All Elite Wrestling Betting Preview: Best Betting Sites, Prop Bets, and More

by Rick Rockwell
on February 11, 2019

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At the beginning of 2019, the professional wrestling world was turned upside down when a new promotion entered the scene in a major way. All Elite Wrestling, founded by wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, made a huge mainstream splash when AEW announced that they had the financial backing of the Khan family who also owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C.

The financial support from the Khan family signaled that All Elite Wrestling was a serious endeavor and not something that will quickly fade like the dozens of hyped up wrestling promotions beforehand. The billionaire backers will help AEW not only secure some of the world’s top talent, but also TV rights to broadcast a wrestling show.

There have been rumors that the Khan family have invested $100 million into this professional wrestling company. Whether we get a confirmed figure or not, the AEW has given hope to wrestlers and fans around the world who are sick and tired of the same old WWE programming. With that said, many fans and pundits hope that the AEW can become a legitimate rival to the WWE.

Best AEW Betting Sites

Since AEW is just starting out, there might be a limited number of sports betting sites that list their odds. So, if you’re interested in betting on All Elite Wrestling, then the first step is to make sure the online sportsbook offers AEW wagers. If they do offer WWE wagers, then there’s a good chance that they will also offer AEW bets as well.

Next, make sure that the betting site is credible, safe, and secure. You definitely don’t want to get body slammed by hackers as they take your money and steal your identity. Once you have found a few safe and secure sites that offer AEW bets, then check to see how many banking options they have available. Nowadays, the most reputable online betting sites offer a wide range of deposit and withdraw options. Don’t settle for sportsbooks that limit you to just a few options with high fees.

Lastly, choose a betting site that offers appealing bonuses and promotions when you first sign up. This is a great way to get free wagers or matching deposits in order to increase your bankroll.

All Elite Wrestling Prop Bets

Over the last two months, numerous online betting sites have offered prop bets on major All Elite Wrestling events and news. It’s a good bet that these sites will continue to offer a wide range of AEW bets as the company grows in popularity. Although professional wrestling isn’t as huge as the NFL and other sports when it comes to betting, the pro wrestling niche is one of the fastest growing in the sports betting industry. Sportsbooks are always looking for ways to draw in more bettors and pro wrestling has become a growing trend among sports bettors throughout the country.

Will Jim Ross Have a Role with All Elite Wrestling?

One popular prop bet that’s still in play is whether or not one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time will join AEW. BetOnline had a prop bet that examined this possibility and what role he could have if he did join the AEW:

  • Won’t join AEW (+150)
  • Commentator (+300)
  • General Manager (+225)
  • Backstage/Office Role (+150)

Without hesitation, the wager to select is “Commentator” at +300 odds. First of all, in Ross’ podcast, he shared that his WWE contract is up at the end of March. That means he will be free to pursue any and all wrestling opportunities. None of these opportunities are more promising than All Elite Wrestling.

Jim Ross has consistently spoken positively about this promotion but has never discussed being a part of it. That’s mostly due to his contract situation with the WWE. Ross would lend credibility to the company both as a commentator and a backstage presence that very few people could lend. His voice was heard by a generation of wrestling fans, and his commentary will forever be linked to some of the WWE’s greatest moments.

Ross would make the TV product legitimate as he adds his voice and lengthy wrestling resume to the show. Additionally, rumors are that Ross will have a backstage position as well, provided he officially joins All Elite Wrestling as most pundits expect. With that said, bettors can also look at the “Head the Office” option at +175 odds. The best value is easily the +300 for Ross as commentator.

What TV Station Will AEW Be on?

BetOnline had a prop bet that AEW would announce a TV deal by January 31st. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. So, those who took the “No” option at +150 would’ve won $150 for every $100 wagered. Although they didn’t secure a TV deal by the end of January, AEW is currently in talks with several stations. It’s being speculated that these stations include TNT, TBS, and others. A recent report said that AEW had a successful meeting this week with a major cable network. With the Khan family’s connections, it’s just a matter of time before All Elite Wrestling finds the perfect television partnership.

The Chris Jericho Effect

Other than the news that the Khan family were financially backing All Elite Wrestling, the biggest story of the newly created promotion was the signing of Chris Jericho, one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. Not only has Jericho been a huge star in the WWE, but he has also been a huge star across the globe, including his highly touted stint in New Japan Wrestling.

