9 Great Shows That Need to be Streaming on Netflix

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It’s great to be in a day and age where we can pay one monthly subscription fee and get access to all of the television delights we could want. Netflix allows for that, as the leader in entertainment streaming services.

Of course, even Netflix has it’s shortcomings, as it does happen every now and again; when you go to find that one awesome new TV show and Netflix simply doesn’t have it.

A lot of shows, you’d just shrug it off. Netflix isn’t going to carry every single old show you used to watch or all of the new hits. It has a careful selection process, where it does a fine dance between getting the wider audience what they want, while also showcasing content that is more streamable than others.

For example, Netflix has publicly admitted they’ve turned their focus in the past few years to streaming the best television shows, documentaries and specials (stand-up comedy, Netflix Originals, etc), rather than every single movie or show they can get their hands on.

Despite their best efforts, however, Netflix has certainly failed to get us some really killer shows. We give them credit for delivering a full arsenal of awesome entertainment – we do. But we’re a tad disappointed we can’t get access to these shows:

Note: Spare us all of the rights, licenses and deals mumbo jumbo. These shows are awesome and need to be on Netflix, STAT.

Game of Thrones


Netflix, you know nothing.

This has to lead the way, as Game of Thrones is probably the top fantasy genre show out there, yet we can’t access it via our favorite streaming devices. Instead, we need to order HBO to watch this for eight weeks out of the year.

Beware, my friends. Netflix at night without Game of Thrones is dark and full of terrors.

True Detective


Another HBO stud – at least the first season – True Detective leads you into the darkest of corners in the world, while gracing you with two die hard detectives in Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson that refuse to give up on a cold case, even decades after the dogs have been called off.

Not only do we get a fabulous story, amazing writing and stellar acting, but this anthology series delivers with an emphatic ending and a naturally progressing series that keeps you guessing at every turn.

There is even a second season guided by Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell that – while falling epically short of season one – is a fine try.

This is probably all moot, as GOT and True Detective come from the mother ship (HBO) and they simply don’t hand out streaming rights. It’s quite unlikely we’ll ever seen any big HBO shows land on Netflix, but here’s to hoping Netflix pays up and makes it happen.

Naturally, we’d include The Wire and other big HBO shows from the past and present, but we thought we’d stop our hopeless dreaming at two massive HBO successes.



Homeland is another awesome premium TV show that had everyone guessing for years, but it was kept tucked neatly away at Showtime.

There is hope for Homeland coming to Netflix, of course, as it already is on Hulu and we’ve seen Showtime hits Weeds, Dexter and Nurse Jackie on Netflix, as well.

Homeland takes the national security to a whole new level and really makes you gut check the characters (as well as yourself). Hopefully Netflix can pry it away from Hulu before long.



Enter Hulu again, as they bought the streaming rights to Seinfeld, which has now been airing relentlessly in a lot of our bedrooms as we fall asleep, going on a good year now. Of course, for those non-Hulu customers and avid Netflix backers, the dream of streaming Jerry Seinfeld and his friends seems forever away.

That’s probably the reality, too, since Hulu has the rights and probably won’t ever relinquish them. Still, Netflix did acquire streaming rights to Friends and could go after Seinfeld down the road. For now, however, it’s a bummer that we can’t enjoy both.

For those Seinfeld fans who still want some laughs, though, we say:




Stemming from Seinfeld is the great Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who is masterful in her role as fictional Vice President, Selina Meyer.

I know, we said we’d stop hard on the HBO shows to Netflix chatter, but this is one that actually has legs. Veep can be viewed in its entirety at Amazon Prime, after all, so we know HBO gives up some streaming rights to the highest bidder.

Short of having Amazon Prime or, you know, all of the online streaming websites under account, it may be hard to partake in truly one of the best political comedies – or just best comedies – that has come around in some time.

The crazy part? Louis-Dreyfus, as awesome as she is, isn’t even the best character in this show. The writing, situational comedy and spot-on performances set in a not so comical world are extremely impressive.

Curb Your Enthusiasm


You could easily rank Larry David’s “Curb” ahead of his former co-worker on Seinfeld, as the former writer and director heads up his own show that has spanned nearly a decade.

There is talk of David and co. actually returning for a ninth season, which surely only adds to the value of this show’s past, present and future. And again, this is another HBO favorite that the company will be quite reluctant to give up to other streaming services.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Our favorite horrible cops that represent the Brooklyn-99 precinct aren’t so horrible. Andy Samberg and co. make up a hilarious bunch that actually do their job quite well and make us laugh along the way.

Sadly, Samberg’s antics can only be seen live on FOX or over on Hulu these days. It’s a shame, too, as Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an easy show to accidentally pass over even when you have access to it.

That shouldn’t be the case, though, as this is hidden comedy goal and absolutely needs to be on the best online streaming service.


The same goes for Workaholics, as this Comedy Central stud actually used to be on Netflix before getting picked up by Hulu.

Our favorite trio of call center buddies are hard at doing as little work as possible, yet we can’t enjoy their wild antics if we have Netflix. Netflix needs to find a way to right that former wrong and get Workaholics back in their lineup.

Actually, they are. Kind of. With Workaholics set to end after 7 seasons on Comedy Central, there has been chatter about a Workaholics film project with Netflix. Perhaps that will expedite the show’s return from whence it came.

Broad City


There are several Comedy Central shows we could pry out of the woodwork and mourn in terms of their lack of Netflix availability. Nathan For You, Review, Chapelle Show – the list truly can go on and on.

But right up there with Workaholics might be Broad City, which has three healthy seasons of two fine ladies – Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer – showing us what New York is really all about.

Or, what they think it’s all about.

More crazy antics are to be found here, yet they aren’t anywhere on Netflix. That’s just unacceptable.

Judging by this short (but versatile) list of awesome shows – whether comedy or thriller – it’s easy to see that as eclectic as Netflix’s TV show lineup currently is, it could stand to improve a bit.

If even one of these shows can find it’s way into Netflix streaming, we’ll feel we did a service for all of those die hard Netflix streamers out there that are waiting on that next awesome show.

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