AEW All Out PPV Betting Preview: Odds, Full Card, and Winners

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On Saturday, August 31st, All Elite Wrestling will be live from the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, for the highly anticipated All Out wrestling PPV. Last year, a rag-tag bunch of wrestlers converged on the Sears Centre for the All In event and they changed the entire landscape of wrestling.

That show sparked a grassroots movement that eventually led to the All Elite Wrestling promotion, which will begin its TV show on October 2nd. This weekend’s All Out event will feature most of the promotion’s top stars and build toward that first TV show.

In total, there are 10 matches scheduled for this event. However, wrestling betting sites don’t have odds listed for every match. Without delay, let’s walk that aisle and “beat the man” with our All Out predictions.

The Buy-In Pre-Show Matches

Customary with all of their PPV events, AEW will have a Buy-In preshow to hype up the All Out PPV card. The following matches are schedule for the preshow beginning at 7 PM ET.

Private Party vs Angelico and Jack Evans

As of this writing, there are no available betting odds for this match. I am a fan of Angelico and Jack Evans. I wish they could gain some traction in AEW and become a contender for the tag team gold. Unfortunately, it appears that Private Party could be getting the win in this exciting matchup.

The Young Bucks announced that they wanted to take on Private Party in the second episode of AEW’s TV show, which would be on October 9th. I can’t imagine the company’s top tag team taking on opponents that lost their big PPV match. Instead, I see Private Party winning in a thrilling opener.

AEW Winner: Private Party

Women’s Casino Battle Royale

Currently, there are no betting odds available for this match.

The winner of this battle royale match will earn a spot in the inaugural All Elite Wrestling women’s championship match. Unlike the silly men’s casino battle royale at the Double or Nothing PPV, this match is loaded with AEW’s top female stars: Awesome Kong, Britt Baker, and Nyla Rose to name a few.

The company can go either way with this result. They can pick an obvious choice like Awesome Kong who is a known commodity and one of the biggest competitors in this match or they can go with someone like Britt Baker who is going to be the face of this division in the future.

For me, I think it makes more sense to have Awesome Kong win this battle royale and put her in the inaugural championship match. Let’s hope the AEW doesn’t pull a WWE booking decision and have Brandi Rhodes win this battle royale.

AEW Winner: Awesome Kong

All Out PPV Matches

The following matches have been scheduled for the PPV portion of the event. This main card will begin at 8 PM ET and is available only on PPV. All AEW betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline.

AEW Six-Man Tag Match

  • Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt (NA)
  • SCU (NA)

This six-man tag match was set up on AEW’s YouTube programming, Being the Elite. It was a comical bit where the SCU basically saw the signs of dinosaurs and a young boy from the jungle. Eventually, it all led to SCU wanting to take on Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt this weekend.

SCU has put over other talent on previous AEW shows, but I believe it’s time for this incredibly talented trio to get a big PPV win. They’re a well-oiled machine where the other trio of individual starts don’t have a lot of experience working together.

For me, this match makes more sense having SCU win and position themselves as a top faction within AEW once the TV show starts.

AEW Winner: SCU

Women’s Singles Match

  • Riho (NA)
  • Hikaru Shida (NA)

In the second of two women’s matches on the night, Riho and Shida will get plenty of time to showcase their skills against each other. This could end up being the most underrated contest of the entire PPV due to most fans not really knowing what to expect.

With that said, I expect a great match with top notch, stiff in-ring action just like we are accustomed to seeing in Japan. As for a winner, it’s really a coin flip. So, after flipping the coin with Riho being heads and Shida being tails, I’m going with Riho to win the match.

AEW Winner: Riho

Cracker Barrel Clash Triple Threat Match

  • Joey Janela (NA)
  • Jimmy Havoc (NA)
  • Darby Allin (NA)

Earlier this week, AEW announced that the Cracker Barrel will sponsor this triple threat match and officially dub it the “Cracker Barrel Clash.” It’s brilliant marketing as far as I’m concerned. However, Cracker Barrel has to know that this match is going to be chaotic and violent.

These three men will beat each other up with weapons and anything else they can get their hands on. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some Cracker Barrel items used in the match. You can also expect to see some “color” or as the late Gordon Solie used to say a “crimson mask.”

All three men will be bloody and the hardcore wrestling fans will get their fill of destruction. With that said, it’s anyone’s guess as to who wins. They’re all pretty equal in terms of storytelling. Janela’s overall weirdness and brutality seems like a perfect fit to win the inaugural Cracker Barrel Clash.

