7 Things to Remind Yourself About While Gambling

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Things to Remember When Gambling

When you’re gambling, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment and forget the basics.

Certain situations can inspire impulsive moves and questionable decisions that you wouldn’t dream to make. These choices are usually due to the complicated emotions surrounding gambling.

At your highest highs, you might feel like you can’t lose. At your lowest lows, you might think you’ll never win again.

As a gambler, one of your goals is to find a balance between both extremes. While you might not find issues with overconfidence, every gambler knows that winning streaks must come to an end eventually.

Convincing yourself otherwise can be devastating to your bankroll.
As someone who struggled to maintain emotional balance while gambling, I found that constantly reminding myself of pieces of advice was quite helpful.

Here are seven things everyone should keep in mind while gambling.

1 ‒ You’re Not a Professional

Gamblers, especially novice and intermediate ones, are often too hard on themselves. When mistakes happen and inexplicable losses begin to pile up, it’s easier to be pessimistic and self-deprecating than optimistic and understanding.

That’s typically because less experienced gamblers have heightened expectations and operate under the assumption that making money should be a guarantee.

By doing this, players put themselves in unfair positions and completely avoidable situations. Losing money is to be expected, yet that’s something many gamblers can’t wrap their head around.

Whether you sustain the occasional small lost wager or a net loss, defeat is an inevitability. So, why is it so hard for some people to handle losing with poise instead of beating themselves up?

The simple answer: money.

When your money is on the table, every emotion can become more extreme in any direction. Wins are more satisfying and losses are more crushing.

But even if you’re on the losing side of things, it’s crucial to cut yourself some slack. You’re not a pro gambler, and you’ll likely lose even more money if you are too critical of your performance.

2 ‒ The Odds Often Aren’t on Your Side

There isn’t a single casino game in existence that favors gamblers over the house. If you walk into a casino, there’s a better chance that you’ll leave with less money in your wallet.

There are things you can do to increase your chances of winning, but there’s no strategy that will guarantee consistent returns.

If you fail to acknowledge this, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Winning is tough enough without you placing an unnecessary amount of pressure on your shoulders.

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Not only will understanding odds help with confidence, but it will likely make you a more profitable gambler. You’ll be able to eliminate certain games from your rotation and focus on the games where you have the best shot to win.

But even if you’re playing games with the best odds, it doesn’t guarantee much. If you’re still struggling, tell yourself that most of your fellow players are on the same boat as you because the house wins more than it loses.

3 ‒ A Losing Mentality Is Never the Answer

Awareness and accountability are two things that will serve any gambler well as they’ll lead to disciplined gambling and smarter choices.

As mentioned earlier, you must know what your chances are for several reasons.

But sometimes, acknowledging these odds will result in gamblers losing interest or becoming complacent with losses. There’s a huge difference between saying, “I should be prepared to lose money,” and “I’m going to lose money.”

A gambler’s mindset and attitude can make all the difference in the world. If you sit down and start playing real money blackjack expecting to lose money, then you’re going to lose money.

A losing mindset is contagious and nearly impossible to shake. That’s why it’s so important to find a balance between a lack of confidence and cockiness—especially when it comes to skill-based games.

Both extremes are equally destructive, but at least you might have a shot of winning money if you’re more confident in your abilities.

4 ‒ Gambling Should Be Enjoyable

A losing mentality is horrible for you and everyone else around you. Nobody likes playing with someone who can’t shake that feeling of despair and dread while they’re gambling.

Losses come with the territory and shouldn’t ruin your time at a casino. In all likelihood, that mindset does more damage than you might initially think.

Something every gambler must remind themselves in these moments of negativity and self-doubt is that gambling should be fun. If there’s no fun to be had and you’re losing money, what’s the point of gambling?

Once you succumb to these feelings of dread, you’ll never enjoy wins and losses will become unbearable for you and your bankroll. Additionally, no one will like playing with you.

While one gambler’s performance can’t impact another’s, those emotions are contagious and spread like wildfire.

Once somebody at your table starts complaining and carrying themselves in a negative manner, the rest of the table might follow suit. Losses tend to breed losses at casino tables, so don’t be the one to bring the collective mood of the table down.

5 ‒ Win or Lose, Class Always Prevails

Casino tables are often home to extreme emotional fluctuations caused by the sheer amount of money that changes hands every minute.

Big wins are exciting and cause for jubilation. As you should know by now, the opposite is true for huge losses. But regardless of the results at a table, you should always try to respond with class.

As I said earlier, nobody likes playing with a bad loser. However, playing with someone who can’t win in a mature, composed fashion might be worse.

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There’s nothing wrong with celebrating significant wins. But rubbing your winnings in another player’s face is one of the most obnoxious things that can happen at a casino.

Imagine how frustrating it is to watch someone brag about a win while reeling from a devastating loss.

Regardless of whether you’re winning or losing, keep your emotions in check so you don’t impact other gamblers and ruin their chances of joining in the celebration.

6 ‒ Desperation Betting Rarely Succeeds

There are a few things that often occur during terrible days at the casino.

  • Gamblers arrive feeling optimistic about their chances.
  • They sustain early losses, but believe they can still bounce back.
  • Small losses begin to snowball, morphing into sizeable monetary setbacks.
  • Players ignore their instincts and continue to chase losses.
  • Desperation sets in and mistakes begin to compound.

Gamblers of lesser quality or those who simply don’t have much experience are more likely to engage in desperation betting. The best gamblers might know how to navigate their way out of sticky situations, but that lesson takes a great deal of time to learn.

Chasing losses might seem like the only way to make your money back, but it rarely is.

Once you start betting with emotions, your most valuable asset—your mind—becomes useless. Errors become more and more plentiful, and your mentality will likely deteriorate at the same rate as your bankroll.

7 ‒ When In Doubt, Walk Away

If you feel a sense of dread and desperation wash over you, it’s always best to remind yourself of a few things. First of all, you most likely stand a better chance of winning your money back in the future.

Once your confidence is rattled and your emotions take control, you’re liable to continue to bleed cash.

You won’t regret walking away, trust me. But you will likely regret staying at the table for too long. It’s tempting to try to win back your money and restore some semblance of self-confidence.

However, no one will think less of you for being responsible and saving your money. They might judge you if you continue to throw money away.

If you think it might be time to leave the casino, it probably is. People often think that a casino table is no place to rely on your gut instinct.

But in this case, that gut feeling is likely leading you in the right direction.


Many things run through a gambler’s mind while they’re playing their favorite games.

Rules, basic gambling strategy, and bankroll level are typically at the forefront. But there are other things you should definitely consider reminding yourself about from time to time.

It’s important to note that you aren’t a pro gambler, and these games you’re playing don’t favor players. If you don’t perform well, remember that most gamblers are in the same boat as you.

Just because you aren’t projected to win, it doesn’t mean you should adopt a losing mentality. Once again, there’s a significant difference between expecting to lose and acknowledging the potential to lose.

Whether you’re winning or losing, try to maintain a steady composure. Gambling with sore winners and losers is fun for absolutely nobody.

Finally, when in doubt, walk away from the table. You’ll never regret cutting your losses, resetting, and trying to win money another day.

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