8 Ways to Be a Better Gambler

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If you want to become a better gambler, there are many things you can do. The reason why most gamblers don’t improve is because they never try to get better.

The good news is that you want to become a better gambler, or you wouldn’t be reading this page, and that it’s easier than you probably think.

Here are eight simple ways you can become a better gambler. Read over the list, pick one or two things that you can start doing today, and take action. You’re going to be a better gambler is no time if you follow the advice on this page.

1 – Only Gamble on Strategy Games

The first thing to know about becoming a better gambler is if a game doesn’t have a strategy you can use, you shouldn’t bet on it. Everything you do in a casino has a house edge. The edge dictates how much the casino makes.

You need to gamble on things that have a low house edge so you have a better chance to win. The gambling activities that have the lowest house edge all have some strategy that you can use. And the activities with the highest house edge tend to be games that don’t have a strategy.

Slot machines don’t have a strategy that helps you lower the house edge, and they have a high house edge. Blackjack has different strategies you can use, and if you use them all you can eliminate the house edge.

Look for gambling activities that allow you to use strategy. And while you’re looking for these activities, spend some time learning more about the house edge for each game.

2 – Never Play Without Using the Best Strategy

Now that you understand why you need to play games that have strategy, the next step is to vow never to play unless you know the correct strategy.

This is easy for many gambling activities, and it’s quite complicated for some others. The best strategy for baccarat is easy. All you need to do is bet on the banker.

The correct strategy for roulette is also simple. You only play on a wheel with a single zero and 37 total spaces.

If you’re playing poker, like Texas holdem, there are dozens of strategies you need to master. On the positive side, if you can learn most of the best strategies you can make money playing poker.

The bottom line is that you need to find one or two gambling activities that offer a low house edge and learn everything you can about strategy for your games.

3 – Stop Making Side Bets

Many gambling games offer at least one side bet. These side bets range from fairly simple, like insurance in blackjack, to some that are so complicated that most players don’t understand them.

The only thing you need to know is that all side bets have one thing in common. They’re all designed to get more of your money. The house edge on side bets is almost always higher than the edge on the regular game.

When you make side bets you bet more money and make the house edge go up. These are both bad things that you can avoid by not making any more side bets.

4 – Spend More Time Practicing

Most gamblers never practice. They just start betting and never stop. But smart gamblers practice their skills while building their knowledge.

You have many different ways and opportunities to practice. If you play casino games, sign up for a free account at one of the popular online casinos. Most online casinos let you play all of their games for free, so practicing is free and easy.

If you play poker, you can play for free at an online poker room. If you like to bet on sports, you can make paper trades using an imaginary bankroll.

When you’re playing games that require advanced strategy, like blackjack, video poker, or poker, you need to practice to make sure you’re using strategy the best possible way. The best way to do this is to put in the time practicing.

5 – Find Good Video Poker Pay Tables

Most casinos offer video poker games, but they aren’t as popular as they once were. The best things about video poker are that you can use strategy to lower the house edge, and that some machines have pay tables that let you play close to break even.

You can play dozens of video poker variations and pay tables, but when you learn about the good games and the best pay tables you can keep an eye out for the best machines.

The best games to start with are Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Learn how each game is played, the best strategy for each game, and the house edge for each of the popular pay tables.

Both of these games are available with pay tables that have a house edge of less than .5%. But you have to know which pay tables to use and always use the correct strategy.

6 – Become a Master Blackjack Player

Blackjack is hands don the best casino game option for gamblers looking for a way to play with a low house edge. And if you get good at using strategy and learn how to count cards, you can play blackjack with no house edge. You might even get good enough to win some money.

You start by learning about blackjack rules variations. The next step is practicing basic blackjack strategy until you can make the correct play 100% of the time.

Once you master these areas, the final step is to learn more about how to count cards. Counting cards is much easier than most gamblers believe, so don’t bet scared off just because you think it sounds hard.

Most gamblers can learn how to count cards good enough to at least break even with a couple weeks worth of work. And once you learn how, all you have to do is use your skills occasionally to stay sharp.

7 – Play Poker Against Bad Players

Most gamblers think they have to be great poker players in order to win money. But the truth is that you don’t even have to be a decent poker player to make money. As long as you’re a better poker player than your opponents you’re going to make money.

Learn as much as you can about playing good poker, and learn all of the strategy that you can. But the key is always going to be finding games with bad players. If you can’t find poker games with bad players where you usually play, start looking other places for good games.

Another option is to start your own game. All you have to do is invite as many bad players as you can find. Don’t invite anyone that plays better than you, and you’re going to make money consistently.

As your skills and strategy improves, you can play against better competition. But never let your ego get in the way of making a profit. You don’t want to play poker against the best. You want to play poker against the worst.

8 – Make Sports Bets With People You Know

The biggest cost when you make bets on sporting events is the extra fee, or vig, that you pay when betting in a sportsbook. But you can make bets that don’t have a fee when you find other people to place bets with.

Start asking all of your friends and people you work with if they bet on games. Make a list of everyone that does, and keep asking new people you meet if they bet on sports.

Every time you want to place a bet, evaluate the game and then contact the people on your list to see f anyone is willing to bet on the other side of the game.

When you place bets this way you only have to win half the time to break even. And if you improve your handicapping skills you can learn how to win more than half the time so you can show a profit.


It’s not as hard as most gamblers think to improve your chances to win. When you want to become a better gambler, start with the eight simple steps on this page.

Learn about the strategy for each game, and don’t gamble on anything where strategy isn’t a possibility. And never gamble without using the best strategy.

Avoid making any side bets, and start focusing on one or two gambling activities that offer a low house edge. Blackjack, video poker, betting on sports, and poker games are the best place to start.

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