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Gambling comes in many forms. Bingo, casino games, lotteries, and poker are some of the most-popular ways to gamble.

But one form of gambling that you might not know about, or at least haven’t heard about much, is amusement with prizes (AWP).

AWP refers to a specific type of gaming that’s similar to a slot machine. However, it contains some key differences as well.

This guide offers an in-depth explanation of amusement with prizes. It also discusses the various forms of AWP and how it compares to slots.

What Is Amusement With Prizes?

You may look at an AWP machine and not see much difference from a slot. In fact, these games feature a classic real money slots setup.

Many AWP formats include three reels and a single payline. If you’ve ever played the older styles of slot machines before, you’ll be very familiar with this look.

However, amusement with prizes differs from slots in three major ways:

  1. It features low stakes.
  2. It’s mainly available in UK arcades and pubs.
  3. Some versions have “hold” and “nudge” features.

Regarding the stakes, you can enjoy these machines for as little as a few cents per spin in some cases. Contrast this to many land-based slot machines, which typically require at least a $0.50 minimum bet.

As for the location, AWP is almost exclusively available in arcades and pubs throughout the United Kingdom. You’re barely going to find these machines outside of the UK.

Hold and nudge are two features that became famous through fruit machines. But they’re also commonly associated with AWP.

Hold refers to when you can choose one or more reels to hold after a spin. This way, you keep certain symbols in place when going for a larger prize.

Nudge lets you nudge one or more reels up or down a position. This action gives you an opportunity to change the symbols in view and improve your winning prospects.

Types of AWPs

AWP doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific type of gaming. Instead, it can fall into any one of the following categories.

Traditional Slots

AWP and slot machines are already ambiguous in many areas. Sometimes, they’re almost impossible to distinguish.

An AWP machine can look exactly like a three-reel slot. It’ll feature three reels, one payline, and typical slots betting options.

The only way you’ll be able to tell the differences include the location and stakes. As covered before, AWP is mainly common in UK pubs. These games’ stakes are also lower than minimum bets on most slot machines.

Prizes Paid on Second Screen

One quirky feature to certain AWP machines involves prizes being paid on a second screen. Such games will feature spinning reels just like any other slot or AWP.

The winning combinations, however, will trigger the second screen rather than a payout. Once on the second screen, you play a different game to win money.

Here’s an example:

  • You spin the reels and line up three money signs.
  • This winning combination takes you to another screen.
  • The screen presents 12 mystery boxes.
  • You continue selecting these boxes until revealing three matching symbols.

This game is just one example of what you might find in the AWP world. Pubs and arcades offer many other types of second-screen rounds as well.

Fruit Machine Features

Like AWP, fruit machines (a.k.a. fruities) are also exclusive to the UK. These games are known for their fruit symbols as well as hold and nudge features.

As explained before, hold keeps one or more reels in place while you respin. Nudge allows you to move a reel up or down a position.

Slot Fruits

When you see nudge and hold, you might initially confuse an AWP game for a fruit machine. But you can distinguish AWP based on its variety of symbols and lower stakes.

Bonus AWPs

Bonus slots have become extremely popular over the past 15 years. Many gamblers appreciate the break that bonuses provide from spinning the reels.

AWP offers the same benefits. It gives players an opportunity to enjoy fun bonus rounds after triggering a feature.

Here’s an example of an AWP bonus:

  • You trigger 10 free spins with three scatter symbols.
  • This bonus offers 5 paylines instead of just one.
  • It also delivers larger prizes in the main game.

Bonus AWPs are similar to the games that only pay on second screens. The difference, though, is that the former sees you win money in both the main game and bonus.

Difference Between AWPs and Fruit Machines

Fruities aren’t quite as popular as they were a few decades ago. However, these games still manage to find their way into pubs and casinos.

A fruitie is distinguished by its symbols. These games often include a number of fruits as icons (hence the name).

Fruit machines are also synonymous with the hold and nudge features. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any traditional fruities that don’t offer these options.

AWP can most certainly provide the hold and nudge options as well. But not all amusement with prizes games present these options.

Finally, AWPs usually have more-advanced graphics and a larger variety of symbols. These games fit in better with the modern gaming world than do fruities.

Differences Between AWPs and SWPs

One type of game that I haven’t covered thus far is skill with prizes (SWP). An SWP machine gives you some degree of control over the results.

When you trigger the bonus in an SWP, you’ll play a skill-based round. For example, you might need to shoot aliens with a blaster ship during the bonus.

Like many forms of gambling, SWP still gives the house an advantage. But it also provides you with a small amount of influence over winnings.

AWP, in contrast, features results that are based purely on luck. You’re completely at the mercy of the random number generator when playing these games.

Of course, SWP doesn’t allow you to swing the odds in your favor through skill alone. Again, though, you at least have some control in terms of winnings.

Does Amusement With Prizes Compare to Slots?

Amusement with prizes was bigger in the 1960s. UK pubs and arcades used AWP to get around gaming laws at the time and offer real money gambling.

Today, these machines aren’t nearly as popular as slots. The latter now dominate gambling floors in many British casinos.

Nevertheless, AWP still holds a place in the gaming world due to a couple of reasons:

  1. It offers similar gameplay to slot machines.
  2. It features enough differences from slots to stand on its own.

Slot machines have undergone many upgrades over the years that have put them at the top of the casino hierarchy. They now offer different formats (e.g. Megaways), many types of bonuses, and interesting betting options.

Amusement with prizes doesn’t truly compete with slots in terms of variety. However, AWP provides enough different setups to where it remains interesting.

As covered before, you can enjoy this type of gaming in the following formats:

  • Traditional slots
  • Second-screen payouts
  • Fruit-machine features
  • Bonus

I highly doubt that amusement with prizes makes a massive comeback and overtakes slot machines. But AWP has enough good qualities to where it’s worth trying.


Amusement with prizes presents an interesting type of gaming that slightly varies from slot machines. AWP works like slots in many ways, but it also provides variations that make it unique.

Most notably, amusement with prizes offers lower stakes and fruitie-type features. It’s also exclusively found in UK arcades and pubs.

The location aspect limits your chances of playing AWP games. You’re unlikely to visit the UK just so you can enjoy these machines.

Assuming you ever are in a British pub, though, you should look for AWP machines. You might appreciate the small differences from traditional slots.

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