A Poor Interface Could Be Costing You Some Serious Cash

by Henry Jablonski
on July 8, 2017

You would logically think that the number one thing that any website of any kind would care about is how easy it is for their customers to use. You’d expect a shopping website to make it easy to buy things and get what you want. You’d expect an informative website to make information easy to find and access. You’d also probably expect an online gambling site to be set up for easy, mistake-free betting.

You’d expect…

In reality, though, this seems to be one of the biggest struggles that plague a lot of online gambling sites in the industry. For some reason, there is a disconnect between the developers creating the sites and the end users. This results in a cruddy experience that gives users headaches, but it can actually be worse and create bigger issues. A bad user interface can actually cost you money or could already be costing you money, and you don’t even know it.

Today I want to walk you through what I mean by the user interface, what sort of pitfalls a bad one can cause for you, and ultimately what makes a good user interface. The idea is that I can hopefully steer you away from sites that aren’t doing you any favors with the quality of their user interface.

What Do I Mean By User Interface

When I’m referring to the user interface, I’m referring to a lot of different things that come together for the same goal. I’m referring to how well the site is organized, how easy it is to place a bet or play a game, how tough or easy it is to find the information you’re looking for…ultimately, I’m referring to how easy the site makes it to accomplish whatever your goal is.

If your goal is to make a sports bet, it should be super easy to find the bet you’re looking for and to place the bet you want without any fear that you’ve made a mistake or bet on the wrong thing. If you’re looking to play blackjack, it shouldn’t be a challenge to hit when you want to hit and stay when you want to stay.

All of these examples show what I’m talking about when I am referring to the user interface. If I had to give you a fixed definition, I’d say that I mean anything in regards to the organization, setup, or layout of a site that affects how easy it is to accomplish the task the site was intended for.

Problems and Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Some of you may already be aware of the problems that a bad interface can cause when you’re betting or gambling online. Hopefully, those of you that are aren’t aware of it because you happened to fall victim to one of them.

What I want to do today is try and shed light on as many of the issues I’ve seen with the user interfaces of online gambling or sports betting sites for two reasons. One, if you like the site you’re currently at, but they have some issues, I want you to be aware of these possible issues. Two, if you’re at a bad site and looking for a new home or are brand new to online gaming, I want you to be aware of what you should be looking for.

Buttons Too Close Together

This is probably the most annoying one for me personally and one that confuses me why it isn’t easily fixed. Yes, I know I’m not a programmer, but frankly, I don’t really care how hard this is to fix; it needs to be. I’m referring to when the buttons for making a bet or playing a game are too close together. This can cause you to misclick the wrong button and either place an incorrect bet or complete the wrong action.

Imagine you’re playing blackjack and have a 20 versus a 5 showing. You’re obviously going to be staying here and NEVER hitting no matter what. Imagine how “happy” you would be if you accidentally pushed the hit button instead of stay because the buttons were too close together.

I could give you examples for days, but I think you’re smart enough cookies to understand what I’m saying. Make sure the site doesn’t have their actions buttons on any game too close together where you could potentially make a mistake if your mouse jumps a little bit in the wrong direction.

Disorganization of Any Sorts

Clutter is more than annoying especially when it comes to online gambling sites. If you’re a sports bettor, imagine not being able to find the bet you are looking for fast enough. If you’re trying to sneak a bet in before the start of a game, you may find yourself out of luck. Clutter can also make it hard to understand promotions or get vital information from the site because they have too much junk cluttering the web pages.

Disorganization manifests itself in a lot of different ways. Typically, it seems to be as a result of a site that hasn’t arranged itself properly to scale as their business grows. In other words, they may be set up correctly initially, but as they add more features and options, the site becomes a cluttered mess.

An example of this that I see the more frequently is with sportsbooks. When they first start out, they’ll have beautiful and aesthetically pleasing layouts that make everything easy to find. The problem is, though, they are only offering the big ticket sports and the few most common types of bets. As the sites expand and start including more obscure sports and a wider variety of bet types, the site suffers. Menus and lists start to get overloaded and disorganized, and it becomes near impossible to get where you want to go quickly and efficiently.

