9 Great Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

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Many people go on vacation every year, and while they’re traveling they either get engaged or decide they don’t want to wait any longer to get married. You’ll find that there’s no better place to get this done quickly than in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, you have everything you could ever dream of for your wedding right at your fingertips.

You can get the perfect dress at one of the many boutiques on the strip, get your hair and nails done at one of the upscale salons, and you can even get a massage and facial to get you perfectly relaxed and refreshed for your big day. For the guys, they have tuxes available as well. There’s no better place to celebrate your last night as a single man or woman.

Las Vegas and Clark County have made it a super easy process to get married on a whim. That’s why there have been so many celebrities who have gotten married while in Las Vegas. Since there’s no waiting period or blood tests, all the Bride and Groom need to do is appear at the Marriage License Bureau, pay a small fee, and they’re issued a license to be married that’s good for a full 30 days.

That is why every year there are more than 100,000 weddings performed in the city. Everywhere you look while you’re on the strip you can find a chapel that offers many different types of wedding themes. Most include flowers, a video, and other services that make your perfect wedding come true on a small budget or in the blink of an eye. You can even choose to be married by Elvis or other celebrities which can add an unforgettable touch to your wedding.

Las Vegas is home to thousands of different choices of venues for you to take your wedding vows. Some are cheesy and low rent types of places while others are more upscale and provide an incredibly romantic venue for your special day. Below you’ll find the best of the best when it comes to Las Vegas weddings, so let’s get started and see if one of these venues is what you’re looking for on your special day.

1 – A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

If you want to get married in Las Vegas but want to have a venue that’s more traditional, take a look at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. This chapel is a replica of a New England church that has beautiful oak pews and dressing rooms available for the Bride and Groom.

The wedding area has seating to host a maximum of 115 guests and allows the bride a choice of how she enters her wedding. She can choose to be revealed by a set of double doors or to add more of a dramatic feel to the ceremony and descend from a beautiful spiral staircase.

The chapel doesn’t stop with just traditional church wedding options. If you’re looking for a more unusual wedding this chapel can still be of service. They have multiple indoor choices that include an Elvis theme or a drive-through option if you’re in a big hurry.

You can also schedule an outdoor wedding at locations like the Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, or Mountain Air. This chapel even offers helicopter weddings where you can take your vows flying high over Las Vegas or land on the floor of the Grand Canyon and have that be the backdrop for your special day.

2 – Chapel of the Bells

The Chapel of The Bells has been featured in motion pictures many times such as Honeymoon in Vegas. It has also been the venue for celebrity weddings like Kelly Ripa and Bobby Unser.

The chapel is open to all religious denominations and has many different packages available from which you can choose. They have packages that can fit just about any kind of budget. Even a low budget package can include a car service which picks them up from their hotel and takes them to the Marriage Bureau, and then onto the chapel.

The chapel is right on the strip and has a beautifully kept garden that everyone gets to see on the way into the chapel. This is one of the better choices if you want a nice wedding but don’t have a whole lot of money to drop on the event.

3 – Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

This is the largest chapel on the Las Vegas Strip and is modeled after a classic adobe Spanish mission. The venue includes a seating area that has seating for 140 people and includes an array of picturesque settings for the ceremonial pictures such as the bell tower, fountain, or gazebo.

Ceremonies can take place at any of these locations or you can choose to use the chapel for a more traditional option. You also can choose from one of the many themes the chapel offers as well. If you’ve always wanted a destination wedding but knew you could never afford the trip you can get it here.

Have your dream wedding in Hawaii, or go more dramatic with the crazier themes like Gothic, Rock ‘n’ Roll, or Intergalactic. These themed weddings include costumes and decorations to make the event seem as authentic as possible.

The chapel is a full service wedding location that has everything you could want in a wedding location. You can count on getting the best service available for your special day. The chapel is set up with a state of the art sound system to give you the best wedding possible. You can even hold a celebration of your nuptials here after the wedding by morphing into a night club as well.

4 – Wynn Wedding Chapel

The Wynn in Las Vegas is one of the top resorts on the strip and has been awarded Brides Choice three years in a row. With its romantic package options and different choices of backdrops for your big day you can have the wedding of your dreams. It isn’t the cheapest option on the strip but you can get a package to cover all your needs for a decent price with Wynn.

You can choose from a small venue that seats around 65 guests to have an intimate ceremony or if a larger venue is needed you can choose the 120 guest seating at the Lavender Salon. If an outdoor setting is what you’re looking for, you can choose to use the Primrose Court yard which has beautiful fountains and a garden to give you a romantic ceremony.

The Wynn offers all inclusive wedding packages that can take care of everything from your arrival at the hotel, the trip to the court house to get your license, and special check- in at the hotel. The packages can help you save money on the wedding since most include transportation to and from the ceremony, flowers, and a wedding photographer.

Having your wedding at the Wynn is guaranteed to give you a day you’ll never forget full of elegance and romance.

5 –The Bellagio Wedding Chapel

Every little girl at some point wants to have a fairy tale wedding like Cinderella, and the Bellagio has the ability to get pretty close to this dream come true wedding. The hotel has three different settings for your ceremony and multiple packages that can help you with the planning of the event.

You can choose from two old world style chapels. The East and South chapels have stained glass windows, warm rich wood, and are decorated in creams, blue, and green muted colors. The East chapel is perfect for a small intimate ceremony with seating for up to 30 guests while the South chapel is larger and can accommodate around 130 guests.

