kill off.

Eugene is well known and fun to watch, but he’s at a crossroads on The Walking Dead. Does the show let him develop into a key player, or is he ultimately another casualty at the end of Negan’s bat?

Aaron – Ross Marquand

Aaron is the first character here that is both really starting to grow on us and also may have a ton of story left to tell. Some even think that he may be the spy for Negan (IS there a spy?).

Spy or not, Aaron is the reason our favorite group ever landed in Alexandria in the first place, he’s a huge asset and he has a developing friendship with Maggie.

Perhaps the show allows him to be built up into an even stronger asset and lets that bond with Maggie get even tighter before ripping our hearts out later in season 7. It would make sense, as Aaron already would have been a quality death via Lucille in the season opener and over time his death would only become more powerful for the show.

That, or Aaron is revealed as a traitor in some way and his death ends up actually being revered.

Spencer – Austin Nichols


My goodness has this guy been asking for it. He stayed back at Alexandria and as one of the few remaining natural inhabitants, I get the feeling he’s not going to take too kindly to Negan coming in and taking things as he pleases.

As you may recall, Spencer has exhibited strength as a fighter, but he’s also been very risky, if not flat out stupid more than once. He’s a little too bold for his britches, too, and I think that ends up getting him into trouble he simply won’t be able to get out of.

It wouldn’t have made sense to kill him off just yet, but it feels like TWD creators are building his role up as if it’s just to get us used to him before taking him out behind the barn. We could be wrong, but we doubt it.

Characters That Should Be Safe

  • Rick Grimes
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Carl Grimes
  • Morgan
  • Negan
  • Maggie
  • Michonne
  • Sasha


The biggest thing these people have going for them right now is the fact that they all have story to tell. Rick Grimes has been on a roller coaster of emotions and self discovery for this entire series and it’s undoubted that he’ll eventually snap out of his Negan-induced funk and fight back.

With that to come, Carl will probably be one of the few that mans up while we wait for Rick to come back to use, while Maggie, Morgan, Michonne and Sasha have really come into their own as rock solid characters that can both fight and also offer the voice of reason.

I just think there lies ahead a beautiful moment where Sasha and Maggie gets some sweet revenge for their lover’s being beaten to death.

Daryl is going to be put through the ringer and his death will be teased endlessly, but the fact that he has to live with being the reason why Glenn got killed is going to haunt him forever. His battle with Dwight and friendship with Rick also gives him tons of story, so he should at least make it out of season 7.

Then there is Negan, who can’t possibly be gone yet. Not only is he still alive and kicking in the comics, but he literally just got here and even The Governor lasted more than one season.

TWD show runners have been teasing for a while now that Negan’s hold isn’t one that will be relinquished easily, so there is a big fight coming down the road and it probably doesn’t get here for quite some time. Needless to say, Negan will be alive and quite possibly still ruling our group by the time season 8 rolls around.

Ultimately, no one knows for sure who dies and who doesn’t. However, we nailed the Glenn and Abraham deaths this summer and never strayed from that logic.

Going into the rest of season 7, we envision some big deaths coming – provided you qualify the ones we touched on as being big. We think they are, and they should lay the foundation for a really entertaining season.

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