7 Sports Betting Tips for Intermediate Gamblers

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Intermediate Sports Betting Tips

These seven sports betting tips for intermediate bettors should serve as a guide for one of the world’s fastest-growing markets. The United States is on the cusp of opening legalized sports betting in nearly 80% of the country.

That rapid growth is sure to bring all sorts of new sports bettors to the game. I want everyone that gets involves in sports betting to get the maximum benefits from their new hobby. Still, it’s crucial to take a refresher course as you begin to improve.

1 – Check Your Emotions at the Door

Successful sports bettors know the importance of following your head over your heart. It makes perfect sense, and you won’t find a single bettor that will argue this point.

Most of this emotional betting is fed by a win or a series of victories where the bettor’s favorite team was actually a solid pick over their opponent.

Bettors see this and get lulled into this false sense of security. In the most gut-wrenching episodes, they double down on their selected heroes.

This hope for a substantial payday often ends in a broken heart and an empty wallet. Even with the best analysis available, you’re still going to need some luck to win.

Avoid betting with your heart, and you’re sure to have a longer, more prosperous career as a real money sports bettor.

2 – Don’t Waste Money Buying Points

Buying points is a strategy often employed by bettors that can’t find a favorable matchup. Sure, they’re confident the Pistons can keep it within 7 points of the Heat, but the line is at +6.5.
So, the sportsbooks have come up with a creative and, more importantly, profitable way to accommodate the bettors.

First of all, it is incredibly challenging to be as profitable as a professional sports bettor. To turn a profit, a sports bettor needs to win 52.4% of every bet they place. You can’t win 50.1% because of the juice, which is the money the sportsbooks keep off of every losing bet.

Sports Betting Money

Anything you do to increase the money you’re putting into sports betting will increase how much you’ll have to win to turn a profit.

I hate to call buying points a sucker’s proposition, but buying points is for suckers. If you aren’t able to shop around and find a line that you’re comfortable with, you should be on the search for a different contest where the value is right and the line fits.

Sportsbooks offer the points for a reason. They are profitable for the casino. If they weren’t, they simply wouldn’t exist.

3 – Never Chase Your Losses

Look, you are going to lose bets throughout your entire sports betting career. And as a newbie, you’re probably going to lose money.

That’s just the way it is, and there’s absolutely no shame in it. The shame would be going on tilt and chasing those losses.

Sports betting is a marathon. If you’re able to endure the steep learning curve, you may very well prosper significantly in the end.

You need time to develop your betting style and figure out the process you’ll use to determine winners and losers.

Gamblers that attempt to get it all back in one colossal swing are often headed on a straight slide to bankrupting their bankroll.

You should stay steady and consistent with your bets. Most sportsbooks will allow you to set limits on how much you may bet at a time.

I highly recommend you take full advantage of that feature and avoid the pitfall of chasing losses.

4 – Do Your Research When Shopping a Sportsbook

Unfortunately, fraudulent sportsbooks are an online nuisance. If you do some basic research, you can altogether avoid these sites and be confident that your information and, more importantly, your bankroll are safe.

Merely conducting a thorough review of the sportsbook’s feedback page can tell you 99% of what you need to know.

If you’ve read the online reviews and are still unsatisfied with the site’s performance or legitimacy, call the customer service hotline. Any online sportsbook worth its salt should have a live person you can speak to in a relatively short period.

When you speak to a representative, don’t hesitate to ask the hard questions and express your reservations plainly. These should be trained professionals.

It’s their job to provide you with any pertinent information about the company and its practices.

Another thing you should be looking for is deposit bonuses offered by the online sportsbooks. Deposit bonuses are money that the sportsbook essentially gives new customers as a means to attract new business.

A deposit bonus may be a 100% match up to $150. That means if you deposit $100, the sportsbook will add another $100 to your account when you register. Or let’s say you deposit $250, then the sportsbook would match $150. Meaning, you’d start with a $400 balance in your account.

Be sure to read all the terms and conditions carefully. Many of the deposit bones have betting requirements that must be met before the money can ever be withdrawn.

5 – Larger Games Will Have Tighter Lines

As a relatively new sports bettor, you are likely still figuring things out on the fly. Let me help you with this one.

The more important a game is, the tighter the lines will be. This can be extremely advantageous to you and your bankroll.

The sportsbooks don’t care who wins or loses a game. The sportsbook’s goal is to have equal action on both sides of the betting.

Imagine the following scenario. The Dallas Cowboys are facing the newly-minted Las Vegas Raiders in the Super Bowl. Pretend that the Cowboys are 3.5 points, underdogs, at the sportsbooks.

That encourages 50/50 betting on the game, indeed an ideal situation for the sportsbook.

Cowboys Sports Betting

The sportsbooks pour a vast amount of their resources into setting lines for significant events because they know that they have less room for error on these contests.

If they make a mistake on a random Phillies/Mets game in May, nobody cares too much and may lose a little money. However, that money will quickly be offset by all of the other bets on MLB that day.

Conversely, if they make a significant error on a World Series game, where all the sports bettors’ attention and action is on a single event, the results of a poor line could be devastating, leading to a substantial loss.

I’m not saying you should avoid massive games altogether. I’ve seen accomplished sports bettors that thrive on these well-orchestrated lines.

But I am saying that you will consistently find more value in your picks when you stick to lower impact games. The sportsbooks are placing 1% effort into setting a line. You’re putting 100% effort into finding a weakness.

6 – Be Mindful of Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion is a means for problem gamblers or those who feel that their gambling may be becoming a problem to implement a self-imposed ban on betting.

Only the bettors themselves may impose registering on the self-exclusion list. The sportsbook is then responsible for not permitting any wagers from that sports bettor until the specified ban has lifted.

The ban only lifts after a predetermined amount of time. Nobody, including the bettor that opted into the list, may do anything to expedite the process.

There are also “cooling down” periods that you can impose on yourself by contacting customer service anytime. Typically, these are for a shorter length of time and can be revoked by the bettor anytime.

However, even the cooling down option will require reinstatement from the sportsbook, and that’s on their time table.

I understand that many readers will never need this and luckily won’t have to battle gambling addiction.

But I include this because it’s of paramount importance to the few who do or will suffer from problem gambling or even those who may have a friend or loved one that struggles with problem gambling.

7 – Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Sports betting can be an incredibly lucrative field for savvy sports bettors. Names like Anthony Bloom and Billy Walters come immediately to mind.

You’re not Tony Bloom yet. You probably don’t have a cool nickname. Maybe you haven’t been able to turn a profit yet. Take it easy! Sports betting is meant to be entertaining.

I’m extremely happy for you if your ultimate goal is to develop a betting strategy that will net you millions in the future. And sure, I wish nothing but the best for you on your journey.

But for now, you’re still getting the hang of it. Enjoy the process. I worked as a club pro at the local country club in college, and it was a dream job until it became work.

Don’t burn yourself out before you get started, and don’t ignore your obligations for the sake of sports betting.


You’re likely coming along nicely as a sports bettor at this stage of your career in the field.

These seven sports betting tips for intermediates should not serve solely as a healthy refresher. I’ve introduced a few concepts and focus areas that may have primarily overlooked up until this stage.

They will serve you well as you continue to progress and strive to reach the next level as a sports bettor.

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