His signing shocked the wrestling world because it showed that the WWE wasn’t the only option anymore. Jericho’s appearance at AEW’s first rally sent shockwaves throughout the crowd and industry. You can view his appearance in the video above.

Additionally, Jericho’s contract was said to be higher than what the WWE has ever paid him. News of AEW’s higher contracts have infected the WWE locker room, and there are plenty of rumors about potential WWE stars jumping ship as soon as their contracts end.

Rumors of WWE Superstars Jumping to AEW

With higher pay, less travel days, and a fresh chance at success, rumors of WWE superstars jumping ship have increased over the last few weeks. One superstar that could be leading the WWE exodus is Dean Ambrose. The former multi-time champion is set to leave the WWE in April as he decided not to re-sign with the company.

If Ambrose goes to All Elite Wrestling, and most people expect him too, it could begin a shift in the industry that we haven’t seen since the mid-‘90s when wrestlers were jumping from WWF to go to WCW. Before you fans bring up TNA, there weren’t really any top-tier wrestlers trying to jump ship from WWE to TNA. They ended up going there because it became their only realistic option.

Another wrestler that’s being rumored to leave the WWE for AEW is Randy Orton. “The Viper” has been on the WWE’s main roster since 2002 and has been one of the company’s top stars since then. Prior to AEW’s emergence, and the news of Jericho’s contract, nobody would’ve ever thought that Orton could leave the WWE. Even after the WWE suspended him multiple times for violating their “PED policy,” the WWE still brought him back and never hinted at releasing him.

Orton is reportedly one of the 10 highest-paid wrestlers in the WWE. However, if the AEW is willing to pay him more, and have him work less, then Orton’s departure could become a reality. Currently, many pundits and fans are speculating that Randy is using the AEW to drive up the price of a new contract with the WWE. And, it might work. The WWE has been said to be desperately preventing superstars from leaving by offering more money than they would’ve done before. Additionally, they’re going to superstars with multiple years left on their deal and offering to add more years and money.

One more note, Orton and AEW’s founder Cody Rhodes have been longtime friends and former partners in the WWE. They teamed up from late 2008 into 2010 before a classic WWE-style breakup.

AEW’s 1st Event: Double or Nothing

All Elite Wrestling will hold their first major event on May 25, 2019, from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Titled “Double or Nothing,” AEW had a huge press conference on Feb 7th to announce details about the event and more.

The major revelation from this press conference was the announcement that the world’s #1 wrestling free agent Kenny Omega has signed with All Elite Wrestling. Now, most people believed that Omega would sign with AEW, but until it was officially announced, fans were holding their breath. Additionally, BetOnline had AEW as the odds-on favorite for Kenny to sign his next contract with. AEW was -500, while the WWE was +900.

Omega will hold the same Executive Vice President role as Rhodes and the Young Bucks, which happen to be his closest friends in the business. Other than Jericho, Omega is the biggest signing that the AEW could make at this point in time. Well, that doesn’t include someone like CM Punk.

Speaking of Jericho, it didn’t take long for Y2J to crash the Omega party. Jericho came out near the end of the press conference, got into Kenny’s face, and a brawl ensued.

This physical encounter has set up what will most likely be the show’s main event. Omega and Jericho are reigniting their feud from New Japan, which will definitely draw interest for the Double or Nothing event. They had a tremendous match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in January 2018.

Some Notable Differences Between AEW and WWE

Every wrestling promotion tries to separate itself from what the WWE does in order to create their own niche, identity, and survival. Most of these promotions have failed at this, but All Elite Wrestling could be on to something. One of the biggest complaints about the WWE, among the workers, is that the male superstars get paid more than the female superstars. In the AEW, that won’t be the case:

Brandi Rhodes is the wife of Cody Rhodes and a former WWE talent. Her comments of no “gender gap” could be a very appealing attribute that brings more talented women to the promotion. At the very least, you can expect the company not to travel to a country where women can’t even wrestle.

Another difference that has been talked about is the fact that the AEW isn’t going to have scriptwriters that micromanage everything a wrestler says. This is exactly what the WWE does, and it has made their brand feel robotic and stale. The AEW is hoping to go back to how pro wrestling used to be when the wrestlers actually “got themselves over” and not the scriptwriters.

Whether All Elite Wrestling becomes a rival to the WWE or not, they certainly have sparked excitement throughout an industry that definitely needed to be infused with something new. May 25th can’t come fast enough.

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