6 Ways You Should Think About Slots Games

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Have you ever spent time thinking about how slot machines work and why you should or shouldn’t play them? Most gamblers never stop to think about slot machines beyond playing and hoping they get lucky and win.

If you want to have the best chance to beat slot machines you need to start thinking about them more. You need to think about finding the best slot machines and playing them the right way.

Here are 6 ways you need to think about slot machines. You’re still not going to win unless you get lucky, but you’re going to be able to play longer.

1 – All Slot Machines Are Bad

Before you learn what you need to think about before you start playing slot machines you need to understand the most important thing. Your only chance of winning when you play slot machines is to get lucky.

I’ve been gambling for close to 4 decades and have studied just about every form of gambling there is. I’ve also tried every system that I could find, learned every strategy that’s available, and read 100’s of books about gambling.

You can beat some casino games, but slot machines aren’t a game you can beat using skill or strategy or a system. If that’s why you’re reading this article, you’re going to be disappointed. And if you read something that claims something different, you’re being misled.

Now that you know the facts, you can learn about some of the things that you can do that help you when you play slot machines.

When you do everything that you can to improve your slot machine playing experience it also increases your odds of getting lucky. And possibly just as importantly, you’re also going to learn how to play slot machines with a bigger bankroll and how to make your bankroll last as long as possible.

2 – Some Slot Machines Are Worse Than Others

Slot machines all have a return percentage programmed into the computer that runs the game. The reason why return percentage is important is because it is directly responsible for how much you win or lose when you play on the slot machine.

A slot machine that offers a higher return takes less of your money than a slot machine that offers a lower return percentage. This means that the best slot machines to play are the ones that offer the highest return percentages.

The main problem with this is that it’s extremely hard to find what the return percentage is for slot machines. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look for them.

You’re not going to find slot machine return percentages on the machines. You have to look for listings online and in industry publications. This takes quite a bit of time, but it’s worth it if you can find a few slot machine games with a high return.

The difference between a slot machine that offers a 96% return and 1 that offers 91% is $5 of every $100 that you bet. And it only takes a short time to bet $100 on a slot machine, so this quickly adds up to a lot of money.

3 – Progressive Slot Machines Are the Best

In the first section I told you that the only way to win when you play slot machines is to get lucky. If this is the case, you should play slot machines that give you the most money when you do get lucky.

This is where progressive slot machines come in. Progressive slot machines usually have the highest jackpot amounts.

However, there are some slot machines that offer high dollar jackpots that aren’t progressive. You can play on these slot machines if the top jackpot is high enough. But I usually just play on the progressive slot machines that have high jackpots.

How high is high enough to play?

The answer depends on what you think is a lot of money. I like to have a shot at winning at least $500,000, and $1 million or more is better. But you might feel that $100,000 or $250,000 is big enough.

I know that winning a top jackpot is probably a once in a lifetime experience, so when I get lucky and win 1 I want it to be as big as possible.

4 – You Play Slot Machines Too Fast

Most gamblers never think about how they lose money when they play slots. They simply keep betting until the run out of money. They never relate how fast they play slot machines to how fast they run out of money.

When you control the number of spins every hour, like when you play slot machines or video poker games, you control how fast you burn through your bankroll.

For Example:

This is simple math. If it takes you 2,000 spins to lose $150, if you take 2,000 spins in 4 hours you lose $150 in 4 hours. But if it takes you 10 hours to take 2,000 spins, you lose $150 in 10 hours.

Unless you have an unlimited bankroll for playing slot machines, the best way to play longer is to play fewer spins when you play. And the way to do this is to slow down.

You can still have fun playing slot machines when you take 200 or 300 spins in an hour. You don’t have to take 500 to 600 spins every hour.

The rate of speed you play at is up to you, but I recommend trying a slower pace of play the next time you’re at a slot machine.

5 – You’re Betting Too Much When You Play Slot Machines

The other thing that you need to think about when it comes to how fast you burn through your bankroll is how much you bet on each spin. When you bet a higher amount on each spin you lose money faster than when you bet a lower amount on each spin.

The basic math is that if you bet $2.50 a spin compared to .50 a spin, you can play 5 times more spins betting .50. This is why I always look for machines that have a low price per spin. It lets me play much longer than most slot machine players with the same size bankroll.

In the last section you saw how taking fewer spins allows you to play longer. When you also play on machines with a lower bet price it also allows you to play longer. Combine these 2 strategies and you can play much longer than you’re able to play now.

If you add 1 more strategy, which I cover in the next section, you can easily play slot machine 10 times or longer than you do now.

6 – Are Slot Machine Bonus Offers Useful?

If you’re not stuck on playing slot machines in live casinos you can play online or in mobile casinos and use bonus offers to help your bankroll.

You need to understand that slot machine bonus offers don’t really help you win. But what they do is let you play longer. And when you can play slots longer you have more chances to get lucky and win big.

Many Online and Mobile Slot Machine Bonuses Are Worth $500 or More

If you deposit $600 and get $600 or $1,200 extra in bonus money, you can play the same slot machine 2 to 3 times longer. In other words, you can take 2 to 3 times as many spins.

When I play online slot machines for real money I always get the biggest bonus offer I can find and play on the progressive slot machine that has a high jackpot and a low price per spin. Most progressive slot machines that have a high jackpot have a high price per spin. But you can find some machines that only cost .25, .50, or $1 per spin that have a good jackpot.

With a good slot machine bonus I can take 1,000’s of spins trying to hit a jackpot before I run out of money. And you can do this too.


The simple fact is that all slot machine games are bad, but some are worse than others. The problem is that it’s hard to determine which machines are the worst.

A simple strategy for slot machine play is to find progressive jackpot games. When you play progressive slot machines at least you can win big when you get a lucky spin.

When you play a progressive slot machine that has a small bet limit and slow down your play you have the best chance to play a long time. You can also use online slot machine bonuses to play longer.

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