You can also have an outdoor ceremony on the Terrazza Di Sogno terrace that includes a beautiful staircase, balcony, and terrace for you to use for your ceremony or to hold a reception. With the view of a lake and Tuscan landscape this location must be seen to appreciate.

The packages that the Bellagio offers include ceremonies for first time marriages, vow renewal, and even proposals. You can get an elegant and beautifully romantic setting for any of these milestones in your life.

6 – Graceland Wedding Chapel

Located near The Strip, the Graceland Wedding Chapel is where you can join the ranks of celebrities who have been wed here. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Jon Bon Jovi, and Selma Hayek have used this chapel to get married and since this chapel has been in business for over 50 years you know they have the experience needed to provide you with a great experience.

The chapel is named after the home of Elvis Presley so you can count on seeing the man himself at some point during your visit to the chapel. If you would like for The King to be a part of your big day you can choose the Elvis Presley Package that includes an Elvis tribute artist as the ceremony officiating official.

The chapel also has a more traditional option that doesn’t include the King but is sure to make you feel like a King and Queen on your special day. With the packages available at Graceland Wedding Chapel you get all the usual wedding necessities such as photos, music, flowers, and a cake. One thing this chapel offers that you won’t find at other chapels is the option to have the ceremony broadcast over the internet. Anyone who isn’t able to attend can still have the chance to watch you get married.

The chapel has a long history of providing everything a couple needs to have a perfect wedding ceremony in the city of lights.

7 – Chapel of the Flowers

The Chapel of the Flowers wedding chapel is another award winning chapel on this list. The chapel has four settings for your ceremony along with a beautiful outdoor location that you can choose from.

The Victorian chapel is the most traditional setting with its velvet drapes and mahogany pews for your guest to be seated. This setting gives you a classic church feel and guarantees a traditional setting for your ceremony. The second chapel is the La Capella Chapel which is a Tuscan style chapel with wrought iron accents along the walls and stone archway’s give the ceremony a romantic old world feel.

If an outdoor venue is what you’re looking for you can choose the gazebo which is surrounded by trees and beautiful blooming gardens. The gazebo can be used for day time or night time weddings. For a night time ceremony the gardens and gazebo becomes a fairy tale feel complete with sparkling white lights.

8 –A Hollywood Wedding Chapel

This is one of the newer chapels on the Strip but it hasn’t always been a wedding chapel. This chapel was converted from a night club that was quite popular with celebrities for years while in operation. History says that this venue was originally built by the mob in 1954 as a night club. Many of Hollywood’s top performers were known to spend their time here while they were in Las Vegas.

Since 2000, when the club was converted into the chapel, it has become known as the place to go to get a reasonably priced wedding package. You can choose from many different packages, some that even include an Elvis tribute artist to walk you down the aisle and sing at your wedding.

If you’re looking for a venue with an incredible history and multiple packages to choose from for a reasonable price then A Hollywood Wedding Chapel is the best place for you to go.

9 –The Venetian Wedding Chapel

Venice, Italy is one of the most romantic cities in the world and has become a go to for destination weddings of the rich and famous. However, most people can’t afford to travel that far much less be able to afford the same types of settings you can find right here in Las Vegas.

The Venetian, like most of the other big resorts on the strip, has joined the crowd of wedding chapel services. At The Venetian you can choose from three different chapels that bring a romantic feel to your special day. Each of these chapels is beautifully decorated with classic Italian dark woods and old world styling.

The outdoor options at the resort include the beautiful St. Mark Square Bridge where you can have your ceremony while enjoying the singing of gondola operators. After the ceremony you can drift down the canal on a beautiful white gondola to conclude your special day with one of the most romantic settings in all of Vegas.

Other outdoor settings include the Palazzo Waterfalls and multiple courtyards, and terraces that can be used for ceremonies or as reception areas to give you the ability to have your whole day within one central location. The Venetian has multiple packages to choose from that cover all necessary wedding material such as flowers, catering, and a photographer.

Since the Venetian is a large hotel this gives them the ability to give extra services the smaller venues can’t accommodate, such as the rehearsal dinner and the bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you and your guest would like to stay at the resort to take advantage of all the other amenities it offers you can request to have a block of rooms reserved so everyone is within the same area.


Millions of people come to Las Vegas every day. Some are there to gamble some are there for the entertainment, but a constantly growing group of people are coming to the city to get married. There are more than 100,000 people married on a yearly basis in Las Vegas.

With the ease of getting a marriage License it’s easy to see how it has become the place to go to get married in a hurry. For many, Las Vegas has the effect of an aphrodisiac at times and people make rash decisions and get married without much thought. That’s another reason for the increase in marriages.

Weddings have become a big business in the city and you can find a place to take your vows on just about every corner. When the larger hotels and casinos started seeing the increase in business for the small venues they wanted to get in on the game so they started their own chapels.

With everyone jumping on board, a bride and groom have plenty of options to choose from when they decide to get married in Sin City. You can choose from the cheap cheesy weddings as seen in movies like The Hangover or you can go for a more upscale experience.

Each of the venues has many different packages available for the wedding party to choose from. You can get just about any kind of wedding covered; even the outlandish themes like the gothic and space themed weddings. Each of the venues has something that sets them apart from the others.

At some you can be serenaded by Elvis or even escorted down the aisle, and at others you can have your ceremony broadcasted over the internet and Skype to allow you to have everyone at your ceremony even if they can’t make the trip.

Las Vegas is becoming the place to go for just about everything, so why not make it your choice as a venue for your wedding?

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