AEW Winner: Joey Janela

Tag-Team Tournament Match

  • Best Friends (+150)
  • The Dark Order (-200)

The winner of this match will get a first round bye in the upcoming tag team tournament to crown the inaugural AEW tag team champs.

At the Double or Nothing PPV, The Dark Order attacked Best Friends (Trent Beretta and Chuck Taylor). Since then, each tag team has won a match which set up this showdown at All Out. With the stipulation on the line, it makes more sense for the bad guys (heels) to win. So, I’m taking The Dark Order to win.

There’s no betting value with The Dark Order, but it makes the most sense to have them win and take advantage of a first round bye. However, since neither team is really positioned higher than the other, Best Friends is worthy of a flier.

AEW Bet: The Dark Order (-200)

AAA Tag Team Championship (Ladder Match)

  • (c) Lucha Brothers (-145)
  • The Young Bucks (+105)

Currently, the Young Bucks have won all of their AEW matches and appear to be unstoppable. They’ve already defeated Lucha Brothers at the Double or Nothing PPV in what was an incredible match. But can AEW really have two of its founders continue to win every match?

The Young Bucks took the belts from the Lucha Brothers at an AAA show in March. They successfully defended the belts at Double or Nothing before losing them back to the Lucha Bros. at an AAA show in June. That makes the Young Bucks 2-1 against Lucha Brothers in storyline related tag title matches this year.

For me, I don’t believe the Lucha Brothers can continue to lose big matches in AEW. The duo of Pentagon and Fenix are just as talented as the Young Bucks. And if the Lucha Brothers are to remain at the top of the tag team food chain, then they will need a big win this weekend.

As for the match’s stipulation, ladders will make this contest dangerous, exciting, and probably the best match of the night. Let’s hope all four men make it out of this match in one piece. Fenix is already coming into the bout at less than 100% due to a recent injury.

AEW Bet: Lucha Bros (-145)

AEW Grudge Match: Cody vs Shawn Spears

  • Cody Rhodes (-160)
  • Shawn Spears (+120)

This is the one match that I’m looking forward to the most. I love the backstory to this grudge match as Spears and Rhodes used to be tag team partners 12 to 13 years ago. Their friendship spans even further than that. However, Spears made his feelings known via a chair shot to Cody’s head.

The “chair shot heard around the world” was a gruesome sight as it busted Cody open the hard way. Nevertheless, it instantly turned this encounter into a must see feud. That chair shot and AEW’s YouTube programming have really hooked me and many other fans.

Spears brought in Tully Blanchard, a legendary member of the Four Horsemen from the 1980s, to guide him in his career. Blanchard is a second generation wrestler and an incredible worker who won many titles in different territories and promotions throughout his career.

Tully told Spears that if he really wanted to make a name for himself, then he would need to pick a fight with a Rhodes. Blanchard had a lengthy feud against Cody’s father Dusty Rhodes during the 1980s. So, that’s exactly what Spears did with the chair shot at Fyter Fest.

I believe both men are deserving of a victory and that they both offer betting value, but I am going with the upset here and taking Shawn Spears to win. AEW needs more top shelf talent. A win over Rhodes, and his continued partnership with Blanchard, will definitely position Spears near the top.

Keep in mind, Spears is a talented in-ring worker who was held back by the WWE like so many other stars. He and Cody should be able to work really well with each other in the ring and tell a fantastic story.

I’m hoping that Tully Blanchard gets involved to help Spears win the match. We still are waiting to see who Cody Rhodes will have in his corner for this match. If only Magnum T.A. could make an appearance and faceoff with Blanchard one more time.

AEW needs to keep Spears’ impressive heel run going by giving him the win.

AEW Bet: Shawn Spears (+120)

Singles Match: Kenny Omega vs PAC

  • Kenny Omega (-160)
  • PAC (+120)

This match was originally supposed to be Kenny Omega taking on Jon Moxley in a highly anticipated battle that was set up perfectly at the Double or Nothing PPV when Moxley made his surprise debut. Formerly known as Dean Ambrose in the WWE, Moxley went right after Omega.

Unfortunately, Moxley has a staph infection and was removed from this event. PAC, formerly known as Neville in the WWE, will be replacing Moxley. Omega was originally a +120 underdog against Moxley (-160), but he’s now the favorite at -160 odds against PAC.

With the change in opponents, Kenny Omega went out and cut one of his best promos in recent memory. In the latest episode of Being The Elite on AEW’s YouTube channel, Omega ripped into Moxley having to pull out of their match this weekend. You can check it out in the video below.

