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Every gambler I talk to claims they want to win. Of course, every time I buy a lottery ticket I want to win, but we both know that I’m not likely to win the lottery. What does one thing have to do with the other?

You can’t do anything to improve your chances of winning the lottery. And most gamblers never do anything to increase their gambling results. But there are things you can do to improve your chances to win when you gamble.

When a gambler tells me they want to win, I often ask them what they’re doing to give themselves a better chance to win. Most of them look at me funny, mumble something, and start playing slots again. But a few of them ask me what I mean. After all, they’re playing so they have a chance to win. What else can they do?

Every gambler who sits down at the slot machines or who plays a casino table game without thinking about strategy and the house edge isn’t dumb. Some of them simply want to relax and have some fun without thinking about anything important.

But most smart gamblers want to improve their results. Most of them simply don’t know how to do better, and some of them don’t even know the right questions to ask. These are the gamblers this page is for.

Here’s a list of questions you need to be asking, and each one includes information about how you can use the answer to improve your gambling results.

Have You Decided to Be a Winning Gambler?

The first question is the most important one. Have you decided to be a winning gambler? It isn’t enough to say you want to win, or act like you want to win. You have to make a decision that you want to win and back it up with action.

People who say they want to be a winning gambler but don’t make a commitment and back it up with action are going to be at the mercy of the casinos and repeat their results over and over again. They’re never going to learn which games they should play and the proper strategies to use when they gamble.

In short, they’re going to continue losing unless they change something.

The good news is that once you decide to become a winning gambler and commit to following through, as soon as you start taking action your results are going to start improving. You’re going to learn which games to play and how to play them, and you’re no longer going to be at the mercy of the casinos and chance.

The first step is to ask yourself if you really want to be a winning gambler. If the answer is no, it’s a waste of your time to continue until you make a commitment. If you answer that you do want to be a winning gambler and are willing to take action, keep reading to find out how to get started.

How Much Time Are You Investing?

Nothing good is accomplished without some sort of investment. You either need to invest time or money, or both, if you want to accomplish anything good. When you decide you want to be a winning gambler, you can invest time and/or money.

You can buy books and videos that teach you about gambling and strategy and you can go to seminars and schools designed to improve your gambling skills. All of these can be beneficial and help you improve your gambling skills and results.

I’ve invested a great deal of money in gambling books over the years, and it’s a great way to learn. Nut you can learn just about everything you need to know about improving your gambling skills without investing much money.

While everything about gambling on the internet isn’t correct, there are hundreds of good resources for gambling knowledge available online. This site is filled with advanced gambling knowledge that you can access for free. The best place to start is by reading free information online and watching free instructional videos. Then you can add to your knowledge by supplementing with a few of the best books.

The key is to invest time on a regular basis improving your gambling skills. If you already know what you like to play you can start with learning as much as possible about what you like. If you don’t know what you want to play, spend some time increasing your general gambling knowledge until you pick a game or two to master.

You can start with an hour a week, or a half hour every day. As long as you keep studying and learning on a regular basis you’re going to increase your knowledge and skills. The ore time you invest on a regular basis the faster you’re going to learn, but you don’t have to work 30 or 40 hours a week to make big strides.

Are You Investing Your Time Wisely?

I used to go to online video sites like YouTube on a regular basis and watch videos. But every time I did I found that I wasted two or three hours watching things that weren’t really helping me achieve my goals. This is the main reason I don’t spend much time on Facebook and other social media platforms. They simply aren’t a good use of my time.

I’m not telling you that you should avoid watching videos online. What I’m telling you is you need to make sure you’re investing the time you designate to improve your gambling skills wisely. I prefer reading over watching, so I tend to read more books about gambling. But some people prefer to learn by watching.

When you schedule time to improve your gambling knowledge and skills, make sure you stay on track. If you go to YouTube to watch a gambling video, don’t get distracted by a funny cat video or by a bad beat video. If you want to watch those things, bookmark them and watch them later.

If you choose to dedicate your time to reading about gambling, make sure you’re in a quiet place where you can concentrate. If you’re reading a book, try to find someplace where you won’t be distracted and turn off your phone.

If you’re reading online articles about gambling, don’t get distracted by advertisements and links. Sometimes a link s to a good resource, but finish the current page before following the links. You can bookmark links to good resources just like videos.

You also need to start making a list of good resources when you find them. A web site offering good advice is more likely to have more good articles in the future than one with poor advice. You can save a great deal of time by learning which sites offer good and bad advice.

Do You Play the Right Games?

The right game for you might not be the right game for me. But some games can’t take you where you want to go as a gambler.

If you want to play a simple game with a low house edge as a way to relax without putting much thought into anything, craps or baccarat might be good options. But if you want a realistic chance to be a long term winner you need to consider blackjack, poker, or sports betting.

If you’re willing to do a little work to come close to breaking even but aren’t willing to master advanced strategy, a video poker machine with a good pay table, a strategy card, and comps might be the best way to go.

The fact is that some games are better than other, depending on your goals. I talk more about goals in the next section, but to get started here are a few games that most gamblers should avoid.

  • Slot Machines – The slots usually have a high house edge and drain your bankroll on a consistent basis. While you might have an opportunity at a big win, the odds of winning millions are so small that you might be better off buying a lottery ticket.
  • Double Zero Roulette – The house edge on roulette wheels with a double zero space is over 5%, making it one of the worst bets in the casino. While roulette is easy to play, it’s not a good game if you’re trying to win.
  • Most Table Games – Most table games in the casino have a high house edge and don’t offer te opportunity to use strategy to make them competitive.

If you want to truly have a chance to be a long term winning gambler you have to stick to games that can be beat. The main gambling activities that give you a realistic chance to win are poker, blackjack, and betting on sports.

I’m not suggesting that learning how to win using any of these three option sis easy. It’s actually quite challenging, but they each offer a true path to profits if you learn how to do it.

Make sure you’re playing the right game if you want to be a winning gambler. If you’re not sure what that game is yet, spend some time learning about the house edge and advantage play opportunities. I suggest learning about blackjack card counting and poker.

Do You Have a Plan and Goals?

You’re not likely to reach your goals if you don’t have any goals and a plan in place to reach them. At the beginning your gal might be as simple as to learn which games you should be playing and which ones you should avoid. But as you build your base of knowledge a long term plan and goals should come into focus.

Do you want to play a game you enjoy with a low house edge or do you want to learn how to play with a long term edge? Either option is fine, because no one can tell you what your goals need to be. But once you decide you can figure out a good plan that helps you reach your goals.

Here’s a Sample Goal and Plan:

Goal: To learn how to overcome the house edge playing blackjack in six months or less.

The Plan: I’m going to spend an hour every day learning about how to beat blackjack and practicing my skills. I’m starting with some free articles and a couple books that a friend suggested.

You can use the above as a guide to help you develop your own goals and plans.

After reading the books and quite a few articles I know that I need to learn how to count cards. I’ve identified a good card counting system and I buy a book about it. I learn everything I can about the system and start practicing using it every day.

I keep working on my system and I keep reading about blackjack as I practice. After mastering the system I start using it in the casino and continue working on my knowledge and skills as I learn how to play with an advantage.

You don’t have to use this goal or plan. The important thing is you need to develop a goal and a plan that helps you reach your goal. Then all you need to do is take action.


If you truly want to be a winning gambler all you have to do is follow the steps on this page. Ask yourself the questions, answer them honestly, and start taking action. Once you make a decision, all you need to do is back it up with a smart plan and take action.

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