Figuring out if a site is adequate or not in this department is really easy. Most of the time you’re going to know right away just from a quick glance at the site and the software. If you can’t tell right away, try looking for some things that you need. If it’s a pain-free process and everything is where you think it should be, the site is well organized. If you want to pull your hair out or constantly are shocked by where things are, the site is probably an utter mess.

Inadequate Confirmations

This problem is not going to be as evident until you get into the mix of a site. When you complete certain actions on a site or are about to, there are certain confirmation messages that you’re going to want to see. For example, before you place a sports bet you’re going to want the site to clearly show you what it is that you’re about to bet on. If this isn’t the case, how can you be confident that you’re betting on what you want?

Another example is sites that you can accidentally bet WAY more than you’d like to by accident. If they don’t give you clear confirmation messages before you bet, you may be firing off a ton of cash on a bet and not even know it until it’s too late.

This one may sound a bit confusing but let me simplify it. Sites should make it very clear to you what it is you are about to do and what it is you have done. If you are about to make a big bet of any kind, it shouldn’t be hard for you to know what you’re about to bet. If you’ve just placed a big bet of any kind, the site should very clearly let you know what you’ve bet on. It’s as simple as that. Well, it should be at least.

Color Schemes

This one makes the list with an honorable mention as it doesn’t usually have a direct effect on betting mistakes, but it can affect your bottom line still. If the color scheme of the site is in any way hard to read, it’s going to put a lot of strain on you to make sure you’re betting on what it is that you want to bet on. If the site has a blue background, blue web pages, and blue betting tickets with blue font, you’re going to go insane trying to make a bet.

In addition to this, the look and feel along with the color scheme should be aesthetically pleasing and not hard on the eyes. If the site hurts for you to look at because it’s obnoxious lettering and colors, you’re not going to spend as much time on the site which could cut into your bottom line. It can also drive you insane which is never good for business.

What Makes a GOOD User Interface

When talking about what makes a good user interface, I could easily just say the opposite of everything above. I wanted to give you a broader answer, though, that encompasses more than just those few examples of pitfalls. This is because the list above is an incomplete list. There are plenty of other ways a user interface can fail and cause problems and cost profits.

A good user interface should make you never think about the user interface. The only time I ever think about it is when I see a problem, or I’m struggling to accomplish something that should be much easier than the site seems to be making it. It should be clean, well-organized, and easy on the eyes.

More specifically, it should give you the feeling that it was designed with you in mind. Nothing should feel clunky, and you should never have to check multiple times to make sure you’re betting on what you want and betting the amount that you want. One additional point I want to make is that a good user interface for one person might not be a good user interface for someone else. While there are a lot of things that will be the same across the board, personal preference does weight into the equation.

The best example I can think of was with two sportsbooks I was comparing the other day. One sportsbook had a very simple layout that I thought was great for beginners. The other sportsbook had a very complex layout that was number and odds intensive. You might think this sportsbook had a bad interface but, in fact, it was a great interface for some experienced bettors. Both sportsbooks, though different, had great user interfaces.

The point is that personal preference will weigh into the occasion and that’s totally ok. Play and bet at the sites that make you the most comfortable and you feel the most confident at.

The Wrap-up

I’m really hoping that you learned a few things from this blog that are going to help you in your betting or sports betting journey. Sadly, a lot of sites on the net just can’t get it together when it comes to the user interface and user experience which makes blogs like this necessary. At least now you have a strong idea of what a good user interface looks like and what potential issues you can have with a poor interface. If you’re new to online gaming or sports betting, this should give you a good push in the right direction at selecting your new online gaming home.

**A Note from the Site

For those that want some more insight from us, we do review online casinos and online sportsbooks and put a heavy emphasis on finding those with great user interfaces.

Our reviews are NEVER paid for and are never influenced by anything other than the quality or lack thereof from the sites we review. We never ignore the negatives and are not scared to give you the good, the bad, and far too often, the ugly.

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