Despite not being able to see the matchup between Omega and Moxley, I’m still pumped as we will get an incredible in-ring showdown between PAC and Kenny Omega. These two wrestlers strive to be the best in the world as PAC makes his debut with AEW after creative differences saw the former WWE star get pulled from Double or Nothing.

PAC was originally set to feud with Hangman Page a few months ago, but he will now get to wrestle one of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. This match could contend for match of the year honors if given enough time.

I can’t see Omega losing this match. He’s already 2-1 in AEW and needs a real defining moment other than getting attacked by Moxley. A strong showing by PAC will keep him near the top of the roster as he could still feud with Page on TV.

In a perfect world, I would have this match end due to the time limit expiring, then run this feud back later on this year after Moxley and Omega finish up. Sadly, I doubt the AEW will do this. Since we have to pick a winner, let’s go with Kenny Omega to win a fantastic match.

AEW Bet: Kenny Omega (-160)

AEW World Championship Match

  • Chris Jericho (-200)
  • Hangman Page (+150)

In the main event of the night, we have a match to determine AEW’s first ever world champion. The veteran Chris Jericho takes on the younger Hangman Page in what will be an entertaining contest. Just about everything that Jericho does is entertaining and this will be no different.

As mentioned above, this match came together after PAC was removed from his feud with Page. So, the AEW put Hangman in a battle royale at Double or Nothing to become a contender for the inaugural title match. He won that battle royale and Jericho defeated Omega to earn his spot.

There’s two schools of thought for the outcome of this world title match. The first school of thought is that AEW will go with Page as the winner since they want to be “different” than the WWE and bring to the mainstream new stars.

The second school of thought is that Jericho is the biggest mainstream star currently in the promotion. He’s known around the world, is talented, can still put on great matches, and would draw more eyes to the TV show than Page would at this point in his career.

For me, I subscribe to the second school of thought. I believe AEW’s best foot forward will be with Chris Jericho winning the belt. He can then “put over” Page or another AEW wrestler on the show, which builds the company up more.

Additionally, having the face (the good guy) chase the heel (the bad guy) has been a proven strategy for pro wrestling companies dating back to the 1950s.

In a perfect world, PAC and Omega end in a draw as the time expires on their match, then PAC costs Page the title. That would keep their feud going from earlier this year and it would free up Jericho to do something else with another star. A TV feud with Dustin Rhodes would be fantastic.

Since we have to pick a winner, I am going all-in and double or nothing on Jericho to win this match.

AEW Bet: Chris Jericho (-200)

Will CM Punk Appear at All Out?

Can you imagine having CM Punk show up at All Out in Chicago where he is a wrestling god? Then, Punk could take out Chris Jericho who was one of his biggest rivals in the WWE. It would be an instant classic and become immortalized in the annals of wrestling history.

It’s almost too good to be true to have an opportunity like that. Unfortunately, CM Punk has done such a great job denying any return to pro wrestling that it’s hard to believe he will come back. However, if there ever was a time for his return, it would be Saturday in his hometown.

AEW owner Tony Khan has the money to pay Punk more than he’s ever made before. Throw in a limited work schedule and the potential to do some commentary, all the signs are lining up for a Punk return.

If I were putting money on this, I would take the safe play and say “no.” SkyBet had a CM Punk All Out appearance at -220 odds for “yes” and +155 for “no.”  The “yes” option was the favorite, but the “no” option had the value.

I would love to see CM Punk show up and make history, but it just seems like a letdown to get our hopes up for that. If you are going to take this prop bet, then go with the safe bet and take no.

AEW Prop Bet: CM Punk will not show up to All Out (+150)

Final Thoughts on All Out

I am very excited for AEW All Out. In fact, I’m more excited for this show than any recent WWE PPV event other than WrestleMania. Although Moxley isn’t on the card, Omega versus PAC will be incredible. Furthermore, the world title match will be captivating and there’s plenty of tag team action to provide hours of action.

The match I want to see the most is Spears versus Rhodes. I love the buildup for this and the inclusion of Tully Blanchard to this feud. Spears and a few other AEW superstars do provide betting opportunities for those of you placing AEW bets. Let’s hope for another fantastic AEW PPV and the return of CM Punk.

All Out Betting Recap

  • Private Party (NA)
  • Awesome Kong (NA)
  • SCU (NA)
  • Riho (NA)
  • Joey Janela (NA)
  • The Dark Order (-200)
  • Lucha Bros (-145)
  • Shawn Spears (+120)
  • Kenny Omega (-160)
  • Chris Jericho (-200)
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