7 Ways to Figure Out Which Table Game is Best for You

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Casino Table Games

Casinos are one of the most entertaining venues for anyone of gambling age. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a huge fan of gambling, there’s likely a game that you’ll enjoy. For those of you who have little to no experience gambling, deciding which games work for you can be difficult. There’s a multitude of games ready to be played, but to outsiders, casinos are a mystery.

There are a few schools of thought when it comes to casinos. Some think you should approach it like a giant arcade. Others look at gambling as a way to make money. Wherever your mindset lies, it’s always preferable to walk into a casino somewhat prepared. Here are 7 ways to find out what table game at the casino is right for you.

1 ‒ Understand Your Motivation for Gambling

As I said in the introduction, there are different ways to look at casinos. If you go to casinos for pure entertainment, there’s really only one question to ask yourself:

Which game is the most fun? That’s a tricky question and can vary from person to person. The best way to figure out which game is the most enjoyable is through trial and error.

If you are serious about real money gambling and aspire to walk out with more than you came with, your approach should be much different. In casinos, certain games are more profitable than others. Blackjack, craps, and roulette all have decent odds compared to other games.

Regardless of your purpose, there should be several games to attempt. For those of you who fall into the second category, I suggest reading up on certain games to understand gameplay and strategy better. If your goal is to make money, your margin for error is slim.

2 ‒ Know Your Personality Type

Whether you’re introverted or the life of the party, there’s a place in the casino for you. One of the best parts about going to a casino is witnessing all the different personality types. If you have put off going to the casino, fearing your personality type doesn’t belong, cast those thoughts aside.

Blackjack Table Game

For serious introverts who want to avoid human contact as much as possible, slots might be the optimal choice for you. If you visit a casino during the week, there usually are stretches of slot machines that sit unoccupied. However, regardless of how introverted you are, there are a few table games that might make sense for you. Once again, if you catch the casino at the right time, there’s a good chance you can find a wide-open blackjack table.

Extroverts will fit in at most games in a casino. Certain table games like roulette and craps cater to a more boisterous client base. Both of these games allow you to develop a sense of camaraderie and community and are less strategic than other games.

3 ‒ Figure Out How Long You’ll Be Gambling

An essential item you should consider sorting out before arrival is your length of stay. No one truly knows how long they’ll be gambling because time doesn’t exist at casinos. But, knowing how long you plan to gamble can give you an idea of which games might work for you.

If you intend to spend several hours gambling and want to make your money, you can go in 1 of 2 directions. You can either play slots or sit down and try to grind out wins at a blackjack table. Other options exist, of course, but these 2 options are your best bet. Finding a blackjack game with a low table minimum is a great way to spend your day at a casino.

Those of you who plan to gamble for a brief amount of time might think differently. Casino hopping is popular in gambling cities like Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno, especially for tourists. Once again, the high-energy, purely luck-based games are probably best for you.

4 ‒ Acknowledge Your Level of Experience

Some table games require little skill or strategy. Others are more complex and can be an enigma for inexperienced players. If you have some gambling experience, you might consider playing a game of strategy. But, if you’re brand new to gambling and have no intention of becoming an expert, there are other options for you.

Card games are a normal part of childhood. There’s a good chance you and your family or friends have had game nights in the past. If you’re anything like me, these game nights might have included rounds of blackjack and poker. My love of gambling was born at my parents’ dining room table.

If you have any experience with card games, consider brushing up on the rules. Games that require gamblers to compete strategically and engage in critical thinking can be more enjoyable and rewarding than others.

Casino-goers who have no experience gambling should avoid games that involve strategy. Games like roulette, keno, and slot machines don’t require much skill or mental dexterity. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

5 ‒ Arrive Knowing How Much You’ll Spend

Before walking into a casino, knowing how much money you plan to spend will increase the amount of fun you have. It might seem like I’m a buzzkill, but trust me on this one. Nothing ruins a night at the casino, like losing money you can’t afford. If you set financial limits before you go gamble, you’ll take away potential nightmare scenarios down the road.

Casino Gambling

If you intend to keep costs as low as possible, slot machines are most likely your best option. Most casinos that are of good quality have several machines with different price points. Plus, there’s always a chance you can hit the jackpot.

For more serious gamblers trying to stay within their means, I suggest low limit poker or blackjack. If you play blackjack by the book, you can stay at the tables for hours. If you’re even slightly above average at poker, there’s a chance you can get lucky and stretch a small amount of money into hours of entertainment.

6 ‒ Are You Going With a Crowd?

Whether you’re going to casinos with a group of friends or going stag, there’s fun to be had. Before you arrive, try to get a feel for your party’s interests and skill level. If they went to stick together all night, craps and roulette are the two best options. But, if you want to split off into smaller groups, consider trying to find an open blackjack table and camping out.

If you plan to gamble alone and don’t mind meeting new people, most games can work for you. I’ve met a lot of eccentric, friendly people with exciting stories at casinos in the past. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you can’t gamble with friends.

7 ‒ Recall Previous Experiences

The best way to decide which games are best for you is to think back on previous experiences. Even if your limited experience involves playing real money blackjack with some friends, it’s worth trying again. Most table games at casinos are easy to understand, and if you have any experience, you should be able to figure it out quickly.

Not every casino is created equal. You might have faced some adversity or challenging times in the past, but you’re not doomed to repeat it. If you’re scared of losing money, read up on the games you want to play. One of the most basic ways to ensure a good time at casinos is to know what you’re doing.


There isn’t a wrong answer when it comes to asking which casino game is right for you. As long as you’re enjoying yourself and not spending rent money, casinos can be a truly fantastic experience.

To decide which games to try first, figure out why you’re at the casino in the first place. You should always have fun at the casino, or you’re wasting your time. But, you’ll likely find some games are more enjoyable than others.

One of the easiest ways to settle on a game is by deciding how much you want to interact with other gamblers. Understand your level of experience and always know how much money you’re going to spend. Finally, think back to prior experiences at the casino, or even random game nights with your family. Those past experiences can help you recall which type of games you enjoy and should consider playing again.

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