AEW Double or Nothing Betting Preview, Odds and Predictions

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AEW Double or Nothing

On Saturday, May 23rd, AEW will be live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, for its annual Double or Nothing PPV. In addition to a full lineup with the promotion’s top stars, boxing legend Mike Tyson will be on hand to present the TNT Championship title to the winner between Cody and Lance Archer.

This is the second ever Double or Nothing PPV and it has a start time of 7:30 PM for The Buy In portion of the show and a main card start time of 8 PM ET. Currently, there are nine matches listed for the show. As always, when it comes to pro wrestling, the card is subject to change.

AEW betting sites have released odds for most of these matches. Let’s walk that aisle, step through the ring ropes, and strut our stuff as we make some winning predictions.

Casino Ladder Match

  • Darby Allin
  • Colt Cabana
  • Orange Cassidy
  • Fenix
  • Scorpio Sky
  • Kip Sabian
  • Frankie Kazarian
  • Luchasaurus
  • “Mystery Man”

The winner of this match will earn an AEW world title shot. So, there’s a lot on the line for these participants. As for picking a winner, the best way to approach matches like this is by doing a process of elimination just like we did with WWE’s MITB ladder matches.

Scorpio Sky already had his 15 seconds of a main event storyline with Chris Jericho, so I doubt he will get one with Jon Moxley or Brodie Lee (whoever wins the title match at this PPV). His tag team partner Frankie Kazarian is more of a filler for this match than a legitimate world title contender.

Kip Sabian and Colt Cabana are probably the biggest longshots to win as they’re nothing more than glorified jobbers in AEW right now.

As for the “Mystery Man,” there are rumors that this could be Jeff Cobb, Drew Gulak, or Brian Cage. If it’s Cage or Cobb then I can see them winning this match. However, since it’s unclear as to who it will be, we can’t pick this mysterious entrant to win the Casino Ladder Match and get a world title shot.

Realistically, the winner of this match comes down to Allin, Fenix, Orange Cassidy and Luchasaurus.

Orange Cassidy is insanely popular with AEW fans, but I don’t see him being put in a world title feud with Moxley or Lee as of yet. Instead, he still has issues with Pac to settle.

Luchasaurus is a future world champ, but I doubt they put him in the spotlight now since he’s not ready to carry the company on his back. AEW still needs mainstream names in order to continue their growth.

Fenix and Allin are the two left in this process of elimination, but I see Orange Cassidy nullifying Fenix due to their past feud. That leaves us with Darby Allin and he really makes the most sense.

Allin is also very popular with AEW fans and he would put on a great match with Moxley. I’m taking Allin to win this match, but lose his future world title match as he’s still a few years away from being the face of the company.

Casino Ladder Match –Darby Allin (NA)

Singles Match

  • Britt Baker (-250)
  • Kris Statlander (+175)

This match came about as the result of both Baker and Statlander losing a four-way contest two weeks ago on Dynamite. Shida won the match and earned a title shot against Nyla Rose at this PPV.

Britt Baker snapped after the match and attacked Kris Statlander saying she cost her the chance to wrestle for the title. Baker has excelled over the last few months as one of the top heels in AEW. She’s entertaining in the ring and on the mic.

Statlander can also entertain in the ring and I expect these two women to put on a solid match. With that said, Britt Baker will win this bout as she’s clearly the most popular star in the women’s division even more than Nyla Rose. Take Baker to cheat and win this contest.

Singles Match –Britt Baker (-250)

Singles Match

  • MJF (-900)
  • Jungle Boy (+550)

MJF is the biggest betting favorite for the entire show. As one of the company’s top wrestlers, he will take on a future star in the 22 year old Jungle Boy who is a teammate of Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus. MJF just beat up Marko on the May 20th edition of Dynamite.

This will be Jungle Boy’s first PPV singles match as he’s only had four total singles matches in the company. However, two of those singles matches came against MFJ. Needless to say, MJF won both of them and there’s no reason to think he won’t win this one as well.

