7 Secrets for the Perfect Casino Trip

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Few things will get an avid gambler’s heart pumping like a trip to the casino. Whether it’s a short road trip or a plane trip across the country, casino gamblers love a good adventure.

You’ve waited and likely saved up for months just to take a much-needed vacation. Here are seven secrets for the perfect casino trip. 

Build and Protect Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is Casino Gaming 101. You can’t become an effective gambler without first growing a serviceable bankroll.
Furthermore, without a fundamental understanding of using your bankroll effectively, you will miss opportunities to capitalize on the effort.

I am constantly asked how much a casino bankroll needs to be. The answer is unique to each individual gambler.

My best answer is that your gambling bankroll should be a number that you can easily replenish over time and inside the parameters of what you’re willing to lose.

Remember that this casino bankroll is money set aside specifically for gambling and shouldn’t be needed for any other expenses.

Don’t skip paying rent and call it a bankroll. That’s reckless and is a good way to end up couch-surfing or worse.

Once you’ve built a bankroll that suits your needs, you’ll need to grasp the concept of managing your baby.

Real money casino gambling is a long-term proposition if you want to be profitable. So, the first decision you need to make is what your base bet amount will be for the session.

Most of the pundits agree that 1% to 5% is as much of the bankroll as you should ever put into play. This can be nearly impossible if your bankroll is on the lower end.

Only betting 2% of a $200 bankroll isn’t going to get you very far. In fact, your only options would be penny slots and poker. Neither of these games is a solid pick unless you’re a highly-skilled poker player.

If you’re forced to bet a higher percentage of your bankroll starting out, so be it. The important thing is that you stay within your budget and have a consistent bet amount.

I can’t count the number of times I watch players bet $10 a hand for 30 minutes; then, because they’re losing, decide to bet $25. This usually trends up until the player has reached a cold zero.
You’re going to the casino to have fun; don’t waste your vacation in the confines of your hotel room.

Establishing Your Travel 

The perfect casino trip could involve jetting across the globe or spending a couple of hours on a road trip. That’s the beauty of the perfect casino trip. It is uniquely personal and all your own.

Whether you’ll be leaving on an airplane or gassing up the Subaru, you’ll need to layout your travel plans carefully. 

I’m not suggesting that you plan your route down to bathroom stops. I encourage you to make the most of the open road if traveling by car. 

Still, you’ll need a basic understanding of the route and traffic patterns. For example, if you’re going to be traveling through a major city during rush hour, you’ll need to build that extra time into the schedule.

You’ll also want to have a solid idea of what you’ll be spending on meals and gas along the way. Perhaps your trip requires an overnight stay before you reach your destination. That needs to be worked into the budget.

Every dollar you spend getting to the casino is a dollar you won’t have to gamble with upon arrival.


In many ways, traveling by plane can require more planning than simply driving yourself. First, you have to shop around for the lowest fares. There are dozens of websites that can help narrow it down to the best possible rates for your date range.

Then comes the arduous task of asking friends or family for a ride to the airport. It’s possibly the least desirable aspect of traveling by plane.

Once you’ve covered those bases, you have to get everything ready for the airlines. I can never keep up with what’s allowed or prohibited.

So, I usually travel pretty light—o more than a backpack suits my needs for most trips under four days.

After all of that headache, you’ll need to plan how you’re getting around once you arrive at your destination. This can be fairly easy if you’re planning on not leaving the resort for the entire stay.

However, if you are looking to branch out and catch some local fair, you’re going to need options. Rental cars can provide an added comfort of feeling untethered, but come at a price.

Rideshare services are a fantastic option, but the cost can quickly add up for these, too. 

Secure the Perfect Room

Finding the perfect room is possibly the most important aspect when traveling to a casino. Oftentimes, I’ll stay at the casino resort where I’ll be doing the most gambling or golfing.

I say “often” and not “always” for one vital reason: I’m particular about where I’ll lay my head. The ambiance and mood of the room can dictate how your entire trip goes.

If you’re in a cold, uninviting room, you’re not going to get the rest you’ll need after gambling and lounging poolside. You’ll also dread spending anytime there and find frivolous and costly ways to waste time.

Many of the same travel sites where you’ll find flights can accommodate your hotel room needs as well. Still, I recommend settling on a few possible options and calling each ahead of time to shop for deals and book a room.

Sometimes, I’ll stay as far as 20 miles away from the casino where I plan to gamble on my trip. The distance allows me to clear my head away from the casino, which is key after a rough day.

Being away from the casino also allows me to take in the local scene and really get a feel for different groups of people around the world.

For those of you traveling in large groups, an Airbnb can be much more cost-effective in a number of ways. You’ll save on the hotel room, you’ll save on meals because you can cook family-style, and you’ll have the house to yourselves.

The latter two will provide memories that will be much fonder looking back than anytime you spend on the casino floor.

At the end of the day, your room will be what you make of it. So, keeping the best mental space can turn a tent into party central.

Practice At Home

Before you ever leave the house, you need to be prepared for what you’re walking into.

I see it every time I walk into a casino: Novice players are growing increasingly frustrated as they continue to toss good money after bad. 

There’s not a single excuse for not having a solid understanding of how the casino games are played and, more importantly, payout. You can find endless resources on how to play any casino game on the planet.


You’ll also find a wealth of information on the best strategies to employ for the games you’ll be playing.

If all else fails, play the games for free online until you have at least mastered the basics. You can find free versions of most casino games for your mobile device.

That means your commute to work, lunch breaks, or downtime at home could be spent honing your casino skills.

This practice will prove to be invaluable when it comes time to hit the casino floor for real. Do not walk through the casino doors if you’re not completely confident in your ability to play the games.
Avoid the temptation of playing games that you “should pick up quick.”

Have a Plan

The perfect casino trip requires going in with a concrete gameplan. 

Savvy casino gamblers know the importance of having a plan. The casinos have taken painstaking measures to hedge their massive bet.

Why shouldn’t you put serious thought and effort into your plan?

If you plan to leave the casinos with more cash than you arrived with, that’s exactly what it’ll take.

A solid plan will require you to know the game you’re playing, the best strategy to employ, and how much time and money you’re allotted for each session.

Don’t forget to incorporate an exit strategy for each day. I’ll usually book a dinner reservation or buy show tickets to give myself an out in the early evening. 

If I decide to hit the tables afterward, there’s still plenty of time afterward.

Get Out of the Casino

Get out of the casino! There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored.

I can’t tell you how many casino trips I’ve taken where the casino sessions are a blur. Still, there was a special moment outside of the casino that stands out as clearly as yesterday.

One of those memories was getting to play golf with mule deer. I mean literally putting with a mule deer within a foot of my ball.

This is only one of the hundreds of memories I’ve made in my travels. So, don’t forget to make plans outside of the casino while you’re on vacation.


Try these seven secrets for the perfect casino trip to have the vacation of a lifetime. Keep in mind that rarely do things go perfectly, but those hiccups are part of what makes the trip perfect.

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