Are Slot Machines Rigged?

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Rigged Slot Machines

Since the first slots games exploded onto the online scene, they’ve continued to exponentially grow in popularity over the years. Every day, millions of gamblers all over the planet are playing on the go or from the convenience of their own homes. This gives everyone the freedom to be able to play whenever and wherever they want, no matter where they may be.

Currently, there are thousands of online casinos available for play. The question is asked often and by every form of gambler I encounter.

Can casinos control slot machines? Are slot machines rigged? This is one question you will hear over and over from a lot of casino players, whether it be from an online or land-based. This is a very important question that needs to be addressed.

I have undoubtedly and on more than one occasion gone through periods where I ended up losing more than winning. When something like this happens, it’s pretty normal to automatically assume that something isn’t right, or that the machine I was playing on has been fixed.

A few casino goers, after losing, will complain that the slot machines are rigged and that the payouts were not fair. However, those that understand how slot machines work, will most likely go about their day thinking to themselves and just shake it off.

Whatever the situation is, I feel like it’s crucial to discuss an important question about whether or not casinos are able to control slot machines, and then go over several of the things you should be aware of.

Can Slot Machines Be Rigged?

Absolutely they can be rigged. Several shady sites are out there to choose, and of course there are many more reputable ones out there that have been around for years. Most of these bogus sites can be up online one day and be gone the next day due to being the brainchild of a scam artist.

Regardless, online slots are meant to be enjoyable and the casino gaming industry is closely monitoring the web to ensure fair gameplay. No one should have to worry whether they are playing from a trustworthy site or not, that is why it’s imperative to check if the website or software you are using to play is safe.

Individuals need to decide what kind of player they are, pick the style of games they’re into, research the games, and most importantly have fun playing.

Are Slot Machines Rigged?

Ever since slot machines rolled out online, there have been discussions centered around whether the machines are fixed or not. Some of them you may be aware of, if not, you may hear about them here today. In any case, I think it’s something everyone should hear the truth about.

All of them?


Some of them?


While not all slot machines are rigged, especially if you play at a reputable casino site. However, you should be aware that there are scam sites out there too. For example, some of these scam sites could be up for a day, and then be completely gone the next. To help prevent these sites from scamming people, the casino gaming industry is closely monitoring the web to make sure there’s fair gameplay out there for all to enjoy.

Slot Machine Programming

Aside from being familiar with a gaming site based on their name, another great way to find out if our site is legit,  is to see how their slot machines are programmed. If the company is using a trustworthy software such as RNG (Random Number Generator) to spin the slots, then this is a great indication.

The RNGs are able to calculate the payouts at random so that there’s no one controlling and no human programming slot machines. For each game, there is a huge element of chance. The random element for the games does not distinguish between you and other players, therefore the random elements may grant better luck to some, while others may not have such good luck, at any given time.

By putting this trustworthy software in place, there’s absolutely no way for anyone to control any individual gambler’s payouts, therefore it is entirely random and based purely on chance. In using this software, the slots are designed to play in the same way regardless of who is playing or what their current status is.

With that in mind, I strongly recommend you be careful when playing at other online gaming sites. If you plan to play other games online, first make sure they are a reputable company using an RNG software.

Additionally, you should take into consideration that the games can sometimes have bugs which can cause the machines to malfunction causing an issue with your payout. This can happen to even the most popular gaming sites in the world. Remember computers are made by humans and humans are not perfect, but don’t worry, if you’re playing from a reputable site, you can usually just report your issue to support and they’ll get it sorted out for you quickly.

I’ll say it one more time for the players in the back, the best way to find out if you’re playing at a reputable site is to check out what’s programming their slot machines. For example, make sure they are using a software called a Random Number Generator (RNG). This sort of software is able to calculate every payout randomly to ensure no person is controlling the reels.

Land-Based Slots Have Better Payouts

Same as my previous explanation about reputable casinos online using RNGs, the same goes for land-based ones which use the same software. The goal of most online casinos is to make sure all of the players are having a similar experience as if they were playing at one of the world’s greatest brick and mortar casinos.

Again, with an RNG in place, there’s no way for machines to be able to detect and profile players in order to adjust the payout ratios. The chances of winning for any given player remains the same, which is completely random.

How to Choose a Safe Online Casino

Now that you’re aware of RNG and true randomness mentioned above, you should be able to find a safe casino online more easily, and with confidence. I should mention that it’s a good idea to do some research yourself and read reviews from other players, or any articles that you find available on these sites.

After you have found some safe sites you can trust and play, it’s then all about personal preference, and which site seems to be most appealing to you. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun. As long as you know you’re playing at a safe site, you will be able to relax and have a great time gambling the hours away.

From the points covered above, this should definitely boost your confidence in finding a trustworthy site to play from and you should also make sure the site you’re playing from is fully licensed.

So how to pick a safe slot machines site to play?

From licenses, to programming devices or just looking up reviews from other people’s experiences are all great ways to find a reputable site to enjoy. Another great way is to look for published articles from these sites as this lets you know the company has nothing to hide from and is an open book.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to do your research in finding which sites are safe to play from. Once you have found a handful of safe sites, from there you can simply choose the site that you would like to invest your time is based on your personal preference such as the style and themes of the slot machines, the amount of people who are playing at the site, game features, bonus types, etc. Once the research is done, you can now relax, enjoy, and play with confidence.


This is one of the most popular questions people ask before, during, or after playing slot machines online. And that is a very important question you need to be asking before playing.

Most of us have been in that situation where you feel like you invested precious time playing various online slot machines and ended up losing more than they won. Sure you may have won some, but overall you may have lost more than you won. And of course our immediate instinct tells us that something fishy is going on and that we’ve been cheated somehow.

So what happens next? A lot of people will complain that the slots are rigged and that the payouts were completely unfair, whereas some others may go about their day telling themselves, the old saying, “oh well, you win some, you lose some” like it’s no big deal.

By doing the research beforehand, you will eliminate the fear factor. I want to be clear that most online casinos are certainly on the up and up. However, I do suggest taking the extra steps to avoid being played while playing. There are a few bad apples, but they don’t have to spoil the bunch. Gamble on.

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