It’s remarkable that he was able to return from a hang nail injury which he played up to the fans via social media as he had everyone thinking that he might have suffered a career ending injury.

I have no doubt that MJF will win this match. But, I do expect Jungle Boy to get a real chance to shine and come out of this PPV with more value to the company.

Singles Match –MJF (-900)

Singles Match

  • Dustin Rhodes (NA)
  • Shawn Spears (NA)

This singles match was announced this week after Shawn Spears had some unflattering words for Dustin Rhodes in a recent AEW interview.

I think it was smart to get Spears and Rhodes on this PPV as they both deserve to be on a big show like this. However, I don’t like the lack of build for this one. It could’ve been done better by having Spears insult Dustin over the last month rather than just this week.

Even though there’s still the back story with Spears and Dustin’s brother Cody, it’s not enough to make non-die hard AEW fans care about this PPV bout.

With that said, AEW really needs to give Spears the win. He’s too talented to continue having him lose. He needs to be elevated again and that requires some solid wins over the next few months.

Dustin Rhodes is at the stage of his career where he can still put on great matches, but his main job in AEW is to put over other talent in the ring and teach the younger talent behind the scenes. Let’s hope that happens on Saturday, because Spears definitely needs a boost back up the rankings.

Singles Match –Shawn Spears (NA)

Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match

  • Private Party (+110)
  • The Best Friends (-150)

This match is a result of the rankings whereas The Best Friends are ranked 1st and Private Party is ranked 3rd in the tag team standings. The winner of this match will get a title shot against the champs Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page who are in the Stadium Stampede match.

Over the last few months, The Best Friends have really been a consistent and entertaining presence on Dynamite especially when other stars weren’t able to appear for AEW due to the restrictions of the current health crisis.

So, wrestlers like Chuck Taylor and Trent proved their value and earned a high profile matchup on the Double or Nothing PPV, albeit on the Buy In portion of the show.

Nevertheless, I expect these two tag teams to put on a great match and create some buzz for the PPV. With that in mind, I believe The Best Friends will be rewarded with a victory and the chance to compete for the tag titles. They have earned this opportunity with their reliability and in-ring work.

Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match –The Best Friends (-150)

AEW Women’s Title Match

  • Nyla Rose (-165)
  • Hikaru Shida (+120)

As mentioned above, Hikaru Shida earned this title opportunity by winning a four way match on Dynamite a few episodes ago. She defeated Ford, Baker and Statlander by pinning Ford. Shida is 9-1 in 2020, which is the best record of any female wrestler. Overall, she is 14-5 with AEW.

Nyla Rose has been the champ since defeating Riho for the belt three months ago. She’s 5-1 in 2020 with an overall record of 10-4 in AEW.

Despite Shida’s rise to the top of the female rankings, it’s hard to imagine that AEW will have Rose lose right now. I don’t see her reign coming to an end anytime in the near future. I believe these two wrestlers will put on a solid match, but Rose will come away with the win and retain the belt.

AEW Women’s Title Match –Nyla Rose (-165)

TNT Championship Match

  • Cody (+125)
  • Lance Archer (-175)

As mentioned, Mike Tyson will be on hand to present the new TNT Championship title to the winner of this match. He will also get free reign throughout the building including ringside for the tournament’s final contest.

  • Will we see any shenanigans from Tyson?
  • Will we get AEW’s version of the Tyson-DX angle?

Tyson’s appearance has given this PPV some additional buzz and I’m sure fans will tune in to see what happens.

As for the match itself, this could end up stealing the show as both men can really work in the ring and are great at telling compelling storylines. Plus, Arn Anderson will be in Cody’s corner while Jake “The Snake” Roberts will be in Archer’s corner.

The tournament has gone as expected with Archer and Cody facing off for the title. I said before the tournament got under way on April 8th, that I believe Archer would win it and I’m sticking with that prediction.

