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US Sportsbooks

Sports betting has become one of the fastest-growing areas of gambling in the United States. Many sports bettors make annual trips to their favorite casino sportsbooks during significant events throughout the year.

Nearly all casino sportsbooks are lavish enclaves with walls of 4K televisions and free-flowing beverages. Still, there are some that stand a cut above the rest.

Every sports bettor jumps at the opportunity to visit a casino sportsbook. Still, some grow tired of the scene as soon as the novelty wears off for them. Here are nine US sportsbooks you’ll never want to leave.

1 – The Aria

The Aria is one of the most magnificent Las Vegas properties strictly on its own accord. The phenomenal resort is top of the line all around.

Many casino visitors never get the opportunity to enjoy the lovely sportsbook. Even if you’ve never placed a single sports bet in your life, you’re missing out if you don’t check out the sportsbook at Aria.


For starters, guests get to enjoy a gigantic 220-foot wide wall of the high-definition video board. You can watch your favorite games on the massive screen. At the same time, you enjoy your favorite beverage and a selection of excellent pub fare.

You’ll be doing so from luxuriously appointed leather seating in a relaxed smoke-free environment.

The Aria is one of the premier casinos on the planet, and you’ll have a full selection of games to choose from with some of the best lines in Las Vegas.

2 – Beau Rivage Casino Resort

A growing population of US-based casino gamblers is ditching Las Vegas for the fabulous gulf coast.

Beau Rivage Casino Resort in Biloxi, MS, is ready to stand toe to toe with any casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Don’t let the Beau Rivage fool you into thinking it’s some down-home “mom and pop” operation. This luxury resort is part of the fabulous MGM family of casinos.

The cutting-edge BetMGM Book Bar and Grill is one of the most excellent sports betting arenas on the planet. The sportsbook is open until 10 pm during the week and 11 pm on weekends.

Guests can watch all of the games on dozens of large TVs while they kick back in comfortable high-back seating.

The sportsbook has a significant five-window betting area, and you can enjoy one of over 30 video poker machines while the games play out on the screens above.

Beau Rivage has the amenities and attractions to draw customers from around the world. Sports bettors may never want to leave.

3 – Caesars Palace Las Vegas

The sportsbook at Caesars Palace is considered by many to be the pinnacle of sports betting opulence in Las Vegas. The fabulous piece of sports betting heaven is surrounded by the standard giant wall of TVs. Everyone can enjoy the 145″ high-def screens.

And the sportsbook has 13 separate betting windows for punters to lay action on anything from the Masters to the Final Four.

Caesars Palace

You’ll also find a separate racebook where you can bet and watch the ponies run live from tracks around the globe.

Of course, suppose you decide to leave the sportsbook. In that case, you’ll have all of the beautiful attractions and gaming that Caesars Palace is famous for worldwide.

4 – The Bellagio

When you make a casino trip to Las Vegas, make sure to check out the famous Bellagio Fountains before the sportsbook. I’d hate for anyone to get so enthralled by the heart-pounding thrills of the sportsbook that they missed the show.

Once you get to the sportsbook, you’ll be greeted by a world-class staff of friendly and fast sports lovers. The 65 LED screens are continually pumping out the latest and greatest sports action.

The sportsbook also provides over 200 leather seats to stay calm and comfortable while you cheer on the screen teams.

Bellagio even boasts a private VIP area with several large sofas and private servers. Making the sportsbook at Bellagio the perfect destination for bachelor parties or your fantasy football draft.

5 – Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino has long been considered one of the finest casinos in the United States.

Adding Foxwoods to the list is unique because the primary focus here is on DFS. Daily fantasy sports are becoming a growing part of how we gamble.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

DraftKings and Foxwoods have entered into a unique relationship. That partnership has culminated in a great sports betting arena. Players will have their typical assortment of giant screens and luxury seats to watch their favorite teams compete.

The unique side of DFS will add something that many other sportsbooks have yet to realize. The Racebook at Foxwoods has over 100 individual betting stations and a massive wall of screens that would shame many sportsbooks.

Foxwoods Resort Casino is a must-see operation for all sports betting enthusiasts.

6 – Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay has been a Las Vegas staple on the Las Vegas Strip’s southern tip for years.

The sportsbook at Mandalay Bay has seating for over 150 bettors and provides fantastic 4K screens for all to enjoy.

Bettors will have their choice of games from around the world. Soccer, cricket, baseball, football, golf, or whatever your pleasure can be found at the betting windows.

The racing area at Mandalay Bay is just off the sportsbook and has its own betting windows. Besides, racing fans can enjoy the action from their private screen with comfortable seating and a smoke-free setting.

Mandalay Bay has a bevy of exciting attractions and amenities to keep the non-sports lovers occupied. At the same time, you spend hours watching a game.

7 – The MGM Grand Las Vegas

The MGM Grand is one of the most easily recognizable casinos on the planet. It’s also among the most frequently visited casinos in Las Vegas.

The opulent sportsbook at the MGM Grand sits in a vast circular room. This design gives bettors an incredible 360-degree view of the great action.

MGM Grand

For the best view and an exceptional experience, book one of the luxurious skyboxes. These fantastic private areas offer a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery and come with a dedicated attendant.

Need a beer, snack, or a wager placed? Your personal concierge can take care of any requests you may have. It’s not all for the show at MGM Grand, you’ll be pleased to find a complete array of sports to bet on, and any futures or props you can imagine are at your betting pleasure.

8 – The Wynn

The Wynn Las Vegas has been the absolute mountain top of gambling in luxury for many years. That’s not likely to change anytime in the near future. The Wynn is a gorgeous property inside and out.

The incredible sportsbook is no exception. In fact, there may be no better place on the planet to place your wagers and watch the games unfold.

The Wynn sportsbook sets the tone by combining fine leather seating with excellent deep wood grain appointments. Still, this sportsbook is more than merely a fancy sports bar. Punters can enjoy favorable lines on every sport and contest under the sun.

Are you ready for this?

The Wynn has over 1,500 square feet of video screens for you to watch Brady throw yet another 25-yard TD pass to Gronk or see Luka Doncic hit another nasty 20-foot pull-up over any poor sap trying to defend him.

Making a memorable trip to Wynn for sports betting will not be a waste of time. It may be the highlight of your next casino gambling trip.

9 – IP Casino Resort Spa

The sportsbook at IP Casino Resort Spa in Biloxi is another of the partnerships between the DFS companies and a major casino. This time, it’s FanDuel, and the two appear to be a match made in paradise.

IP Sportsbook sits adjacent to the fabulous FanDuel Sportsbook. Players can make their bets at the betting windows and then step next door to enjoy cold drinks and hot food.

IP Casino

Most importantly is that you’ll be immersed in the live sports happening on nearly 80 crystal-clear screens.

IP Casino Resort Spa may be foreign to some Las Vegas gamblers, but the casino is taking the Gulf Coast by storm. This fabulous casino will be a bucket list casino for all gamblers in the next few years.


As humans, we are social by nature. Sports bettors tend to be even more social creatures.

We long to be surrounded by our fellow sports enthusiasts, and the sight of a sea of jerseys with a significant game on the screens gets our adrenaline pumping.

The nine US sportsbooks you’ll never want to leave have all of the camaraderies you’ll be looking for and much more. These are the pinnacle of sports betting in the United States.

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