7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Roulette Game

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Roulette Tips to Improve

Roulette is extremely popular in casinos around the world. The simple game of chance offers everything casino gamblers love in a simple package.

Players get fascinating gameplay, the potential for huge payouts, and a fantastic social atmosphere. I suspect these three factors check the boxes for a significant portion of you gamblers.

Still, roulette can have an inflated house edge depending on the table rules. Here are seven ways to immediately improve your roulette game.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll start seeing profits. However, you’ll be playing on the tables longer and having the maximum amount of fun.

1 – Find a Single-Zero Game

This information will be old hat for many of you, but it could be a smack to the face for others. You need to seek out and play on a single-zero wheel or European Roulette wheel.

Not only do you need to patiently and ardently seek out a single-zero wheel, you also need to avoid the double-zero wheels at all costs.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in a busy casino and watched players only a few feet away playing on a double-zero wheel.

Meanwhile, those of us on the single-zero wheels were enjoying a house edge of roughly half what those hapless gamblers were getting.

How important is it for players to settle on a European Roulette wheel?

Well, I’ve seen players pack their bags, drag their family to another casino, and pay for the entire reservation to stay at a property that had single-zero roulette.

The difference is staggering, to put it bluntly. On a standard American Roulette wheel, the house edge leaps from 2.7% to 5.3%.

To put this edge in the most basic terms, I present the following fact: For every $100 you lose on a single-zero wheel, you will lose $200 on a double-zero wheel.

You will need to do your reconnaissance and ensure that you’re heading to a casino with single-zero wheels if you plan on playing a single spin of the roulette wheel.

2 – Stop Burning Money in the Middle of the Table

Roulette has a great selection of bets that are both entertaining and fair to the player. The problem I see most often with real money roulette is that it’s all wild and loose wagers.

I completely understand why the gamblers are placing these bets. For many reasons, they jump out to our inner instincts.

First of all, you’re not going to find much better payout choices. These bets pay 37 to 1 on a single-zero wheel.

That means you can turn $100 into an excellent $3,700 with a single spin of the wheel. You could get even more depending on your bankroll; everybody in a casino would love to make a quick buck.

Next, there’s the emotional or sentimental nature of most people. Gamblers especially tend to be a bit on the superstitious side.

So, it shouldn’t be a terrible surprise when Buck and Mary hit the Vegas Strip for their wedding anniversary and want to bet on the numbers that comprise their special date.

Roulette Wheel

However, suppose you’re going to play your mom’s birthday or any other unique number. In that case, you need to expect that money to vanish.

Finally, few bets in the casino are as exciting and electric as placing a 37 to 1 chance in roulette. I can think of few more exhilarating feelings on the casino floor than seeing that ball bounce and tumble until it finally settles on your number.

Unfortunately, most sucker bets are thrilling. Otherwise, not a single gambler would ever place them.

You’ll be much more pleased in the long run if you stick to the much safer even-money bets. Gambling is meant as a unique form of entertainment. 

The longer you can stay on the floor gambling, the more entertainment you’ll be getting for your money. Stop burning money in the middle of the table, and you’ll be a much happier gambler in the long run.

3 – Understand La Partage and En Prison

“La partage” or “en prison” can only be found on single-zero wheels. That’s convenient because we’ve already covered that there’s no playing on double-zero wheels.

These bets directly impact your wagers on the even-money bets. Those are the familiar red/black, odd/even, and high/low wagers.

Because there are 37 slots on a single-zero wheel, you have a slightly less than 50/50 chance of winning. However, with la partage or en prison available, the zero essentially disappears.

The loss of even money bet to zero is only half of your wafer. Thus, your chances of winning your money back increase, and the house edge dips below 1.4%.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that’s among the lowest house edges in the casino. Placing even-money bets on a table with this fabulous table rule can stretch your bankroll farther than you’ve ever taken it before.

You’ll need to be highly patient, though. There’s a chance that you could get on a roll and win big, but chances are, the ups and downs will keep you close to even while the chips slowly fade.

4 – Rack up Those Comps

I’ve said it many times in the past, and I’ll say it once more: Every dollar you save in the casino is as good as a dollar won.

That means comps are among the casino gambler’s best tools. You won’t need to rack up thousands of players’ points to earn some fantastic comps.

The house edge for the average roulette player is relatively high, and casinos will bend quite a bit to keep these players happy and gambling.

Anytime you’re on a roulette table for a considerable amount of time, you should ask the pit boss for a comp meal at the minimum. I’d recommend an hour or more of steady play before you make your request.

Obviously, your typical bet size is going to influence what comps the casino will bestow upon you. If you’re playing for even a modest wager, you should at the least be able to receive a comped meal.

That $20 could be the cornerstone on which you build your monumental comeback. Or you could lose it all on black, but at least you’ll be playing for longer than you would otherwise.

That’s the point, and it’s the one overwhelming point I hope you all take from this article. The longer you are able to be in the casino, the greater your overall success as a gambler.

5 – Find the Busier Tables

One major mistake I see casino gamblers making is playing too fast. This blunder is most apparent on slot machines, but it can happen in any game in the casino.

By no means should you slow the game down to a crawl for the sake of protecting your bankroll. This type of play will draw everyone’s ire, from the dealer and pit boss to your fellow players.

You don’t need that type of negativity in your life. Besides, you can take steps to ensure the game is moving as slow as possible without any blame.

Casino Gambling

I’m talking about playing on the more crowded tables. When you play on a roulette table with very few players, the game moves incredibly efficiently.

The results of a faster running game are the same as a slower moving game. Only, the house edge will catch up to you much more quickly.

Again, the objective is to stretch your casino gambling bankroll as far as you possibly can. If you want to immediately improve your roulette game, stick to the busy tables full of gamblers placing their bets.

The extra time it takes to pay out the winning bets will add significant time to your session.

6 – Dismiss the Betting Systems

One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your roulette game is dismissing the notion that betting systems are going to fix your gambling woes.

If any of such betting systems was a guaranteed lock to leave the player a profit, everyone would employ them, and the casinos would be converted into massive paintball complexes.

The sad fact is that betting systems only benefit those who stand to profit from promoting them.

The Martingale System, for example, is incredibly popular with the unwitting roulette player. I will go ahead and include myself in this group.

On one of my earliest casino trips, I had a friend detail how we were about to take the casinos for thousands using this system. I walked confidently into the casino with around $300.

Roughly 80 minutes later, I was sitting alone in the car and didn’t have $3 to grab a beer. Don’t buy into the fact that you’re “due” for a win, and don’t believe in a magic pill for winning at the casinos.

7 – Learn Where the House Edge Comes From

The standard house edge for a game of roulette is just over 5.25%. This number means that for every $100 you put into play, the casino will ultimately keep $5.25.

So, let’s imagine that you’re playing 30 spins per hour for $10 per spin. That’ll be an expected hourly loss of $15.75.

This is important to keep in mind as you approach the tables. Bankroll management is a prominent fixture in any successful gambling career.


These seven ways to immediately improve your roulette game will surely enhance your casino gambling. Still, there’s no easy path to success and no guaranteed formula for winning.

The best advice I have for you is to enjoy the ride. Whether you win big or lose a little, you’ll be having too much fun to care either way.

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