Lance Archer is a beast. There’s no reason why he should lose his first match now when a win could make him even more unstoppable. Eventually, he will end up competing for the AEW World Championship, but for now this newly created world title will have to suffice.

AEW can’t go wrong with either man wearing this belt, but Archer would benefit more from it. Cody is going to be super popular no matter what. However, Archer is still climbing the ladder to the top of the company and making him a champ will definitely help his ascension.

TNT Championship Match –Lance Archer (-175)

AEW World Title Match

  • Jon Moxley (-625)
  • Brodie Lee (+350)

Brodie Lee debuted in AEW on the March 18th episode of Dynamite. It was a highly anticipated arrival that saw Lee become the leader of The Dark Order. Also known as “The Exalted One,” Lee quickly turned his attention towards the AEW World title and Jon Moxley. Currently, Lee is 5-0 on the year and ranked 3rd.

For the last two months, Lee and his cronies have made Moxley’s life miserable with attacks and insults. Nevertheless, Moxley continued to scratch and claw his way back to even ground with Lee and this PPV match.

Moxley is currently 10-0 in 2020 and 15-2-1 overall. He won the belt on February 29th, 2020, at Revolution by defeating the inaugural champ Chris Jericho.

As much as I would like to see Brodie Lee win this match and become the world champ, I just don’t believe it will happen. AEW will keep the belt on Moxley a lot longer than just three months especially since there are no fans at live events as of yet.

If AEW were to crown a new champ, they would at least wait until a PPV where fans are there to make the event even more memorable.

For this wager, take Moxley to win the match probably by DQ. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Dark Order get involved.

AEW World Title Match –Jon Moxley (-625)

Stadium Stampede Match

  • The Elite and Matt Hardy (+110)
  • The Inner Circle (-150)

I’m looking forward to this chaotic match as AEW’s top two factions go to war at Double or Nothing. This rivalry has been going since the first episode of Dynamite in October 2019 and I expect it to continue long after this PPV.

Things escalated when Matt Hardy joined AEW and teamed up with The Elite to take on Chris Jericho and his Inner Circle.

For the most part, The Inner Circle have gotten the best of The Elite over the last few months. Other than the promos between Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho, which were very entertaining, The Inner Circle seem to be leading in this rivalry.

Additionally, the entire Inner Circle celebrated after beating up Omega and Hardy to close out the episode of Dynamite two weeks ago. This week, it was The Elite’s turn for some revenge as they closed out the episode looking strong with the return of The Young Bucks and “Hangman” Adam Page.

There are a few factors playing into the outcome of this match. As you can see in the video, Adam Page walked off after The Inner Circle, which obviously shows that there’s still friction between Page and the rest of The Elite.

Another factor in this match is former WWE tag team champs The Revival showing up at the PPV to begin their long awaited dream feud with The Young Bucks. What better way to have this duo debut than to attack The Young Bucks and cost The Elite this important Stadium Stampede match?

I was originally going with The Elite to win the match because of Matt Hardy giving them the edge, but I have changed my mind and I’m going with The Inner Circle to win due to The Revival most likely interfering. I just don’t see this match ending without interference or cheating of some kind.

Stadium Stampede Match –The Inner Circle (-150)

Final Thoughts on AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV

I’m really looking forward to this PPV as there are several exciting matches on this card. Both the TNT and AEW Championship matches should at least be an 8 out of 10 or B+ depending on how you grade wrestling matches.

Additionally, the Mystery Man for the Casino Ladder match could be a nice surprise as well. I’m handicapping Brian Cage as the favorite for that spot. If it’s him then I believe he has a great shot at winning. Otherwise, Darby Allin should get the victory.

Lastly, I’m really looking forward to seeing Mike Tyson back in a wrestling ring. The 53 year old boxing legend looks great in his training videos and has talked about a potential return to boxing.

As for the betting action, there are a few potential wagers that could make you some money. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a lot of chalk at the Double or Nothing PPV on Saturday.

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