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A Roulette Table With All the Announced Bets on It

The majority of roulette players never graduate past making red/black or single number bets. A small percentage venture into betting on things like columns and streets. Very few at all ever place “announced bets.”

While playing some live dealer roulette games recently, I noticed something called a racetrack. This is a digital game board which allows you to easily place announced bets with one click. I’ll explain more about this racetrack below.

In this piece, I’m going to explain announced bets further and answer a few of the following questions.

  • How do announced bets work?
  • How do you make them?
  • Are announced bets worth making?

Welcome to my guide for calling bets in roulette. By the end, you’ll learn all there is to know about these rarely made roulette wagers.

Pro Tip: As we explore different roulette bets, their payouts, odds, etc., remember that the house edge never changes. European Roulette games have a house edge of 2.63%, and American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. That’s an unavoidable fact of mathematics.

The Different Types of Announced Bets

If you want to play announced bets, it’s best to find a French Roulette game. Most live dealer European Roulette games also offer them. There are three main types.

Voisins du Zero

If you cast your mind back to your high school French class, you might remember that the word “voisins” means “neighbour.” Therefore, this bet is called “Neighbours of Zero.”

This wager covers the zero as well as the numbers around it. However, you do not bet on individual numbers. Instead, your aim is to place nine wagers which cover 17 numbers. This will include betting on zero.

Here’s a handy table breaking down the Voisins du Zero wager:

How Many Chips What You Bet On
Two 0,2,3 Corner
Two 25 to 29 Corner
One On the 4/7 Split
One On the 12/15 Split
One On the 18/21 Split
One On the 19/22 Split
One On the 32/35 Split

Since you’ve covered 17 out of the 37 numbers, your odds of winning are exactly 45.9% on each spin.


The Orphelins bet is the smallest section bet you can make. By section bet, I mean it covers a section of the wheel. Of the three wagers we’ll cover here, this one covers the smallest section because it covers eight numbers.

This is a five-chip bet. The following table explains how this bet works.

How Many Chips What You Bet On
One The Number 1 Straight Up
One On the 6/9 Split
One On the 14/17 Split
One On the 17/20 Split
One On the 31/34 Split

On this occasion, you’ve only bet on eight numbers out of a possible 37. Therefore, your win rate will be 24.3%.

Tiers du Cylindre

Now, we come to the third and final announced bet. This one involves wagering on 12 numbers. They are precisely the numbers that you hadn’t wagered on in the previous bets.

This bet involves wagering six chips. All of the chips are placed on splits, as follows:

How Many Chips What You Bet On
One On the 5/8 Split
One On the 10/11 Split
One On the 13/16 Split
One On the 23/24 Split
One On the 27/30 Split
One On the 33/36 Split

Since you’re wagering on 12 of the possible 37 numbers, your odds of winnings are 32.4%.

How to Place Announced Bets in Live Dealer Games

Most live dealer roulette games, at least those powered by Evolution Gaming, offer a quick and easy way to place announced bets—the racetrack.

A Roulette Table

As you’ll see if you look at the right of the image above, there’s a track for placing call bets quickly and easily. There’s no need to spend your time placing individual chips on the different numbers and splits required to make these bets.

This racetrack allows you to place a bet with a single click. That’s handy because, in many games, the betting window will close within 20 seconds or so, meaning you probably won’t have time to drag all of the chips to the right place before the opportunity to place a wager closes.

Should You Place Announced Bets?

As you can see, announced bets don’t have great odds of winning. In the best-case scenario, the Voisins du Zero bet, you’ll have a 45.9% chance of winning. If you place even money bets, you’ll have a 48.6% chance of winning.

These bets can make for an interesting and novel way to bet in roulette, but I’m not especially excited about any of them. I’d much prefer to keep betting on even money outcomes with the Martingale or Paroli systems in play. It’s simpler, and I have better odds of winning each bet.

By all means, give announced bets a try. Just don’t expect them to suddenly unleash a torrent of roulette wins upon you. Like all other bets in this game, you might get lucky for a while, but if you keep making announced bets for a long period of time, the math dictates that the casino will win more bets than you.

Which Roulette Games to Play Announced Bets On

If you’re interested in giving announced bets a try (or want to skip them and use other roulette bets instead), you should be aware of the different types of roulette you can play. These days, thanks to the innovation unleashed by the internet, there are quite a few unique roulette variants.

  • Lightning Roulette – This is a special roulette game powered by Evolution Gaming. This game is all about picking a few numbers on the board and going with those, so it’s an ideal variant to try announced bets on. Before the dealer spins the wheel, up to five numbers get supercharged with multipliers of up to 500x.
  • AOTG Roulette – This is a Playtech digital roulette game. It has an Age of the Gods theme. In case you don’t know, this is one of Playtech’s most famous slot franchises. This roulette wheel has an extra pocket which gains you access to a bonus round. Inside it, you’ll spin a slot machine for a chance to win four progressive jackpots.
  • Salon Prive Roulette – This is the live roulette game for high rollers. The minimum bet per spin is £1,500, and you’ll have the entire studio to yourself. Surrounded by luxury, the game host will place your announced bets for you on demand. This is what we call a proper VIP roulette game.

Go ahead and try one of these roulette variants at one of our chosen UK casinos. They’ve all been vetted as safe and fair have generous welcome bonuses for new players.

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