Online Roulette Bonuses: Are They Worth the Effort?

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Online casino bonuses are a great way to pick up extra money from gaming. You can earn casino bonuses and rewards through a wide variety of internet casino games, including roulette.

Assuming you’re a roulette enthusiast, then you’ll appreciate the chance to collect additional money through your play.

However, you might be interested to know that roulette bonuses are harder on average to earn. Should you still go for these offers?

I’m going to discuss this matter by first covering the basics of different roulette bonuses. Then, I’ll cover the difficulty in earning them and whether they’re worth the effort.

Different Types of Roulette Bonuses

Online casinos try to keep things fresh by featuring various roulette offers. As you’ll see below, these deals include everything from simple deposit bonuses to promotions that are strictly for certain types of roulette.

Welcome Bonus

Gaming sites use welcome bonuses to lure new customers. These deals are either based on your first deposit or a series of deposits.

Regarding the former, you might qualify for a 100% match bonus worth up to $500. With the latter, you may be able to receive deposit bonuses on your first five deposits.

Gift Box with 50% Bonus Tag, Welcome BannerMost welcome offers are geared towards slots, because they’re the biggest moneymakers for online casinos.

However, gaming sites also feature table game bonuses that involve roulette. You just have to enter the appropriate bonus code (if required) to let the casino know that you want the roulette (table games) bonus.

Reload Bonus

Welcome bonuses are certainly great ways to be introduced to a new casino. But what happens when you either earn these offers or let them expire?

Reload bonuses offer a way to keep cashing in on your deposits. They’re specifically for existing casino members who want to continue enjoying bonus money.

Typically, match percentages on reload bonuses aren’t as high as on welcome deals. But a 75% match bonus, or so, is definitely better than nothing.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is aptly named for the fact that it doesn’t require a deposit. Instead, you simply need to register for an account to obtain such offers.

Account registration usually only takes a few minutes at gaming sites. Therefore, you can quickly complete registration and obtain your no-deposit deal.

Many of these bonuses are strictly for slots. But you can still find some deals that cover roulette as well.

The big downside is that no deposit offers usually aren’t worth much. For example, you may only receive an offer worth $10. However, you should still consider these bonuses if you’re unsure about depositing at a casino.

Free Bet

Live dealer gaming has become a much bigger part of the gambling world within the last decade. Therefore, many online casinos now feature live dealer roulette.

Casino Roulette Wheel, Free Bets StickerThe key advantage to this type of roulette is that it streams action from a land-based casino or studio. You can chat with a real dealer and feel like you’re actually at a physical casino.

Another benefit is that some roulette bonuses are specifically available for the live version. For instance, you might get a free $25 roulette bet by signing up and depositing at a casino.

Sticky Bonus

A sticky bonus refers to an offer that can’t be withdrawn. Instead, you can only use the bonus to generate winnings that can later be cashed out.

You might think that sticky bonuses sound like a stick situation. However, they can potentially be worth more than a regular deposit bonus.

For example, you might go on a hot run with roulette and earn double what you’d normally collect with a standard 100% deposit offer. The other side, though, is that you could have bad luck and make less money.

Online Roulette Bonuses Are Subject to Strict Terms and Conditions

You can see that there are plenty of available online roulette offers. Of course, you won’t receive the money upfront with any of these deals.

Instead, you need to earn roulette bonuses by meeting terms and conditions. Roulette terms and conditions are typically stricter than what’s seen with slots bonuses.

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The main reason why is because online roulette games feature a lower casino house edge than most slots. French roulette and European roulette offer 1.35% and 2.70% house edges, respectively.

The biggest hurdle to collecting these bonuses is meeting wagering requirements (playthrough). You’ll find that playthrough for roulette bonuses is quite high.

You may have to wager your deal 200x over before cashing it out. Compare this to a typical slots bonus, which carries 40x requirements on a 100% match offer.

Some gaming sites don’t even allow roulette to qualify for bonuses. Assuming you play it in these cases, then none of your wagers will go toward meeting wagering requirements.

You should carefully read the terms on any deal to make sure that roulette qualifies. Assuming it doesn’t go towards satisfying playthrough, then you may want to find another casino.

Roulette Players Get the Short End of the Stick

You can see that roulette isn’t the friendliest game in terms of online bonuses. First off, the wagering requirements are much higher in order to offset the low house edge.

This makes sense in one respect. After all, casinos would be silly to give you a big advantage with bonuses versus slots offers.

But, still, you have to wager a lot more money to unlock roulette deals. You’ll either need to play much longer or place larger wagers to meet the playthrough.

The other problem is that roulette doesn’t even fall under the umbrella of wagering requirements at some casinos. Such gaming sites may offer table game bonuses, but cut roulette out of the equation.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to disqualify roulette from a bonus deal while including blackjack. After all, online blackjack can have a house edge as low as 0.35%.

For whatever reason, roulette players are treated differently by online casinos. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything to change the situation. You just have to read the conditions and make sure that you’re getting a favorable deal.

Should You Pursue Roulette Bonuses?

If you’re strictly into online gaming for the bonuses, then you might not be pleased with what’s available in roulette. As explained before, playthrough on roulette bonuses is much higher than wagering requirements on slots deals.

But I’m not saying you should completely ignore such offers if you really love roulette. You can simply look at these bonuses as a cherry on top.

Cartoon of One Guy Scratching His Head Confused with the Other Guy Handing Bonus, Roulette Wheel, Poker Cards

Online roulette already gives you a solid chance to win thanks to the French and European versions. With just a little luck on your side, you may leave an online casino a big winner.

Another advantage to internet roulette is that you can play for low stakes. Many sites allow you to gamble on this game for as little as $1 per spin.

Of course, smaller wagers make it harder to unlock a bonus. Therefore, you have to weigh your bet sizes versus your desire to quickly earn bonus funds.

You also need to carefully choose your gaming site when chasing these deals. Some casinos don’t even include roulette at all in their bonuses.


The gaming world offers several types of roulette bonuses. Therefore, you have plenty of options when going after these offers. After learning the basics of roulette, consider looking for the best bonus types for you.

Welcome, reload, no-deposit, and sticky bonuses are all available on deposits. Free bets are also given in some circumstances through live dealer roulette.

However, you shouldn’t jump at the first offer you see. Some roulette bonuses are better than others with regard to terms and conditions.

The best offers will have playthrough that’s at least 200x or lower. These wagering requirements are a lot higher than slots playthrough, but they’re still okay for roulette.

As a roulette player, you’re never going to be treated as well as slots players in terms of bonuses. The latter crowd gets more favorable playthrough on average.

But the key thing to ask yourself is how much you like online roulette. Assuming you truly enjoy this game, then you should go after these deals.

The best way to treat roulette bonuses is like an extra on top of your entertainment. Provided you’re having fun, then you won’t care too much about how long it takes to earn your bonus funds.

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