A Look at the IEM XIII Chicago Grand Finals – Betting Analysis and Breakdown

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IEM XIII Chicago is a prestigious event… and it’s not just because it’s a part of the Intel Grand Slam. Nope! It’s an “old” event that has developed a sort of a tradition. Plus – it’s being played in Chicago which is known for some of the noisiest esports fans in the world. So far, the tournament brought several surprises, but the biggest one could unfold in the grand finals.

With the big stage set, a thrilling atmosphere in the air and millions of fans at the edge of their seats, Astralis and Team Liquid will face off against each other for that gorgeous IEM trophy. And that’s exactly why I am so proud to present my IEM XIII Chicago Grand Finals Betting Predictions! With that being said, I’ll cut the introduction short here and jump straight to business!

Where to bet on IEM XIII Chicago Grand Finals?

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Astralis vs Team Liquid | Team Analysis

Before showing you our IEM XIII Chicago Grand Finals betting predictions, we’ll first give you some insight about both competing teams. More precisely, about their semifinals matches that earned them the right to compete in the grand finals match. This way you’ll know what you are getting into if you’re planning on betting on it.

Astralis vs Fnatic – Semifinals Match Recap

The first semifinals match was a crazy ride from the very start. First 2 maps (Dust2 and Mirage) saw 2 completely different matchups. On Dust 2, Astralis was dominating the T side and even went 14-3 after the first 2 rounds in 2nd half. However, things strayed a bit off-road with Fnatic taking the next 11 out of 12 rounds. Luckily, the 13th one was not that lucky for Xizt or anyone from the Fnatic team.

They got back up though, Mirage was a rather typical high-tier competitive matchup. Fnatic cemented their lead very early on and looked like they won’t be dropping it. Astralis did try – dupreeh and device were giving their best but the Swedes weren’t having any of it, securing an easy 16-12 victory to bring it back to 1-1.

But then, the third match happened and shocked the entire Wintrust Arena. Heck, let’s not stop there – it shocked the entire audience on Twitch. Fnatic entered the match with a convincing 11-4 on the scoreboard. However, once the second half started, Xyp9x entered beast mode and helped his team connect 6 consecutive round wins. Lots of things happened during this map. Even a ninja defuse by JW which helped his team climb to 15-9 early on. However, Xyp9x and the co were having a blast out there. With great plays, well-timed rotates and unparalleled precision – they got back to 15-15… and with style.

That last round though… that was something else. When the entire world thought Fnatic were finally back in control of the round, with less than 30 seconds remaining on the clock, Astralis team made probably the best utility play of 2018. Wicked mollies from banana to B site which rendered cover unusable for Fnatic players. I mean, just take a look at the photo below and you will understand what I’m trying to emphasize here!

Image frrom the IEM XII Chicago Semi Finals Match

All these mollies took Fnatic players by surprise. They had to get out of cover and walk straight into the crosshairs of The Great Danes. And that was exactly their plan – to get them out of their safe zone and pick them off one by one. After that round, everything was in favor of Astralis. JW and others looked down. Brollan was experiencing a proper heartbreak after Xyp9x finished them off in the overtime, ending up with 33 kills.

Team Liquid vs FaZe Clan – Semifinals Match Recap

Let’s face it,

The first map started off in the right tone – Team Liquid went on a 5-2 lead with FaZe not looking impressive in the first couple of rounds. Olofmeister had some impressive AWP kills (even a double kill with a single bullet) but it wasn’t enough to pull an early lead. However, as the first half came to a close, FaZe players pulled themselves back together, finishing off with a 9-6 lead.

NiKo was an absolute beast, securing 17 kills in just 11 rounds. It was his game from the very start -there was nothing Team Liquid players could’ve done. The second half was somewhat uneventful with TL taking just a single round, allowing FaZe to go up 1-0 just before their strongest map.

But strongest maps can become the toughest one in the blink of an eye. And that’s exactly what happened at the start of this one. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong for Faze in the first half of Mirage. Twistzz closed things out in what seemed to be the best Team Liquid half of CSGO in quite a while. 14-1 was the halftime score with FaZe Clan players looking absolutely hammered during the halftime team talk. 2 quick rounds in the second half were enough to send a message to FaZe that they won’t give up the semifinals that easily… especially on home turf.

Nitr0 and NAF were really something else early on in the third and final map – Cache. FaZe team looked to be on the same level as they were during the second map. Especially Nitr0 who made NiKo’s life miserable during the entire map. After disheartening (for FaZe, of course) 12-3 first-half performance, the second half was not much better either. They managed to grab the pistol round but TL surprised them yet again and went on to secure the big W with 16-4 as the final score.

IEM XIII Chicago Grand Finals Betting Predictions

Let’s start off by saying a couple of words on Astralis. Yes, they are strong! They are the team to beat if you want to win trophies. However, during IEM XIII Chicago, their performances weren’t really that astonishing. First, they lost against FaZe and then they barely made it through against Fnatic. Mind you, against a Fnatic team featuring a 16-year old in the biggest match of his professional career.

A win is a win, some would say; but realistically speaking, Astralis is not looking unbeatable anymore. FaZe showed exactly that in Upper Bracket Round 3 when they obliterated Astralis with an easy 2-0 score. But FaZe Team is out of IEM XIII Chicago, remember? Those 2 awful maps in the semifinals against TL were enough to take them flying home. The question now is – can TL keep their brilliant form and surprise The Great Danes? The Great Danes that aren’t looking as brilliant as they usually do.

Even with that said, Astralis is still considered as the heavy favorite by the majority of esports bookies. Even with home turf advantage on TL’s side, odds are still in favor of the Danes. However, I can’t say that I agree with bookies on this one. It might not be a popular opinion but I firmly believe Team Liquid has a shot at winning the IEM XIII in Chicago.

It’s safe to say Team Liquid players are looking sharp!

To come back with such style against the best-performing team in this tournament takes a lot of skill. Not just skill but teamplay, tactics and great plays too. It won’t be easy, that’s for sure! We all know what Astralis is capable of; I mean, just watch the highlights of their semifinal’s comeback vs Fnatic and you’ll understand what I am talking about here. Astralis is a difficult team to beat, but if FaZe managed to do it a few days ago, then Team Liquid can too. Especially with such a noisy crowd cheering for them in the background.

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