7 Proven Roulette Strategies Beginning Gamblers Can Use

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I’ve always enjoyed playing roulette. I like to watch the ivory ball spin around the wheel and I like the sound of the ball as it starts hitting the pockets. But I learned a long time ago that roulette can be costly to play, especially if you’re not using the right strategies.

Part of using the best strategies is learning how to avoid costly strategies. I used to use roulette systems, but found out that they’re all scams.

Here’s a list of 7 proven roulette strategies that beginning gamblers can use. These same strategies can help even veteran gamblers when they start playing real money roulette.

1 – Make Even Money Wagers

Almost every wager option on a roulette wheel has the same return to play percentage. In fact, on wheels that only have a single 0 space, all of the best have the same return to player percentage. On a double 0 wheel, all wagers have the same return percentage except the basket. The basket is worse than the other wager options.

Even though all of the wagers offer the return numbers, I always recommend that new roulette players stick with 1 of the even money options.

Even money wagers pay out 1 to 1. This means that if you bet $30 and win, you get back your $30 wager and win $30.

Roulette tables have 6 even money wagers you can make. You can bet on all the numbers from 1 to 18, all of the numbers from 19 to 36, all the red spaces, all of the black spaces, all of the even number spaces, and all of the odd number spaces.

I recommend starting with even money wagers when you play roulette because you win these wagers close to half the time. The actual number on a 37 space wheel is 48.65% of the time. On a 38 space wheel the number is 47.37%.

Even number roulette wagers are also simple. It’s simple to make these wagers, and it’s easy to see if you win as soon as the ball settles in a pocket. It’s also easy to see if the dealer pays you the correct amount when you win.

2 – Find 37 Space Wheels

In the last section I explained that you win on even money wagers 48.65% of the time on wheels with 37 spaces. I also showed you that you only win these wagers 47.37% of the time when you play on a wheel with 38 spaces.

This shows why playing on a roulette wheel with 37 spaces is better than playing on a roulette wheel with 38 spaces. In fact, there are a few roulette wheels with more than 38 spaces, and these wheels are even worse.


37 space roulette wheels are sometimes called European roulette wheels. 38 Space wheels are sometimes called American wheels. You can quickly identify the wheels by looking for a space on the wheel for 00, or double zero.

37 space roulette wheels have a space for each number 1 to 36 and a 0 space. This is all they have. Any other roulette wheel should be avoided because the return numbers are worse than on a 37 space wheel.

3 – Even Better, Find French Rules Roulette

When you find a roulette wheel with 37 spaces there are 2 sets of rules. The most common set of rules are simple. If you make a bet and lose, you lose your wager.

But there are a few roulette wheels that use French rules. When a roulette table uses French rules, when you lose on an even money wager your loss is put aside. This is called in prison. If you win the next even money wager, you get back your loss.

This basically cuts the edge the wheel has in half on even money wagers. This is a powerful rule for you. This is why you should always try to find a French rules roulette game when you play.

If you make any of the other wagers, a French rules table and a European rules table work exactly the same. In other words, unless you use even money wagers there’s no difference between a French rules and European rules table.

Finding French rules roulette tables is much easier when you play in mobile or online casinos. But online and mobile roulette has a range of dangers. I cover this in a later section.

4 – Systems Aren’t Strategies

This section covers something that you can learn from mistakes that I’ve made. I’ve tested just about every roulette system that you can find. And they all have 1 thing in common. Every roulette system is a scam in 1 way or another.

The first issue is that most roulette systems cost money. You have to pay to access the system. The second issue is that even if you can get a roulette system for free, it still costs you money.

Roulette systems cost you money because they make you think you can win, which leads to gambling with more money than you should. And in the end, all roulette systems lose at least as much money as playing without a system. And some of the roulette systems I’ve tested end up costing you more money that when you play roulette without a system.

Don’t make the same mistakes that I’ve made. Ignore every roulette system, even if it looks like it might work. You can’t use a system to change the results of roulette in your favor.

5 – Large Wagers Are a Mistake

Even when you find a French roulette wheel and make even money wagers, the casino still has an edge. When the casino has an edge, even when it’s a small edge, it means that you’re losing when you play.

When you’re losing a small percentage of the money you risk, it means that the more you wager the more you lose. This is why making large wagers is a bad strategy.


The best gambling strategy when you play roulette is to find the best wheel, which is a French rules wheel, and make the smallest wagers that the table allows.

This is another advantage of playing mobile roulette and online roulette. The mobile and online games almost always have a smaller wager amount than live roulette tables.

6 – Be Careful of Mobile and Online Roulette Play

Mobile and online roulette have a few advantages over live roulette play. It’s easier to find French rules roulette online and in mobile casinos. And the minimum wager amounts are usually smaller. And you might be able to get a bonus for roulette play.

Mobile and online roulette also have a few things that can hurt you.

The first issue is that you have to be able to get money into and out of mobile and online casinos that offer roulette. This isn’t impossible, but it is an extra step you have to take. You also need to do a little research to make sure you’re dealing with an honest casino.

But the biggest issue is that mobile and online roulette games play much faster than when you play live roulette. This might seem like a good thing, but it’s not. Remember that the more you wager the more you lose when you play roulette.

When you’re playing mobile or online roulette you can make 300 or more spins every hour. In comparison, you take 50 to 75 spins every hour playing live roulette.

7 – Roulette Bonus Strategies

Sometimes when you play real money roulette in a mobile or online casino you can receive a bonus. If you’re playing mobile or online roulette a bonus can be a good thing because it gives you a larger bankroll.

But you need to understand that a roulette bonus doesn’t help you win. It just helps you play longer. Bonuses are offered because it encourages you to deposit more. The casinos know that most of the time you’re going to play until you lose everything you deposit, so they offer a bonus to get you to deposit more.

Use mobile and online roulette bonuses if you want, but never deposit more because you can get a bigger bonus.


All of the best on a roulette wheel have the same return to player number, but all beginning players should stick with even money wagers. Find a wheel that has 37 spaces before you play, and 1 with French rules is the best.

Don’t fall into the roulette system trap. All roulette systems cost money and don’t improve your odds of winning. Make small wagers to limit your losses.

Mobile and online roulette games offer some advantages, but you still have to be careful. These games can cost more in the long run than live roulette play.

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