7 Online Casino Pitfalls You Should Avoid

Online casinos are popping up all over. The demand is higher than it’s ever been for these virtual entertainment venues. In nearly every fundamental aspect, these online gambling hubs mimic their land-based counterparts exactly.

However, there are a few critical differences. Don’t get caught off guard for not doing the proper amount of research when you venture into the online casino world.

Here are seven online casino pitfalls you should avoid. Clear these boxes that many online gamblers fail to check from the beginning, and you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience from gambling online.

1 – Disregarding the Lucrative Deposit Bonuses

The online casino industry is a competitive field, with new casinos joining the fray daily. It can be overwhelming for new gamblers to settle on a casino with such a massive selection.

Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of money to be made by the casinos. This leads to a sort of bidding war between the casinos for your business.

This bidding war is most evident in the form of online casino deposit bonuses. Companies will offer giant matching bonuses for new players making a deposit with the casino.

Sometimes the casino will even throw free spins on top of the cash offer to sweeten the pot. Players can instantly double, triple, or even quintuple their gambling bankroll through these lucrative bonuses.

Unfortunately, many players completely ignore the bonuses or believe them too good to be true. They never account for the fantastic upside provided by these deposit bonuses.

Many are hesitant to make a large initial deposit for fear of being scammed. I understand the trepidation when dealing with online businesses.

However, if you haven’t researched a business well enough to feel comfortable depositing $1,000, you shouldn’t give them $100. If Caesars offered you 300% on your deposit when you walked in the doors, you’d jump at the opportunity.

That’s the same confidence that you should have in an online casino.

2 – Ignoring the Casino’s Withdrawal Policy

When it comes to taking your money home from a brick and mortar casino, the process is straightforward.

You take your chips to the cashier’s window and exchange the chips for cash. That’s the entire process for many of us.

Sure, the big winners may be required to fill out some tax paperwork and go through a few other steps with the casino. Still, the process can usually be completed within a few minutes, and you’re on your way.

This process is very different for online casinos. Fraud and other nefarious activities are a genuine concern for these casinos.

First and foremost, the casino wants to protect your money, so they’re going to make sure you are actually you. This can make for a drawn-out withdrawal cycle.

The casinos also operate on a withdrawal schedule. Real money online casinos have a much smaller staff than land-based casinos, so they typically process withdrawals only on certain days.

That means it could be days before the process of getting your money even begins. Of course, the slower the withdrawal moves, the more time you have to change your mind.

Don’t get caught with your wallet empty because you don’t understand the policies for getting your money.

3 – Never Setting a Bankroll Management Plan

You wouldn’t be unique for starting to feel like the virtual casino is also being played for virtual money. It can happen in traditional casinos, too. Hence, we have the casino chip.

When players begin to disassociate from the inherent attachment we have to our hard-earned money, they begin to play far looser. Remember that you are playing for real money; more importantly, it’s your money.

Here is where setting a solid bankroll management plan is vital. This vital step accomplishes several things that benefit the player.

First of all, it will guard against you losing more than you intend to lose. Setting hard loss limits is a critical component of bankroll management.

Next, it will allow you to stretch your money to its thinnest margin without breaking. Many gamblers will simply gamble until their money is gone.

That approach is why so many players tell stories of being up on the casinos by hundreds of dollars and giving it all back. Setting limits for losses and wins will protect you, and it’s the fastest way to get the most out of your gambling dollar.

4 – Skipping the Background Research

Not all online casinos are a scam. Most online casinos are entirely reputable businesses that have a lot to offer for the player.

However, not all areas appear. There are still a few online casinos out to get your money by merely taking it, but these are rare.

Unfortunately, not all terrible online casinos are out to blatantly steal your cash. Some of these horrible casinos are just mismanaged or merely built poorly.

These issues are why you must do all of the research you can stomach before settling on an online casino.

I’m in the blessed position to have actual experts texting me their personal reviews without even asking. So, wading through the waters was much more manageable.

Still, that can be a blessing and a curse. The bottom line is that you should research online casinos until you’re blue in the face then research a tad more.

Taking this step seriously may be the most crucial decision you make in your online gambling career.

5 – Assuming the Games Are Identical to Live Casinos

It would be easy to jump into the online casino games assuming these games have the same house edges, rules, and flow of brick and mortar casino games. Most of the time, you’d be correct; some games even have a lower house edge than they would in a traditional casino.

However, several factors are constantly in play. Even in Las Vegas, the table games will have different rules from casino to casino.

In fact, even in the same casino, you can find the same game with different rules. This can lead to confusion in newer players, especially regarding why they’re losing at a faster pace.

Some games are much better in online casinos. These casinos have much less overhead than the mega-resorts that provide gambling fun and entertainment to millions worldwide.

That means that the online casinos can afford to have better RTP on slot machines. The players lose less money, and the casinos still make a healthy profit.

Some games can’t be altered because the casino advantage is built into the game. The best thing you can do is carefully examine the rules before you start playing a game.

Understanding the rules completely may lead to fewer mistakes. Ultimately, this will keep more money in your pocket.

6 – Failing to Shop Around

I’ve covered several of the essential factors for picking the best online casino. However, it’s shocking how many gamblers I hear from that never conducted more than a basic Google search for “best online casinos” or “safe online casinos.”

I understand how these algorithms work, and let me tell you that if you search “best places not to die,” you’re likely going to have a few of the “best places to die” sprinkled in.

My point is that if you’re not reading reviews from trusted sources and testing the customer service for yourself, you’re not doing the right kind of research.

Beyond factors like customer service, you need to be shopping around for the best deposit bonuses and loyalty programs.

The online casino loyalty program functions much like the player’s card at land-based casinos. Players earn all sorts of freebies based on the amount of money they are playing.

Unfortunately, the casino won’t Door Dash a lovely steak dinner to your home. However, you can earn play credits, free spins, and cashback through these excellent programs.

7 – Letting the Online Games Consume You

There’s not one person that steps up to a casino game for the first time and is immune to the dangers of problem gambling. Addiction is an illness with no regard for your background, pedigree, mental fortitude, or physical strength.

You could be the most brutal biker on the block, the most brilliant student at your university, or a retiree with an adoring family and your 4th-grade lunch money still sitting in a piggy bank. Problem gambling doesn’t care.

Setting strict limits on your time spent in the online casino can help protect you from taking things to excess.

Should you begin seeing the signs of your hobby becoming a habit, there are steps you can take. The casinos also take gambling addiction seriously.

You can set hard deposit limits and time limits on your gambling. You can even impose a temporary exclusion on yourself.

This exclusion will prevent you from gambling for a specified period. If you find that you’re having difficulty staying away, you could make the exclusion permanent.

There are a ton of resources and support available for gambling addicts, and taking that first step towards recovery may be challenging, most worthwhile things are.


Online casinos offer a ton of fantastic gambling opportunities for gamblers. Take note of these seven online casino pitfalls you should avoid, and your experience will be amazing.

Michael Stevens

Michael Stevens has been researching and writing topics involving the gambling industry for well over a decade now and is considered an expert on all things casino and sports betting. Michael has been writing for GamblingSites.org since early 2016.

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