7 Things I Love About Casinos

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Things to Love About Casinos

I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a casino. I’d wanted to go to a casino for a long time, and when I finally went, it was an amazing experience.

I’ll admit that there are some things that I don’t like about casinos, but overall, I still love casinos just as much as I did the first time.

There’s plenty to love.

Here’s a list of the top seven reasons why I love casinos. See how many of the things on my list match the things on your list. And if you don’t love going, maybe you’ll finally understand why a lot of us do!

1 – Blackjack

The number one reason why I love casinos is because they have blackjack games. I love real money blackjack because it has a low edge, and I can use strategy to improve my odds. And I love the fact that I can use advanced techniques like counting to get an edge.

Even if you don’t learn how to use the same advanced techniques that I use, blackjack is still usually the best game in the casino. Get a strategy card in the casino gift shop and you can use the perfect strategy on every hand.

When you play blackjack without using a strategy card, you give the casino a slightly higher edge. A strategy card has all of the best plays listed. So, if you make a play that goes against your card, it means that you’re going to lose more money than you need to.

2 – Poker Rooms

I love casinos even more when they also have a poker room. Blackjack and poker are the two easiest games to play with an edge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to get an edge playing poker or blackjack. But it’s possible to play both of these games and win if you know how to do it.

Casino Games

I used to play all kinds of different games in the casino, but I learned that only a few games can be beat. I started concentrating on these games and ignoring most other games.

It took me several years to learn everything I needed to know, but now I know how to play to win at the poker tables and at the blackjack tables. This is why I love a casino that offers both of these options.

3 – The Chips

I really don’t know why, but I love the feel of casino chips. I understand that they’re just a substitute for cash, but the weight of casino chips are a big part of my experience in the casino.

I like to stack my chips and count them. I used to be envious of gamblers who could flip chips from knuckle to knuckle and take two stacks of chips and shuffle them together with one hand. Now, I can do these things and still find it fun.

I don’t collect casino chips like some people, but some people get a lot of enjoyment out of building a collection. Unless you get into collecting old casino chips, it’s cheap to build a collection. Start by taking home a $1 chip from every casino you visit.

Casinos use chips because it’s a way to make the amount you’re risking feel different than cash. This is a sneaky psychological trick to get you to lose more money when you gamble. The best way to avoid falling into this trap is to look at chips the same way you look at cash. They’re basically the same thing.

4 – The Atmosphere

If you’ve never gambled in a live casino, it’s difficult to describe the atmosphere. I’m not talking about the air in the casino. I’m talking about the unique feeling of the casino environment.

A busy casino has an atmosphere and feeling that I’ve never experienced anywhere else. If you don’t enjoy being around a bunch of people, the casino might not be the best place for you. But I’ve found that even when I get tired of all of the people, I can still find a video poker machine in a corner and avoid most of the crowds.

If you want to find the place in the casino that provides the most unique experience, visit a busy craps table. A busy craps table can get pretty wild. I also enjoy playing at a poker table where all of the players are talking and throwing around insults.

If this doesn’t sound like a fun experience to you, there’s always the option to play online or on your mobile device. You can set your own atmosphere when you use one of these two options.

5 – Game Options

Casinos have all kinds of game options. A big casino usually has hundreds, if not thousands, of slot machines, and dozens of table games. Some casinos still have video poker machines and a few even have keno.

I know what games I want to play when I go to the casino, but I still usually take a walk around to see if there are any new games to try. And sometimes, I see a game I forgot about and sit down for a few rounds of action.

Slot Games

Recently, I was in a casino and saw a sic bo game. I rarely see a sic bo game and had kind of forgotten about it. I sat down for a bit and had a good time. It’s not a great game to play because the edge is too high, but I like to have a little fun when I gamble and this was perfect.

6 – Arriving and Leaving

I know this might sound funny, but often the two best things about the casino are when I arrive and when I leave. When I arrive at the casino, I’m filled with anticipation and excitement. I’m looking forward to having some fun and battling the casino to see if I can win on this trip.

But I also like it when I leave the casino. This is especially true when I’ve accomplished my goal and am leaving with more money than when I got there. But even when I don’t win, I still enjoy my trip, but I tend to look forward to getting home.

The only time I don’t enjoy leaving the casino is when I’ve made too many mistakes. I always review how I played and I always try to identify mistakes that I made. I identify my mistakes so I can avoid making the same mistakes in the future. This can be painful, but it’s necessary to do if you want to improve.

7 – The Food

Some gamblers don’t care about what they eat. They just eat whatever’s available to keep them going. But I don’t belong to this category. A big part of the live casino experience for me is the food.

I’ve eaten at dozens of different casino buffets, and I enjoy a good buffet as much as a fine dining experience.

Many casinos have a wide range of dining options from fast food all the way up to some of the finest restaurants in the world.

In fact, the best meal I’ve ever had was at a casino. This was years ago, but I ate at the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, and I can’t even describe how good it was. I believe that it was also the most expensive meal I’ve ever had, but it was worth every penny.

When I visit a new casino, I always check out all of the food options. If the casino has several places to eat, I check out some online reviews before visiting so I can plan where I’m going to eat.

If I’m going to be there all day, or for a few days, I usually try to eat once at the buffet and at one high-end restaurant. But if they have a pizza place that has good reviews, I always try to have a slice as well.


The main reasons why I love casinos now are because they offer a chance to win if I play the right games the right way and because of the challenge of staying on top of my game to have a chance to win.

The atmosphere in a casino is different than anywhere else I’ve ever been. All of the people gambling and talking and hoping to win creates an interesting environment. And the possibility of finding a new game is always fun.

I also love the things in the casino that don’t have anything to do with gambling, like the food. All in all, I love casinos and expect that I always will.

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