9 Fast Ways to Master Casino Games

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If you want to know exactly how to become a casino game master, the path is clear. Find a casino game that gives you a real chance to win. Then, dedicate time and energy to learning everything possible about it.

This doesn’t mean that mastering a casino game is easy. But it’s not out of your reach. This article is designed to give you all the tools to develop your path.

Here’s a list of nine fast ways you can start mastering casino games. Start by mastering one game before trying to master more.

1 – Know the Return Numbers by Heart

The first step to mastering casino games is to know the return numbers for every game by heart. This means that you need to know exactly which game offers a better return when you’re comparing two or more options.

A return for a casino game is most easily considered by using a percentage, or a return to player percentage. This is simply a number that you can use to determine how much the game is expected to make as a profit for the casino.

For Example:

Let’s say you’re playing a casino game with a return to player of 98.3%. You play for three hours and make a total of $2,298 in wagers. You can expect to lose $39.07.

All you have to do is multiply the return number of 98.3% times the amount of your wagers ($2,298) to get the total amount the game is going to give back. Then, subtract this number from the amount you wagered to get your expected loss.

This calculation is based on a large number of wagers, so in the short run, the actual results may be higher or lower. You need to know all of the return numbers so that you know which games offer the best return, and in turn, the lowest risk of loss.

2 – Focus on One Game at a Time

In order to master any casino game, you have to focus on one game at a time. I don’t mean that you need to focus on one game just when you’re playing it. I mean that you need to figure out what casino game you want to master and forget about all of the other options.

It’s equally important to pick a game that mastery is going to help with. It doesn’t matter how much you master some games, because no matter how you play them or how much you know, you’re never going to make the return to player numbers high enough to make them worth playing.

That’s why I listed the knowledge of return numbers first and focus second. Identify the right game first, and then focus solely on that game.

3 – Only Play Games That Have a Strategy Component

When you think about casino games, do you think about strategy or something else? Even if it’s not the first thought you have, does strategy ever even enter the conversation?

Casino game strategy is not exactly easy to define. Strategy is what can be used to alter the return to player percentage by a player on a casino game. Maybe the best way to look at it is using a couple examples.

When you play slots, you can’t change the return. The machine is programmed with a set return, so you can’t use strategy. When you’re playing real money blackjack and have to decide whether or not to split a pair of sevens, the return changes based on what you do.

The reason why strategy is important is because just about every casino game that doesn’t let you use strategy has a lower return than games that do let you use strategy.

4 – Find Low Risk Opportunities

Every casino game player would like to find low risk opportunities by the traditional definition of the phrase. And the best way to do this is using the information in the first section.

But I’m not using low risk in the traditional sense here. What I mean by low risk casino game opportunities is how much money you risk on every spin or hand.

You learned that the return number can be used to predict your losses, so a higher return produces fewer losses. But the other part of the equation you learned was how much you bet.

The other way to lower losses is to risk less money. Use the smallest wager size possible when you play casino games. If you’re used to playing in a live casino, consider trying mobile and online casinos. These casinos have smaller minimum bet levels.

5 – Predict Your Losses and Plan Your Wins

I introduced a simple formula in the first section that you can use to figure out how much you can expect to lose when you play casino games. This is valuable by itself, because it helps you budget for a casino session or trip and it shows you just how much playing a bad game is going to cost you.

But it can be valuable for another reason as well.

What happens if you play a casino game in a way that pushes the return over 100%?

When this happens, it means that instead of losing in the long run, you start winning. You can use the same formula to determine or predict how much you’re expected to win.

6 – Complicated Isn’t Always Better

Sometimes, learning how to use a complicated strategy is the best way to play a casino game. But complicated isn’t always better. Sometimes, you can use an extremely simple strategy that produces a higher return than one that’s more complicated.

Two casino games that have simple strategies are baccarat and craps. And when you use a simple strategy for these two games, the return is 98.5% or higher.

This return is higher than you get for any table game in the casino other than blackjack, and all but a few machine-based games. And some of these games have a more complicated strategy.

7 – Avoid Casino Traps

Casinos take advantage of gamblers in many different ways, and most players don’t even realize they’re falling into the traps. The best defense is to be aware of the most common casino traps so you can avoid them as often as possible.

A common casino trap is the players or rewards club. It looks like a way to get free comps, but it leads to playing longer and risking more so you can reach the next comps level. Another common trap is the online or mobile bonus trap.

Bonuses encourage you to deposit more money, and they lock you into playing longer to clear the bonus. Start looking for these and other casino traps that are designed to make you gambler more and play longer.

8 – Blackjack Is the Best Game

If you’re interested in a shortcut to becoming a casino game master, you can skip every game in the casino except blackjack. When you play at the best blackjack tables and use strategy, it has the highest return.

To learn how to identify the best blackjack games, you need to look at how every rule influences the return numbers. Then, you need to learn how to use proper blackjack strategy.

Blackjack has one other benefit that most casino games don’t. You can learn an advanced blackjack strategy that can push the return over 100%. You can learn more about advantage play methods like this in the next section.

9 – Advance to Advantage Play as Fast as You Can

Casino games advantage play is a way to gamble with a realistic chance of making money instead of losing money. Advantage play doesn’t have anything to do with luck.

The most common form of advantage play is counting cards when you play blackjack. But there are other advantage play methods that can help you win.

Advantage play methods are the next step after you master one or more casino games. And when you master at least one advantage play method, you can consider yourself a true casino game master. Start with blackjack, because it’s the easiest game to use to find an advantage.


If you want to become a casino game master, everything starts with knowing the important numbers for every game. With this information, you can pick the game that gives you the best opportunity for profit.

Once you find the right casino game, your work is just beginning. But it’s easier to make a plan. You just have to focus all of your energy and time on your chosen game.

Remember that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. But you can master anything, even when it’s complicated, as long as you put in the time and effort.

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